Chloe the Roommate Finale [TF/M][20s]

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We ran down the steps trying to not get trampled by the other panicking students. Smoke from the other side of the building pillowed through the rain and blended with the dark storm clouds above. We saw groups of people far away from the building trying to stay as dry as feasible. Others make their way to their cars. I grabbed Chloe’s hand and we ran to my car. We got in and I turned the heater on. Shivering from the rain I turned to look at her and the light blue hoodie she threw on wasnt enough to prevent me from knowing how cold it was.

“What are you looking-” she stopped and realized where my eyes were, “yeah this hoodie isn’t the thickest and its frickin cold.”

As the car heated up we watched the remaining people scurry from the building. A few minutes later the fire department shows up. I felt bad that they had to be in all that gear in the rain but if it keeps them safe then so be it. Thanks to the rain it looked like they were able to get the flames out quickly.

We just sat in my car watching everything happen. Not a word said. I looked down and saw that I was holding her hand. No idea when I did that.

Chloe must have noticed before me because her hand was holding me tighter. She looked over at me and smiled, “Glad it wasn’t our dorm that got hit.”

I squeezed her hand back, “Yeah” I looked down at her still wet legs, “Especially before…” My words trailed off as I watched a bead of water roll up her thigh getting faster as it made its way down to her hips.

The drop vanished into her skirt and I just kept staring at her wet legs. The heat of my car had returned my body to ordinary and other things were no longer shriveled due to the cold wetness. I felt like my blood was finally able to make its way back to its favorite place to be.

“We fuck?” She said.

My gaze broke and I returned to look at her.

“I agree” she reclined her chair and laid back smiling.

Her eyes closed and the hoodie managed to ball up because when she laid back a little bit of her midriff showed. The cuteness of it was incredibly sexy and it felt a familiar twitch below the belt. But it wasn’t a ordinary feeling. In fact my entire groin area felt off. I tried to think what it was and then I felt something in my crack. “Uhh…”

Her eyes opened, “What’s up?”

I looked down at my lap. The underwear I wondered was mine turned out to be a thong of hers. The realization caused the thong to almost tighten around my waste. I tried to readjust myself but to no avail. I can not believe I’m wearing Chloe’s thong. That most recent wondered sparked something and my growing erection got the final boost it needed. The panties fought back as my dick tried desperately to escape. I shifted more but that only caused the soft fabric to rub the head of my dick.

“What are you doing?”

“Hold…” I lifted my but off the car seat to take my pants off, “on”

“Why are you strip-” Chloe’s eyes locked on my lap. I moved to take the thong off and Chloe pushed me back into my seat. And started to run her hand along my bulge. “That’s actually kind of hot.”

Her hands traced the edges of my tent, making sure that I felt her fingers through the soft fabric. The restriction mixed with her immediate fixation quickly became too much to handle. I felt a small climax create up quickly. Her eyes lit up as she felt my throbbing become faster. She climbed over and started to run her mouth along my bulge kissing it and using her nose to tease the underside of my tip. My back arched a little and she quickly adjusted my dick inside her panties so it was standing up, and engulfed it into her mouth. The pressure of the underwear with the new sensation of warm wet cotton essentially sucking me off brought on a weird orgasm that felt rushed but still good. I let out one spurt and Chloe let up with now only her lips on the top. She sucked my cum through her underwear like it was no different from a straw. My back fell back into my seat and I felt spent. I looked down and she popped her head off making me leak one or two small drops which disappeared and made the wet spot bigger. She kissed me on the lips and touched the head of my dick. I jerked at the sensitivity and she let a small evil grin escape.

We talked more and soon retreated to our phones. It was then I noticed an email saying that the building wasn’t gonna be shut down but the power would be out. In true university fashion they didn’t offer to put us up anywhere or any other advice. Just a common sorry for the inconvenience and that was it.

Chloe suggested we drive to her parent’s house as it is on the way to the house she inherited. I realized I was still wearing my spit stained panties and took them off. Chloe protested a little but understood. She guided me to her parent’s as we listened to music. Thank god we have decently similar tastes in music because that would have been a bombshell.

After about 20 minutes we pulled up. We get our stuff and her mom comes out. She looks like any older Chloe but with maybe a pointier nose. Very pretty and if this was a glimpse of what Chloe will look like then I hit the jackpot.

“I’m very happy you two are safe. When I saw my feed, I was worried since it was your building.” She hugged Chloe the entire time.

