Custom kink erotica

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Custom kink erotica

Hello! I am currently taking orders for custom kink/fetish literature commissions! Have someone you can not help but think about fucking? Have a fetish you are dying to have played out? I may just be the gal you’re looking for!

I am happy to indulge your kinks, fetishes, fantasies! Whatever turns you on, I’m thrilled to write. My hard limits include children, animals, and rape.

Every story is typed for you to meet your every desire. My rates are on a client to client basis & are based on kinks, as well as page length.

Below I will distribute a writing sample, this way you can get a taste of my writing style & see if I am someone whose work you’d get pleasure from reading.

If this is something you would be interested in exploring I would love to talk with you about what it is I do & answer any questions you may have. Email:
[email protected]



NSFW: yes

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