Constantly need to be filled

It feels like I’m going crazy… I feel so empty inside. I want to be filled with cum so bad. I want someone to force me down and spread my legs open. I ask them to put on a condom… but what I truly want is for them to tell me no. To put it in me raw and unprotected. To thrust themselves deeper into me until I can’t take it anymore and I’m screaming in pleasure. For them to become animalistic with desire, hungry for my unprotected womb. I don’t stop them. While they’re getting closer to the edge and to the point of no return, I trap my legs around their body so they have no choice but the fill me up with their seed. The realization of what we’ve done to each other takes over. Him realizing that my womb is unprotected and fertile. Me realizing I made him plant his seed in me. The idea makes us hungry for more, and we go for days. Tangled with each other for hours.

A month later, I haven’t heard anything from you since. I almost wondered you forgot about me. But I couldn’t stop thinking about you. And the way you filled me up. You reach out again though, and we talk about how insane it was that two strangers were able to feed into each others desires so easily. You want to do it again. And soon.

A few months after that, we’ve kept in contact briefly. Trying to make plans to reconnect, but your life at all times gets in the way. I so desperately need to see you in person again. I finally get to see you again.
When you discover me, the first thing you notice is my protruding belly. Round and full. Pregnant. My breasts bigger than last time. Everything bigger than the last time. You hug me and feel my bump against your stomach. We hold each other there for a little while while you become harder underneath my fat belly. You won’t let me go. You realize why I wanted so badly to see you again, why I craved for you and no one but you for months. You know without a doubt that you’re the one who did this to me. You begin rubbing your hands over my swollen belly, moving your way up to my breasts. They’re unfortunately a bit away from producing milk, but you know I’m still gonna let you try and milk me. I feel your hard on rubbing against my belly. With all the hormones I’ve been dealing with, it’s killing me to not have you inside me again by now. I lift up my dress for you to reveal I’m not wearing anything underneath. I pull your pants down and make you lie down on your back. I straddle you while taking off my dress, completely bare to you now. My breasts veiny and swollen, my stomach red and fat. You force yourself into me, making me jump up and down with the strength of your thrusts- your hungry desire to fill me up more and more. Finally, when you finish, you let me stay on top. Your satisfied with how much you’ve emptied yourself into me again. But I’m not done with you. I begin crushing you with my weight, lowering myself down down down until you’re so deep into me youre near my cervix. I begin to milk you, craving more of your seed. I’m so overwhelming full already, yet I haven’t had enough. Knowing I will just keep growing more in the next few weeks makes me hungry to be filled constantly.

I’m so weak for you and your seed. For the ruin you’ll cause on me. For you to change my life and to take control. Make me swollen and fat forever. Make my breasts grow bigger which each pregnancy, make my body comfortable by keeping me gigantic and round. Give me your seed. I need to be filled.

NSFW: yes

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