“Mom I can’t breath”

“Oh! And you must be Jay. I’m April. Chloe has told me alot about you but obviously was short on the handsome detail.”



I chimed in, “Yeah well…”

Chloe was beet red, “I don’t need two teaming up on me.” She briskly walked to the front door.

We got settled in and Chloe announced she was gonna shower and get into some dry clothes. April brought me a warm cup of tea and we shot the breeze.

“You can take a shower too after words and I can wash and dry your clothes.”

“I appreciate it April but I wouldn’t have anything in the meantime” I stippled the tea hoping it would warm me up under the towel I was given.

“Nonsense I still have some clothes I was too late to return that i was going to give to my late husband”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I am, it’s not weird by any means, he never even wore them so they technically aren’t his.”

“I’m more surprised you still have them, Chloe said it was years ago”

“Six years but I’m lazy as you can see by the messy house”

I looked around and saw maybe a cup on the table and a few clothes folded on the couch, “Right…” normal mom, “Okay well I will take you up on the offer”

“Perfect! Ugh I can’t tell you how happy I am that Chloe found someone to be with.”

“Yeah I was more surprised to end up with her so quickly than I was-”

She waited for me to finish my sentence but then realized what i was gonna say, “Yeah that’s always been the case but if you’re here now then its means you accept her and that’s what makes me happy”

“Here now?”

“You’re the first partner she’s brought home.”

I felt my stomach jump and noticed i was cracking a smile, “Wow I didn’t realize she never mentioned that”

“Well, welcome,”

“Thank-” while we talked I didn’t see Chloe come down the hallway. Suddenly she appeared right outside the kitchen. She leaned up against the wall just out of sight of her mother. I Glanced over and saw her zip down a new hoodie she had on. The triangle of skin showing became longer and wider till I could see the shadows from her breasts protrude and her belly button right above the zipper. She wasn’t wearing anything under the top.

“You’re welcome, so Chloe has told me things but how about you tell me about you”

I tried to talk to April but Chloe was becoming increasingly distracting. She ran her hands down her chest to her stomach then to her waistband of her leggings. I could already see the outline of her cock. She pulled them down to reveal she was wearing the same pair of panties I had on earlier. I felt a twitch in my pants but tried to not think about her. She started to rub the outline of her cock and smelled her hands. She gave me a wink, they definitely hadn’t been washed. I was struggling to focus on both girls while I tried to hydrate my now dry mouth. I really tried to give her mom my full attention but my eyes on Chloe gave my dick something else to think about. Chloe pulled up her pants and zipped her hoodie back up then nonchalantly walked into the kitchen.

“Hey mom! Hi Jay”

I tried to say hi but I had to swallow first.

“Done already Puppy?


“What?” She laughed a little

“Puppy?” I was now fully invested back into April.


“It’s what I call her. I mean look at those eyes!”

“Hmm Puppy” I jokingly rubbed my chin with my two fingers.

“Jay! No”

I couldn’t tell if Chloe was red with anger or embarrassment. April continued to speak. “Well she has such pretty eyes and once day I caught her trying to lick-”

“OKAY! We are done here” she turns to me with a glare I hadn’t seen, “are you going to get in the shower?”

I didn’t want to poke the bear so I got up and climbed in the shower. The warm water cascaded down and I felt relaxed. I started to think about Chloe and naturally my hand made its way downstairs and I started to masturbate. Not knowing how long it had been it quickly got washed up and got out.i put on the fresh pair of clothes and joined April and Chloe.

We talked with her mom more before she made us dinner. After we ate we headed out to Chloe’s house. We got settled and the sun was setting. The house was darkening as we sat on her bed making out. Feeling our bulges rub together through our clothes was really making us lust more and more. Chloe excused herself and rolled out from under me. She turned off the lights and then turned on a lamp in the corner of the room giving the whole thing a very romantic vibe. Music turned on and she went into her closet. Overly hard I had to take my pants off. My cock sprung out and I saw pre cum already leaking. I wondered about what was gonna happen and my heart and dick were throbbing in unison.

Chloe came out of the closet dressed in a long dark red robe tied at the waist. It made her look way more mature than normally and made me feel like a kid looking at a toy I wanted in the store. She was more than that though. This woman meant the world to me and even through all the horniness I really felt like I found my other. I tried to speak but all that came out was a low gargle. She did a cute laugh and then her eyes fixated on me and my create on sundial.

