Crazy weekend with parents house

One weekend I went to visit my mom in my hometown after breaking up with a long term boyfriend. She and I were hanging out with a few of her friends when I decided to go to the local bar alone. Since this was my hometown, I was convinced I would run into someone I knew. I was wrong. I didn’t know a soul in there, but was determined to have fun.
I ordered a drink from the bartender and as I went to pay, this really sexy guy named Chad appears from nowhere and bought me the drink. He lived four hours away and was there for a bachelor party. We started chatting and eventually decided to leave together. I couldn’t take him to my mom’s so I did the next best thing and took him to my dad’s. We had sex in the car, on the hood, on the truck, on the very top of the car, and ended back inside the car. We passed out completely naked in my backseat.
The next morning, I wake to see my stepmother running across the yard with a sheet. She threw it in the window and said your dad is coming! She scurried off as fast as she came. We get dressed under the sheet and saw my dad sitting in a lawn chair. The guy was scared to death of my dad, but decided to face it head on. To his surprise my dad said, “Well, good morning” and handed Chad a beer. We ended up dating for three years and are still good friends to this day. We both still agree this is our top crazy sex story

NSFW: yes

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