Chapter 37. Naughty in New Orleans.

I couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement as I sent my text. Next to me in the uber, my husband gave me an approving wink, knowing that I had been flirting with Michael, the new guy I had met at dinner just a few weeks ago. We had texted off and on about anything from books we had been reading to celebrity gossip. But recently it had taken a turn with our messages becoming ever more flirty and spicy. Now, I felt my husband’s hand squeeze my thigh as I sent my message saying that I might be sending some risqué photos if I got tipsy enough over the weekend. My husband and I were meeting up with some friends for a little getaway in New Orleans, and the weekend promised to be sexy.

As we reached our hotel and checked in, my phone buzzed with incoming flirty messages. I nudged my husband and gave him a suggestive look as he gathered our room keys and whisked me towards the elevator. Once the doors were closed behind us, he kissed me and told me how arousing it was for me to flirt so openly with Michael. He suggested that I send a quick photo and reached out to hold my purse for me. Smiling, I quickly found an angle that gave the most flattering lighting an elevator can offer, and snapped a pic. I captioned it, “care to come up with me?” and hit send just as the doors opened to our floor. It was just the rush to put us over the edge as we stumbled into our room and straight for the bed.

Without regard to when the bellman would be up with our luggage, we began tugging at our clothes wildly. As my husband pulled my shorts off, he paused to view my panties. I was wearing a set that he had purchased for me – a lacy black thong with the words “Don’t Pull Out” printed on them. With a mischievous grin, my husband stood up and retrieved his phone, taking a photo of me as I laid in the bed, barely covering my breasts. I assumed it would just be a sexy photo he’d keep for himself, but as he laid back down between my legs, he suggested that I might send that to Michael if the night felt steamy enough for it.

Before I could reply, he had pulled my panties to the side and began licking my lips. I threw my head back against the soft pillows, losing myself in the feel of his mouth on me. His tongue swirled along my clit as his hands reached up to massage my breasts. I tensed and moaned as I began to cum in his mouth. He sat up on his knees and held his hand out to me to sit up with him. Repositioning, he laid down and pulled me on top of his face so that he could lick me from underneath. My hands went straight for his massively hard cock and stroked him for a moment before laying down on him and taking his shaft in my mouth.

He was rigid and thick as I tried to take all of him. I could hardly concentrate as he devoured my pussy below me. My hands cupped him below his shaft and pressed gently as I felt him start to tense. Knowing he was about to cum for me brought on my own release. My core tightened and I felt my husband’s hands on my ass, spreading me wide as his tongue dove deeper still, driving out my orgasm in a rush of liquid. In that moment he stiffened and shot stream after stream of thick cum down my throat. Licking him clean, we laid in bed for only a minute before there was a knock on the door for our luggage. We laughed as we tried to throw our clothes back on and look presentable. I could tell the bellman didn’t buy our rouse as he eyed the tousled sheets.

We were just getting cleaned up and dressed for the night out when one of the couples, Matt and Christine, called to check in. They happened to be just a few rooms down from us and were already dressed, so we invited them down to hang out while we got ready. When they knocked on the door, I answered in my bra and panties and let out a squeal when Christine gave my ass a little pinch during our hug. Matt teased that he could do better and lifted me up to where my legs wrapped around him as he gave me a hello. We all laughed a bit as he set me back down and agreed it was time to get dressed.

My skirt and top were draped on the bed next to me. As I bent over to pick them up, my husband stopped me and suggested that the guys should be gentlemen and help a lady dress. Christine made herself comfortable on the couch and watched as our husbands proceeded to help me into my clothes. I lifted one leg, and then the other, as they slid my skirt on. They weren’t the least bit discreet in running their hands along my legs as they pulled the skirt over my hips and waist before zipping it up. When I raised my arms for my top, once again their hands worked slowly, drawing out the time it took to pull the fabric down over my breasts. It was no coincidence that my nipples were hard by the time they finished. A result I’m sure they were more than proud of accomplishing.

It was early evening by this point and we had made plans to meet our other friends in the lobby for cocktails, dinner, and… wherever else the night decided to take us. We found a hole in the wall restaurant and commandeered the back tables for our large group. We all enjoyed catching up with each other and chatted the night away as drinks continued to appear on our table. At one point, I checked my phone to see that Michael had replied to my earlier message. He was more than willing to see more photos from the night, and even shared one of himself, which was a first, up to this point. I whispered to my husband what I had just received and had to catch my breath a bit at the sight of Michael’s bare chest and abs staring back at me. I sent a flirty but tame photo in reply and put my phone away so as not to take away from the night with friends. But inwardly I was more than excited to see where the texting would lead later in the weekend.

Once we finished our dinner, we decided to see what Bourbon Street had to offer. We danced, took shots, and got more beads than we needed before we decided to call it for the night. Since our hotel was just a few blocks away, we decided to walk back. Most of us were on different floors, so we said our goodnights in the lobby, but since Matt and Christine were on our floor, we took an elevator together. During the quick ride, it was decided that a nightcap in our room would be a nice way to top off the evening.

Once in our room, we raided our small supply of drinks before my husband and Christine sat on the couch while Matt and I had our own chairs. It had long been discussed that Matt had wanted to see Christine enjoy herself with another man. They weren’t necessarily into full playing with other couples, but did want to branch out and experiment in smaller steps. Our conversation flowed as smoothly as the drinks, and before long, Christine’s hand was on my husband’s thigh, rubbing suggestively. With a unified understanding of approval, my husband slipped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her in as a sign to continue.

Matt and I watched in the most heightened state of arousal as my husband helped Christine undo his belt and jeans. She rubbed slowly along his hard outline in his boxers, confirming my husband’s excitement for this experience. I glanced at Matt, curious as to his reaction in this first for them. His eyes were fixated on his stunning wife as she slid down my husband’s boxer briefs and grasped his thick cock. She worked slowly at first, stroking in long movements. Christine’s pace and grip was different from mine, a sensation I was sure my husband was enjoying. I smiled in seeing how much pleasure my husband was receiving as Christine shifted her body down in front of him. Holding him firmly in her hands, Christine lowered her head and began to suck smoothly. Her head rhythmically bobbed over my husband’s lap as he held her hair back for Matt to watch. It wasn’t long before she brought him to the edge. Sitting up, Christine pumped my husband’s load out all over his stomach and chest, finishing him strong for us to see.

The heat from that encounter continued to blaze as they cleaned up. Matt could hardly believe how sexy it had been to watch and jokingly thanked my husband for the night before they left. Once they departed, my husband turned his attention to me. He was standing in just his unbuttoned shirt and boxer briefs. His hard cock still outlined. My pussy ached at the sight of him. Crossing over towards me, he laid me on the bed and commented that I still needed my release for the night. Wondering whether he would be able to go yet another round, he proved me wrong in the best way feasible.

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