Cousins m 19 f 20

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I, F 20, have at all times found my cousin, M 19, so fine since we were teenagers. He’s tall, thick, light skin and has a deep voice 😩 a couple of times we’ve gone swimming with cousins and friends, we would swim under the water and he would poke my butt or tickle my waist. He’d at all times pick so many fights with me and no one else, like play fighting, kicking each other and he’d end up tickling me at all times. We are so close everyone knows us to be the bestest cousins…
Well one night I invited him over to come swimming at my pool, it was night around 9 pm. It was just us two, there were people at my house but everyone inside in their rooms. We were racing across the pool and he once again poked me under the water but this time he held onto my waist and swam on top of me. Honestly I wanted him to pull my bikini off and fuck me right there, I even gave him a look but he didn’t read it. When we were done swimming I told him I was gonna shower and we could watch a movie in my room, he said he would shower as well so while he was showering I put these small red waist shorts and my sure to have my ass showing. He came in the room and laid down on the left side on my bed, so I laid next to him and started looking for a movie. We decided on love and basketball. I was feeling a lil sleepy at the beginning of the movie but I knew I wanted to fuck my cousin, I just didn’t know how to make the move. So I turned over and laid on my right rise while pushing my ass up making sure he saw my big ass. Not even 10 seconds later he says “you put this big ass in my face now I have to feel on you” and pushed his dick against my ass his dick felt so big I gasped and said “let me taste you” he pulled his shorts down, I started sucking his thick long cock, I made sure to get it full of spit and I started riding him reverse cowgirl.. he smacked my ass back to back so hard I felt my cheeks tingling, he turned me around and started sucking on my titties while holding me down and fucking me rough. I then laid to the side, he lifted my left leg and fucked me from the side I positioned myself at an angle and started bouncing up and down on his dick it was so amazing I was cumming so much!! He pulled out and came on my ass cleaned it off and started kissing me softly, I honestly fell in love 😍 he didn’t go home, spent the night with me cuddling all night but in the morning I told him let’s play it off, we can be fuck buddies but let’s keep it there he said “no biggie as long as I can keep fucking that fat pussy” ahhh I’m so wet thinking about it 🥺

NSFW: yes

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