Can I see them

Let’s just say I have a friend, let’s call her J, Now I’ve known J for a long time ever since we were Freshman in school, now 4 years later we are graduating in May, Now I’ve all the time found J hot, she has nice tits and an amazing ass, but I’ve never had the courage to do anything about it. Until now.

It was Friday night and I invited J over for drinks at my place, and we just got to talking, talking about how far we had come in life, how we experience all sorts of good and bad together, then all of a sudden she reached out and touched my hand, then looked at me in my eyes, and I was trapped looking back at her like a mouse caught by her predator, she then broke free and asked to come and sit with her on the couch

I said yes and we sat on the couch and started to watch a movie together about 15 minutes in the movie started to get a little bit sexy and out of nowhere J said, I bet my boobs are better than hers, I was stunned and ask her uhhhhh can I answer that lol, she said yes I want an honest answer

Now thinking fuck it just say it I said, well I cannot give you an honest answer without seeing what I’m comparing first, she then turned around and said fine, starting to take off her shirt and said well what do you think.

I said hmmm I think yours look a bit better but idk I may have to take a closer look, she then smiled a little bit and said fine, taking of her bra and exposing her bare boobs, I swallowed, and said ahh yeah yours is definitely better, J then says oh really, do you want to touch them. I without hesitation say yes, and proceed to begin touching them, and my mouth started to widen, as I couldn’t believe I was touching her tits, I was thinking maybe it’s the alcohol playing tricks or maybe I’m in a dream, either way fuck it I’m touching tits

I then proceeded to ask if I could suck them, J said gladly and I began to suck on them, as my mouth touched them she let out a slight moan, as I kept sucking, I felt as if I was in heaven, I kept sucking over and over and over, as J asked if she could grab my cock and stroke, I said yes,

As I sucked she stroked me over and over again, I then asked if I could begin fingering her as I was sucking, she said yes, and I began to finger her going at the pace she was stroking my cock, as she got faster I got faster, and faster and faster until she could feel herself getting close and so could I

She said I don’t want to get my floors dirty, I want you to cum in my mouth to keep clean. So I started to put my cock in her mouth standing up as I asked her to keep touching herself, and just like magic we then began to cum at the same time and with that cum, we became closer friends

NSFW: yes

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