Consumed [F4M][F36][M29] Your hand snakes around my throat as you fuck me like a possessed creature [Fsub][Mdom][Spanking][Punishment][Facefucking][Creampie][Multiple orgasms][Forced orgasms][Blood]

“Almond? You want the almond shape?” the nail tech repeated. I was lost in a haze thinking about last night when I was wrapped around you. It never ceases to amaze me how even when I am going about my day, doing mundane tasks, my mind can wander to you. Of the things you do to me, how you make me feel.

“Oh, um, yes please. Not too long please” I say with an apologetic smile. My phone is in my purse to avoid getting it covered in dust but I want to send you a message. See if you are thinking about me. The nail tech starts filing and shaping my nails. The radio plays softly in the background and I get lost in my daydreams again.

My legs clamped around your face. My hands pulling on your hair, moaning your name over and over again. Your tongue knows exactly how to suck and flick the most intimate parts of me. Driving me higher and higher into oblivion. My chest heaving and hips lifting off the mattress, you pin me back down and keep the same pressure and speed. I am seconds away from release and you stop.

You look up at me, your glazed mouth smirking at me. My head snaps up, a whimper escaping me. “Why? Why did you stop Daddy? Please keep going” I whine, attempting to push my hips back up to your mouth. Your hands are firm and keep me stationary.

Your head tilts slightly, “Were you about to cum?” My face goes flat as I glare at you. You know damn well I was about to. You tap right above my clit and tilt your head to the other side, waiting patiently. My addled brain tries desperately to grasp the meaning of it. My eyes go wide with recognition and my hand goes up to my mouth to hide the gasp.

“Exactly, princess. Were you thinking of cumming without permission?” My head flops back onto the mattress, trying to stifle the frustrated moan threatening to escape. A sharp slap on my exposed clit gets my attention. My small scream is rewarded with a low chuckle from you. You move from between my legs and sit on the side of the bed.

“You know what this means baby, get over here”. I take my time getting up, a small scowl pulling my face down. Crawling over towards you, your gaze raking over my naked body in appreciation. I slow down in an attempt to derail your plans. I sit beside you and pull your face towards mine for a long slow kiss. My hands go around your shoulders, trying to pull you down on top of me as your tongue plays with mine.

Your fingers grasp my jaw and you pull back to look at me. The cruel smile lets me know that not only am I not getting out of my spanking, but I’m getting additional punishments. A thrill of fear shoots through me, quickly followed by addictive arousal. You push my lips open by the corner seams and smile at my fishy face.

I try to close my mouth, my eyebrows drawing down. “Ah ah” you chastise me. You peck my open mouth with a kiss and then spit directly into my mouth. A bit slides down my bottom lip and using your tongue, you push it back into my still open mouth. I wish I could say I was horrified or disgusted but my pulse picked up and I practically started panting.

You simply say “hold” and I do because as much as I like to pretend I have the willpower to stand against you, I’m your good girl to my core. You flip me over your knee, my ass embarrassingly propped on your knees. My legs dangle off the edge and my face is pressed into the mattress in shame. You slide your hand between my legs, spreading my thighs slightly.

I want to squeak when you press your thumb into my needy wet pussy, but no sounds can escape without drooling our combined spit. “I think five is a good number to start at, don’t you think baby?” I know better than to not answer you and nod my head vigorously.

Before I can even stop nodding, you bring your big hand down on my ass. The sting makes me jump and it takes all my concentration to keep my mouth shut. You rub my ass gently, murmuring what good girl I am. The next few come in quick succession, all the time hitting the same spot. My skin is radiating heat and tears are threatening to spill from my closed eyes. You kiss my tender skin while you admire your handiwork. You whisper “one more baby and then we are all done” to me and I steady myself.


The tears seep out of the corners of my eyes. I know exactly how it will look tomorrow morning- a mottled red and purple hand stretched across my cheeks. I’ll wear your mark- a badge of honour. Even with tears streaming down my cheeks, the wondered of you owning me makes me incredibly happy.

You lift me up so I am sitting gingerly on your lap. You brush away my tears and kiss me gently. I eagerly swallow our spit and I caress your tongue as I deepen the kiss, earning me a low moan as you wrap your arms around me. I know you are trying to hold onto control, your hard length pressing against me.

I instinctively know what you need and slide out of your arms onto the floor. I settle between your legs and look up at you. You stroke my cheek, brushing your thumb over my lips. “Such a good girl for me” you murmur.

Gathering any precum from the tip, I would swirl my tongue around your head, making you watch me savour all of it. Painstakingly slow, I slide you cm by cm between my soft wet lips. My big blue eyes staring up at you as I come off you. “Don’t I look pretty taking your cock, daddy? Don’t you love seeing me swallow you like a good little slut?”

A growl echoes in the room as you grab fistfuls of my hair and hold my head still as you start to thrust up into my gaping mouth. I cling to your thighs, loving the fact that I’m able to get you this needy for me. My drool slides down your balls, coating them as I hollow my cheeks, sucking and caressing each vein.

You pull me up, toss me on the mattress. I giggle as I bounce once. You smirk at me and flip me over onto my stomach. Man handling my hips, you pull them up while pushing my face into the duvet. I feel you position yourself behind me, your cock nudging my wet entrance. A needy whimper escapes as I turn back to look at you.

You grab my chin roughly and kiss me hard. Your body weight is mostly on me, pushing me into the mattress. “Hand on your clit, darling” you whisper to me. You wait until I have positioned my fingers, a soft gasp being swallowed by you.

The gleam in your eyes makes me hold my breath. You slam into me, your thick cock stretching me, filling me perfectly. Sitting up, you watch yourself disappear as my ass bounces with each thrust. My moans fill the room, my body getting progressively tenser as my climax builds. You slow down and pound me hard in a consistent rhythm. Your thrusts grind my clit into my fingers and my eyes roll into the back of my head as I lose control.

My orgasm torpedos through my entire body. Each contraction makes my cunt cling to your cock as you keep the pace as steady as you can. You curve your body back over mine, kissing my shoulder as I come off my high. As my breathing begins to normalise, you pick up speed. I hear a feral moan in my ear before you bite my shoulder *hard*. I arch my ass into you, loving when you lose control.

“Give it to me baby, give me another one” you rasp. My body responds to your demand and I feel the pressure create again. A hand snakes around my throat as you fuck me like a possessed creature.

“Now, give it to me **now**”, you growl and I crack into a million pieces. Your hand goes to my mouth to cover my wild scream. Your moan is the best sound in the world, I ride it as it crashes over me. I can feel you pulse inside me. Giving me everything, everything I’ve worked for- everything I deserve.

We catch our breath as we lay connected in a sweaty heap. You roll off me, cradling me in your arms. You press a delicate kiss against the back of my neck and chuckle. I feel your fingers run along the bite mark, grazing the tender spot.

I turn to look up at you but your eyes are on your index finger and thumb as they slide with ease because of the blood you have produced. You must feel me looking at you as you return my smirk. I take your hand and suck your thumb. Passion blackens your eyes, chasing away the golden warmth my ocean eyes cling to. Holding my gaze hostage, you slowly suck your index finger clean and wipe it over the inflamed area.

I’m consumed by you. Completely and fully.

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