Caught my friend banging my sister

This happened last year, summer of 2022. Two of my friends, my sister, one her friend and I went to the summer trip (We were all around 18yo). So this happened on day 3 of our vacation. So all of us booked a solid apartment, me and my friend(let’s call him John) went to the beach that was like 20 minutes away from our home, it was around 9AM, we had to put our things(towels etc..) on the beach cuz it’s all the time full even in the early morning. My sister’s friend went to but groceries for the rest of the day and as I said me and John were gonna the beach, half way to the beach I realized that I forgot our suncremes and one alcoholic drink, I said to John that I’ll go real quick back to the apartment and that he should discover a place for us, he agreed, so I went back to our home (10minutes walking) and the doors were opened, I was quite excited that day so I was just hurrying and hyping everyone, and all of that excitement faded in 10 seconds. As I opened the home door, I heard some loud moaning in the toilet, I was confused so I opened door slowly and I saw my other friend(let’s call him Karlo(we were friends since kindergarten)) banging my sister in the bathtub, I haven’t been more lost in my life than at that moment, I didn’t know what to do, they saw me, I saw them. Thousands of thoughts were going through my head, but I just closed the door instead. 5 minutes later they got out of the shower and he begged me for forgiveness, he almost started crying, I asked him why would he do that and he told me that he all the time had crush on my sister and he found her hot whole life, I was devastated, I didn’t know what to do, knowing that my best friend who was like my brother, banged my sister.. I was speechless..
I couldn’t forgive him nor my sister for it. The rest of the vacation I spent alone on my own, and others felt awkward but were together, the ride back home was most awkward thing ever probably, when we finally got home, I went to sleep, so only that I’d wake up to even bigger nightmare, I opened my phone and John told me that Karlo sent pics of my sister’s nudes to many people that we knew from school. That was the breaking point, I haven’t been in contact with Karlo anymore since then, I talk sometimes to my sister but not much after what she did.
(This story just proves how fucked up can world be, but hey he atleast enjoyed banging his almost biological brothers sister, sure I don’t care, he was atleast happy.)

NSFW: yes

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