Chloe walked slowly up to me and kissed my chin. The music seemed to fade out as I focused on her short deep breaths, her chest rose and fell in the warm glow of the lamp. She lightly pushed me backwards and I followed suit by sitting on the edge of the bed. She looked into my eyes and backed away a step. The feeling in my stomach was weird, it was a pain but also excitement. I was nervous but ready for whatever was gonna happen next. She reached her hands behind her and slowly brought them down. She did a little dance as her hands slid down the small of her back to her perky butt. She turned around now facing away, giving me a full view of said booty. Her curves from her toes to her knees, shoulders, and to her head looked to be even more feminine than I could explain. Seeing her white legs move with rhythm drawing my eyes up and down them sped the bear of my heart up. Her hands pulled up her dress and her white skin against her crimson gown contrasted eachother in a way you only see in highly edited photographs. She bent over and her fingers hooked her thong and she began pulling them down. It was the same pair again. She took them off and held the pair up to her nose. She took a massive breath and then let out a moan breathing out. They fell to the floor. Her ass was now in perfect view and just past her pale thighs that were the smoothest pair I had laid eyes on. Bending over again giving her ass a little shake, Chloe slowly retraced her steps bringing her hands back up to her butt. Her fingertips grazed across the back of her legs as they made their way up. She then grabbed each cheek and spread them aside. She let out a faint moan as she spread her cheeks wide pulling her little pink anus open as it twitched .

“This is all for you J.” she let go and after the tiniest jiggle from her perky butt she gave herself a spanking on both sides. Her voice became even more breathy, “It’s all yours.”

She turned back around and her dick was sticking through the opening of her gown. I reached out to touch her but she lightly put her hand on mine and shook her head. She continued to untie her robe and holding it closed she took off the sash completely and dropped it on the floor. She shimmied her shoulders and the sleeves came down revealing more of her luscious skin. The thin fabric slid down her arms and chest getting caught on the tips of her hardened nipples. My mouth was dry as a bone, my dick as hard as a bone, and my girlfriend was in front of me causing it all to happen. Her hands rested on the top of her chest just below her collar bone. They were positioned in a way where her nightie still covered her perfect little tits. She took a step closer to me. She looked down at me, “Jay I need to feel you”
“Mmmm” was all my blood drained brain could muster. My hands reached out and grabbed her by the hips. Firmly but slowly I pulled her close. So close I could smell a certain aroma coming off of her. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t something I had smelt before. If anything it was intoxicating and I soon couldn’t get enough of it. I gave the head of her penis a kiss and it twitched at my lips causing them to give another light kiss as if it was instinct.

I raised my hand to her nipples, lightly brushing the tips and then dragged my fingers underneath them around the outside of her boobs. She shuddered and one of her knees gave in. I grabbed her hips allowing her to balance. I looked into her eyes telling her that I got her. I returned to her chest teasing her nipples as I watched them harden at my touches. She looked down, biting her lip and her hands ran through my hair. I grabbed her tits, massaging them, grasping and moving them all around making sure I felt every curve and every goosebumps. I pulled on her nipples one at a time then two. I watched her hard tips grow even harder and listened to her moans become faster and louder.

“It’s too much!” She insisted but her throbbing penis told a different story. “Jay please…” Her voice evaporated into her heavy moans. Her fingers running through my hair turned into light scratches telling me what I needed to know. Unlike our dorm and her mom’s house, Chloe doesn’t even try to hide any kind of pleasure. She lets out the loudest moan I’ve heard which was immediately followed by heavy breathing. Her chest fell and rose, making her boobs move under my hand on their own. Her hands stopped moving and that was my cue.

I stopped what I was doing and let go. Chloe immediately tried to suppress the dissatisfaction but a whimper escaped her lips. Her hard member was staring right at me looking like it was ready to blow. I wanted to make her cum. I needed to hear her orgasm. Hearing my name from her soft lips being said with such desire and lust was what I craved but I knew this wasn’t the moment. I laid back down on the bed and scooted towards the middle. My hard cock stood up flexing and throbbing on its own.

Chloe reached out, “It’s warmer than usual” she started to slowly jerk it, “And so fucking hard Jay.”

She leaned forward and took me into her mouth, her lips slowly engulfed my penis as the sensation of her mouth filled my bloodless brain. I felt my head hit her throat and she kept it there. Her gag reflex was massaging the head and I felt her tongue press up against the back of my dick. She slowly lifted her head. Leaving trails of saliva from her mouth to my dick. I looked down and the dim lights reflected off my cock making it shimmer.

“God I love your cock” she said exhaling hard. She gave a tinny smile as she seemed pleased with herself. I couldn’t take it. I needed to feel inside of her. I needed to fuck her.


