Cheating wife [38F] – Short Sex Story

A few years back, my marriage wasn’t doing so great. We went for 9 months without touching , kissing, sex, anything. I assumed it was probably over. So I started talking to men that I knew locally on IG and some not locals here on Reddit. Exchanging conversations with some, sexual with others. Id send them pics / vids, they would return. Id masturbate for them on facetime or whatever. After a few weeks of talking to a guy who lives nearby , I decided to meet him. He’s married as well and his marriage situation was similar. I knew from the FaceTime sessions that he had a very thick cock, and probably around 8 inches. My husband has a thick one as well but smaller.

So we decided to meet at a local park while my kids were in college and husband at work. My story was I was gonna walk around the park. I left my phone in my car and got in his SUV. We nervously talked as meeting in person was very different. We left the park and went to an area more private. My plan was to talk and maybe make out. Well we started kissing and his hands went roaming. I have large breast and he wanted to touch them. He started rubbing them and I immediately got wet. It was thrilling to have another man touch me with such excitement. And he was very excited. He had on sweat shorts and a t shirt. He had to dress for the park walk as well as that’s the story he told his wife. I saw his bulge running down his leg and almost peeking out of the leg of his shorts. I wanted to touch it and was nervous of where it would go but I decided to just go with it. I reached down and grabbed it through his shorts and my God it was like grabbing a piece of steel. It was so hard and felt ridiculous in my little hand. He pulled my shirt over my head and I sat there in yoga pants and a sports bra. He pulled my bra off and my big tits sat there in front of him. He was really into my tits and was really sucking them. My pussy was itching to be touched but he never left my tits. I reached under his shorts and felt his hard hot cock. It was so hot and extremely hard. It was already leaking like crazy. I could tell he hadn’t been touched in a while. I reached in further and pulled his shorts leg up so it sprang out into the open. He didn’t wear underwear, just the cotton shorts. It was easy to get out and his balls and cock were now all out. His balls were enormous as well. I took one hand and rubber under his balls and one hand stroking his fat cock. Then I felt his hand begin rubbing my pussy through my pants. It was like an electric shock. He reached in and started rubbing my clit. I think I came a little right away but a big one was gonna happen just from his touch and all the excitement. I was really jerking his cock now and rubbing his balls but we were all tangled up and decided to hop in the back seat which was way bigger. Alot of leg room.

I was very horny now and wet and didn’t care about anything else. I peeled down my yoga pants to my ankles and he leant over and started finger licking me. After about 30 seconds of licking my very very wet pussy I started cumming. He kept licking and put his tongue in my hole as I came. Tasting it all. I got down in front of him on my knees and took his enormous dick in my mouth. The head was very big and almost didn’t go in my tiny mouth. I felt like I just put an entire apple in my mouth. I stroked him with one hand and played with those enormous balls with the other. It didn’t take long and he got very tense and told me he was going to cum. I wasn’t sure about swallowing him so I took it out and leaned forward putting my chest on his cock and I continued pumping away. It was between my tits and almost into my neck when he let loose. I felt enormous amounts of cum hitting my chin and going all over. I looked down and put my tongue on his head and tasted the last few drops. My tits were covered in a gallon of cum. In my face and hair. It was everywhere. I didn’t have a towel or anything. I used his tshirt to wipe up the best I could. After collecting ourselves, he drove me back and I went home to shower. I took my purple friend with me in the shower and came again to the wondered of what just happened.

NSFW: yes

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