Cruise with my Sis – 3

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The sex on the second night was fantastic. But the third night was the one I was waiting for.

This was a day at sea between islands, which meant a lot of the day was spent bumming around with our dad and stepmom.

By evening, they were pretty exhausted from a couple of nonstop days. They called it a night early.

We hopped back and forth across the ship hitting the different evening shows and grabbing drinks. We were sitting near the back in one of the theaters when Stacy turned to me.

“What do you want to do tonight?”

I didn’t hesitate. “I want you to fuck my face. I want you to kneel over me and let me eat you out, and then grind your pussy all over my face.” She grabbed my hand and squeezed.

“I’m ready now, if you are,” she said with a smile.

We found our moment to sneak out of the show and ran to our room.

We stripped and took very quick showers. I was laying on the bed when her blonde hair, big tits, and ear to ear smile came out of our bathroom.

She dried off as I jerked myself hard. It didn’t take much. She joined me on the bed, kissing me then leaning over so I could suck on her nipples. I had two fingers going and she was ready.

She climbed up over me, straddling my head on her knees. She braced herself on the wall and began to ride!

She moved slowly, letting my tongue go to work. I took in every bit of her. I was a sloppy mess.

She arched her back and began really move her hips. It was fantastic. She tasted great.

She noticed I was beating off behind her, so she switched gears. She turned around and laid over me facing my cock, kind of a vertical 69.

We ate each other until neither of us could stand it any more. She squeezed my head like a grape between her thighs and I once again blew my load in her mouth.

She turned around and we made out, my cum and her pussy juice dripping everywhere. It was by far the sexiest moment of my life.

We cleaned up and spent another naked night together!

NSFW: yes

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