“Just getting it ready” she smiled as she bounced up on the bed. Her playfulness sent electricity down my back making my shaft twitch. I felt like I had never been harder. I wasn’t even flexing my dick but it felt as though all my blood was trying its hardest to be inside my dick.

She climbed over me, straddling my lap and never breaking eye contact. She gave me a smile and a wink as she slowly spat on her two fingers. She brought them down to her asshole and applied the saliva gently. I noticed her penis jump at her own touch. Her fingers teased her opening and her eyes closed. She got distracted and lost herself in her own ass. She bit her bottom lip lightly just before a few soft breaths escaped her mouth. Her eyes brows furrowed before she moaned. The noise she made pulled her from her trance as she refocused onto me. She smiled but wasn’t sorry.

She relicked her fingers and softly guided my dick to her asshole. I felt warmth on the head of my penis as the cold saliva was instantly canceled out by her body heat. She rubbed the tip of my dick back and forth, side to side almost like she was tracing her starfish. She
was giggling at first but the more pressure she applied against her hole the more moans that I heard. Her moans were music to my ears as I felt the tightness of her ass grip so hard it felt like I was getting jerked off. The wetness that was there before started to wear off and the friction started to become more noticable. Her moans turned into whimpers but her speed still increased. She was full on riding me now, masturbating me with her tight hole. I could do nothing but hold her hips and make sure she couldn’t jump off. Being inside of her for the first time felt amazing but not like sex amazing. It felt like I found the other puzzle piece. I was pinned beneath my girlfriend as her asscheeks grinded against my pelvis. Neither of us were going anywhere until this experience ended. I reach one hand up and play with her nipples again. I can tell the tiny tugs and rubs I did to her were driving Chloe to new heights as she continued to ride me.

Eventually, her moans and whimpers became louder and she started to yell expletives. “Holy Shit Jay!” Her eyes closed as she grabbed her other nipple and played with it. Her other hand placed at the center of my chest helped her balance as the flexing of her ass told me what was coming. Pun intended.

Each move she made, made me move back on her. As her tight little asshole jerked me off I felt my stomach drop and my lower abs tighten. My body wanted to explode inside of her but my dick wasn’t there. I feel my breathing quicken as my entire lower body clenches. I felt like my body was trying to cum without ejaculating. I lay back and thrust up into her deeper. I feel my cock begin to pulse but I can tell nothing is coming out. Her asshole was gripping me hard enough to prevent any kind of flow. I hear her moan and my butt tightens and I try to go as deep as I can with her. She stops moving and slowly sits on my lap with me buried deep in her ass.

“Did you just cum?”

Trying to catch my breath, “Honestly..” I take another deep breath, “I really don’t know.”

“Felt like you did but I didn’t feel any cum.” She seemed a tad sad.

“I feel like I came but I-” I stopped and looked down at her, she was slowly getting up and I saw my still erect dick leave her asshole. The sight of it sent a twitch up my spine and backed down into my cock. I felt like a hose with built up pressure. She was about to pull me out completely when the pressure of her winking asshole around the tip of my dick was enough to send me into another orgasm.

“Chloe!” I grab her hips and pull her back into my lap.

“Jay Wha-aaaahhhmm” her words turn into moans.

The feeling of my entire shaft moving deeper and deeper into her butt was enough to get over the peak. I exploded deep inside her.

“Fuck” she started grinding her ass against me and my hands made sure I am as deep as I can be inside. I felt her asshole grip my dick even harder like it’s pumping my cum into itself. It’s like nothing I’ve felt in a long, long, time. Easily the best Orgasm of my life. Even though it was like 8 or 10 spurts I felt like I just couldn’t stop cumming. Chloe’s pace quickened and even though I was finishing cumming I didn’t have the post-nut sensitivity. I felt my dick move around inside of her easier than before. Chloe got off really fast and I caught a glimpse of the head of my penis and her opening connected by a rope of semen. She straddled me and sat back down on my dick.

To say I re-entered her with ease would be an understatement. Her asshole welcomed me like big steel gates opening up at a theme park. All the pleasure I was feeling before was multiplied exponentially now that my jizz was lubing her asshole. She then proceeded to ride me like any cowgirl would. Seeing her jump up and down on my dick while feeling her own shaft smack my stomach with each bounce made my mind go blank. The sounds of her moans quickened to match the rhythm of her solid rod smacking my stomach repeatedly. The sight was truly incredible. The desire I felt for her was never ending.

