Damn I’m glad I married this man! – Short Sex Story

10 years and counting. Tonight I wanted to have good sex (I wanted to be dominated and controlled). I crawled into bed while he was sleeping. The usual, topless and booty shorts. I don’t like sleeping with a shirt on because I feel smothered.

As all the time his hand finds a breast and starts to wonder down and explore. The games start.

He feels me begin to climax. I tend to push away before I do. My toes curl and here comes the big ‘O’!

Tonight he met my needs. I hook my leg onto his as his hands take over. He pins me to him and doesn’t let me push away but continues his task.

I’m moaning, moving, arching and trying to pull away. He pulls me closer and moves faster as I’m caught in a wave of multiple orgasms back to back.

He is relentless and refuses to let me go. On the final one when I win the grip fight and pull away I have the biggest smile on my face!

“I’m so glad I married you! My turn!”

He knows my ticks, he knows If it’s really good I squirt and thrash. I moan and say what I want and how I want it. I didn’t have to say anything tonight. Tonight he reminded me that there’s no other man that can make me cum like him!

NSFW: yes

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