Naruto and Shikamaru were running through a dark and narrow corridor on all fours like puppies running away from a giant enraged lion. “What the fuck did you do, Naruto?!?” yelled Shikamaru. “I don’t know.” replied gender-swapped Naruto. “I was being my usual self.” “Fuck you!” yelled Shikamaru. “Now, Sasuke completely lost his mind, and we’re gonna die or worse!” Sasuke was walking slowly pursuing them, and yet he was somehow moving faster than the two hopeless idiots. “I have a pen, I have an apple. Ugh, Apple-pen.” said Sasuke as he drew a scalpel out of his pocket. “I have a gender-swapped Naruto, I have a Shikamaru. Ugh, Naruto-Shikamaru.” Using a forgotten forbidden jutsu, Sasuke was able to surgically connect his gender-swapped Naruto and Shikamaru mouth-to-anus instantly. “No!” yelled Shikamaru as his mouth was eating gender-swapped Naruto’s ass. “Apple-pen, Naruto-Shikamaru.” sang Sasuke while doing crazy gestures with his hands. “Ugh, Pen-Naruto-Shikamaru-Apple!” Sasuke continued to dance while Shikamaru was fighting back his gag reflexes. Gender-swapped Naruto’s face became red with embarrassment as her dick became fully erect. “There’s fur inside my mouth, I can’t breathe!” yelled Shikamaru. “Pen-Naruto-Shikamaru-Apple!” continued Sasuke. Sasuke started free-styling around them while crouching down and standing up over and over again. “I have a pen, I have a pen. Ugh, big black dildo.” Sasuke started waving the black dildo threateningly as he continued to dance. “I have a gender-swapped Naruto, I have a Shikamaru. Ugh, Shikamaru-Naruto!” continued Sasuke. “Thank God, I can finally breathe!” said an overjoyed Shikamaru as he spat fur out of his mouth. “Please, Sasuke, have mercy!” “Big throbbing black dildo, Shikamaru-Naruto.” continued Sasuke as he juggled the dildo and his victims in a criss-cross manner. “Dildo-Shikamaru-Naruto-Dildo!” “Wait, how did the two pens become two dildos?!?” complained Shikamaru. “This goes against the law of conservation of mass!” Sasuke continued to dance while ignoring him. “Dildo-Shikamaru-Naruto-Dildo!” As Naruto somehow ejaculated into Shikamaru’s mouth, Shikamaru summoned two black shadows and killed himself and gender-swapped Naruto before he had to swallow. The end.

NSFW: yes

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