Company Cougar – Short Sex Story

During one of my first jobs I was assigned to do a project for a company hotel and conference center. The hotel mananager was a good looking, dark skinned mature lady from the middle east.

At the end of every day I would stop by her office to report progress. She was all the time wearing her thight uniform dress that nicely accentuated her mature thick curves. Perfect makeup, hairdo, stockings and high heels all the time complemented her outfit.

She ran the place like a general and all the employees where somewhat affraid of her but to my surprise she slowly started flirting with me when alone in her office. She would opinion about my looks, touch my shoulder or rub my leg, but I was too young and stupid and didn’t know what to do, specially with a much older wonan, she loved to see me get all nervous.

About two weeks into the project I asked her a question and she told me to follow her to one of the VIP rooms where we could see those details better. Unsuspectingly I followed her all the way to the top floor and she used her master key to open a big wooden door with golden trims.

I walked into the enormous suite trying to discover what I was looking for but before the door even closed she pushed me against a wall and started savagely kissing and groping me. I was in shock and it took a while to realize what was happening.

Relax, let me take care of this” she said as
She took my hand and walked me to the king size bed. She sat on the edge of the mattress and slowly spread her legs, she was wearing dark green satin panties and her stockings made the upskirt view erotically perfect. Following her command I kneeled in front of her and pulled her panties to the side. She was smoothly shaved, her pussy lips where big and dark and she was already wet, her taste and smell was wonderfully strong. I started slowly but she pushed my head against her and forced my tongue deep inside her, she moaned loudly, I could taste and feel more juices coming out of her.

At this point she stopped and slowly and sensually undressed me completely taking the time to stroke my cock and making sure that I would be hard and ready for her.

She asked me to unzip her dress. Her double D breast were overflowing from a nice green bra that matched her panties and her mature ass was perfectly thick. She laid me on the bed and sucked the precum that was coming out of me. She them climbed on top, slided her panties to the side and in one swift motion put my dick all the way inside of her. Her pussy was warm and tight and I almost came but she rubbed my chest to calm me down and told me that I had to let her show me her multiorgasmic skills.

She started fucking me slowly but deeply and within a couple of minutes she had a soft and long orgasm. She kept riding me and a few moments later she had a stronger orgasm and not even 30 seconds later she started having a whole body orgasm. I saw this as my chance to shine and throw her on the bed, removed her panties, spread her legs wide open and started fucking her like an animal. She had one orgams after another as her pussy creamed around my cock. I was ready to come but I wanted to admire how the pleasure ran through her dark skinned mature body.

After 8 orgasms she was exhausted and borderline unconscious but I wanted to keep going. I flipped her to go doggy style but I was presented with a golden oportunity, her asshole was covered with the creamy juices that dripped from her pussy. I placed  the tip of my cock against her asshole and went balls deep in one thrust with no mercy. She instantly regained conciousned and loudly screamed “Noooo!!!” while trying to scape but I hold her down hard. The struggle made her asshole grip my shaft hard and out of  reflex I instantly shot my load inside of her. When my spern started flowing the pain transformed into pleasure and she started having a toe curling orgasm.

I felt extremely satsfied and slowly pulled out of her tight ashole, but to my surprise she quickly turned around and slaped me with all she had “Who do you think you are to fuck my ass!” she said, I panicked a little bit, but before I could say anything she started to suck me clean. My head was spinning, and as I was trying to understand the contradictory situation she spread my legs while still sucking me and without asking pushed a finger deep in my ass.

Nobody had ever even come close to ass before, much less fingered me and I wanted to run but she hold me tight and started to intensly jack me off while massaging my prostate. Within seconds I started coming in a way I had never done before, I wondered I was gonna faint when she put my dick’s head in her mouth and swallowed every last drop of cum.

She then gave me a long passionate kiss, got dressed and left the room without saying a word.

NSFW: yes

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