“God you feel soooooo good”


“I know you just came but i can’t get enough of you”


“Your cum inside of me feels so good. I could feel every rope” she straightened up and was now at a 90 degree angle to my body. Her tits jiggled with every bounce. I reached out and grabbed them.

“Oh yes” she says as I hold them right as the rest of her body fucks me.

Her eyes closed, “I love your dick so much”

“God Chloe your asshole feels incredible”

“Mmmmm say more”

“Your tits are so soft”

Her moans became quicker

“You have such a nice cock Chloe”

“Mmmmm fuck”

“I can’t wait for you to fuck my ass” I tell her as I pulled on one of her nipples.

Chole let out a scream as I felt her ass clench. What used to be cum that just came out with little to no pressure turned into ropes that shot across my body hitting my chin and drawing lines of jizz across my face. I closed my eyes and felt her hot cum hit my face, neck, and chest, before stopping. She stopped moving and hunched over me. Her breathing was heavy and labored but that didn’t stop me from continuing to play with her tits. She was trying to moan but her exhaustion was creeping in. She seemed like she wanted a break but her hips had another idea. Still rock hard inside of her, I grabbed her hips and turned her over on her back.

“Jay what are you-” with her fully on her back I re-entered her slowly, “fffffuuuuuck”

I grabbed her by her ankles and spread her legs aside. Her cock bounced with each thrust. Her boobs jiggled with every entry. I grabbed her dick and started playing with her, matching my strokes with my thrusts. Her eyes closed and a smile crossed her face as I made love to her. I picked up the pace like it was in my bones to fuck this woman. I wanted to give her my all. Her moans grew and turned to words.

“Fuck me! Fuck me jay. Fuck my little asshole like the slut I am. God I fucking love watching you pound me!”

Her words got dirtier and louder. It was becoming too much for me. I felt another orgasm quickly rising to the surface. I didn’t even want to last long. I just wanted to burst inside Chloe. So I did. I’m not even sure how many pumps, ropes, pulses I did I just couldn’t stop fucking this woman. I regained my composure and saw her in the middle of an orgasm as well. Her chest was covered with cum running down her rib cage to her back. She kicked my hands from her ankles and wrapped her legs around me. In and out, in and out.

Only minutes passed before I felt yet another orgasm. I broke free from her legs and jumped off of her. I fell onto the bed on my back. My breathing was hard and my heart was racing. My body went weak and it felt as though I couldn’t walk. My whole bottom half felt like jelly. I rolled on my side to try and stand up but a hand grabbed my waist and pushed back over on my back.

Suddenly I felt Chloe’s finger slowly pushing into my butt cheeks. She was on a direct path to my asshole. The softness of her hands mixed with the stiffness of her finger sent tingles up my back and I let out a moan almost sounding like a girl. She giggled and doubled down on my asshole. I felt her finger tip begin massaging my hole and it was unmatched. I immediately craved more. The affection and tenderness she was giving me put me in a state where I would be okay with anything that this girl could do.

I felt her finger inside and all I could do was let out soft noises. Like they had a mind of their own, my legs lifted, welcoming my mate to explore more. Slowly she slid inside of me. It was weird at first with a hint of pain as not a lot has entered through there but within seconds her exploration was creating a new exciting sensation I have never felt. Feeling I never knew I needed to feel. Deeper and deeper her finger went until I felt her other fingers on my ass cheeks. Damn she couldn’t go deeper. I was a little upset but then she started to slowly and carefully pull out. New waves of pleasure hit me. “Mmmmm Chloe”

She giggled and continued. Chloe fingered me for what felt like forever but no sooner did she stop. She scooted closer to me and whispered slowly in my ear, “I want to fuck you baby” my asshole gripped her finger as she pulled it out and my voice made a weird moan that I cant even imitate.

“Mmmmm” and a nod was all my bloodless brain was capable of responding. I felt her over me. I wouldn’t say Im submissive but the feeling of a being with the intention to fuck, positioned over you as you like naked on a bed was exhilarating. I felt shivers, goosebumps, and adrenaline take over different parts of my body. I felt her hard cock on my cheeks. I felt it discover its way between. The softness of her head was the perfect guide for the solidness of her dick. She pushed into me and it felt every wondered leave my brain. I needed this. I pushed back. I need to feel Chloe deep inside me. I felt full. Chloe’s shaft inside of me was incredible. I felt like I could describe every feeling but at the same time I was speechless. She started thrusting and kept trying to thrust back. I wasn’t actively trying but my body had a mind of its own. Wave after wave of pure bliss rippled through my nervous system. It’s all I could think about but I couldn’t focus on anything.

