Business and family has left. #1.

Jan and Kat went home, and Dee and Bobby did the same. Tina and I were left alone, sitting at the bar drinking and listening to music.

Tina was telling me that she really enjoys having sex with young Bobby. “He’s so very excited. The look on his face while fucking is nice to watch. Also, Dee fucking me with that strapon was very pleasurable also. It was exciting and made me cum very hard. I didn’t think that would feel so good, being a fake cock.”

The 8 inch strapon was lying on the bar. Tina picked it up, looking at it, then me, with a sly grin on her pretty face, says,

“You care to use this, Dotty? I could go for it again if you’d like.”

“Sure, I’ll fuck you with it. Wanna go to bed, or where?” I asked my horny housemate.

Tina, smiling, stood up and said we should go to bed. I took the gulp of my drink and got up. I followed Tina’s sext ass into my bedroom, carrying the strapon.

Tina handed me the fake cock and belt, climbing into bed. I strapped it on while Tina watched, her shapely, tanned legs bent open already, rubbing her plump pussy.

“I find this exciting, Dotty. Being fucked by you like this has me very horny already. I’m so wet.” Tina told me.

“You better be wet, honey, to take this thick thing, right.” I told Tina, getting into bed next to her.

I kissed Tina passionately and squeezed her firm tits. I then sucked on her firm tits and hard nipples. I stroked her plump pussy while sucking her tits.

“Oh Dotty! Ohh!” Tina murmured as I fingered her tight pussy.

“Yeah, baby? You gonna cum for me? Let me suck on that hard clit of yours before I give you this cock.” I told her.

I got down between Tina’s legs and kissed her pussy, like I do most mornings before she leaves for work. Tina at all times blurted out her excited pleasure when I played with her naked, young body.

“Oh Dotty! Oh God! I’m gonna cum!” Tina blurted out as she started trembling and jerking her cuming pussy on my mouth.

Tina grabbed my head, grinding her pussy on my face. She wanted more, as usual. I didn’t give her more on my mouth, though.

I raised up and got over her trembling body and eased the strapon up in her wet pussy.

“You like that, baby, hmm? A nice, hard, fat cock filling your tight pussy.” I said to Tina, watching her reddened face.

I fucked Tina slow and easy, listening to her gasp and moan. Tina jerked her pussy on the fake cock and she came again. I fucked her harder and faster then.

Tina came many times like this, then I wanted to change positions. “Get on your knees, honey. I wanna bang against that nice ass of yours.”

Tina was huffing and puffing when she got on her knees, turning her sexy bare ass towards me.

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