She grabbed my hips and pushed harder into me. Any sorChloes speed picked up her fucking be came harder. I think she was saying stuff but my head was so far in the clouds all I could do was lay there and take Chloe’s hard cock over and over. I felt two massive thrusts and what followed that was a warm feeling that was felt inside. Did she just cum? The wondered of Chloe cumming inside of me sent me over the cliff and it felt by dick and asshole contract a few times before my mind went blank.

Now I don’t think I blacked out, but I don’t remember Chloe pulling out. I went to move and felt a warm feeling leave my ass. It was her cum. I felt like such a slut but man did I love it. I loved feeling Chloe inside of me. It was like I was her puzzle piece too.

I needed time to recover. We talked about all that we had been through and how much fun it all was. We talked about the feeling we had the first few days and different thoughts that were going through our minds. We both got hard at some point and started masturbating next to each other. Our words ceased and we just watched each other stroke. We made eye contact and my dick twitched as I looked into Chloe’s eyes. Right then and there she stopped playing with her shaft and she stood up. “I’m ready again.”

“I feel empty. I want to cum but I feel like my balls won’t let me.”

“Let’s see if you really are empty.” Chloe bent over and had a firm grip on her butt. She started to spread her cheeks open and then to push her cheeks together repeatedly.

“Chloe, fuck.” She knew exactly what she was doing. She wanted me to cum but she wanted more than that. She wanted to feel more of me, she wanted to feel more of my hardness inside her. My body took over and it stood up, grabbed her waist, I licked her asshole with a sopping tongue and Inserted my penis back into her again. Any soreness had left my dick and I was able to just give it to her. Her moans went from whines to groans to whines to whimpers to yells to enjoyment. I felt her mind give in and her body take over top. Her hips started to work and back up into me. My dick was now fucking her twice as hard and it felt like I was deep than before. I watched as this wonderful human let her animal instincts take over and demand sex. The sight of Chloe’s pale back glistening from sweat, holding fistfuls of bedsheet and pushing back against me finally became too much. I exploded in her ass again, shooting a second load deep into her and it was at least as large as the first one.

I pulled out and took a step back. With her ass still up I spread her cheeks and watched her opening wink at me. I gave it a lick and she shuddered. The sight of my cum being pushed out filled my view, “God Chloe you’re amazing”

“You are as well Jay” I almost came a little more at the sight of my cum slithering out of her ass. “We can’t let that go to waste now can we?” she said, wiping her finger across her hole. She got all the cum that leaked out and put the dribbles across her lips before licking them.

Filled with lust and affection we kept taking turns fucking each other. The room smelled of sex but it would only make us want each other more. The sweat we made was perfect lube to slide our bodies together. Nothing could spoil this. We broke aside, both breathing heavily. A smile on my face was nothing compared to the radiance from hers. We started at it again. Our lips met and we kissed deeply but it felt weaker. Our exhaustion finally caught up with us. Making out turned into kissing as my eyes grew heavy. Kissing turned into pecks every now and again as my breathing slowed. I felt sleep creeping up on me. I wanted to tell her. My mind was preparing the words. But it was too late.

My eyes opened as I didnt know how much time had gone by. I tried to move but my body felt sore and ached. Not in a bad way but like I had a really good workout. I was exhausted but filled with energy. I looked to Chloe who laid there in my arms. Her eyes shut, breathing softly from her nose. She seemed so at peace. The room was dark but it could still see her clearly. She was lighter than anything else in the room. It wasn’t just her snow white complexion but something else. Something that when i wondered about it, it scared me again but gave me butterflies. It was a wondered, or a feeling, or an instinct or all of them at once. I wanted to hold her here at this moment but also experience a future with her.

I woke her up, looked into her eyes and whispered, “I love you Puppy”

She smiled and lightly punched my arm, “I know you do Jay, I love you too” she tucked her head into my neck, wrapped her pinky around mine, and we both drifted off back to sleep.

— — — —

Thank you to all the people who stayed with me from the beginning and those that joined along the way. I appreciate all the support and kind words. You guys rock and I’m glad SO MANY of you liked this. I didn’t think there were that many who craved a story like this but I was happy to deliver. I might do another story so if you want let me know what you want to read. No promises…Again though, thank you all! See y’all later! Bye Bye!! 🙂

NSFW: yes