Brutal neighbor – Short Sex Story

It was only a matter of time. I had seen him watching me from his garage and upstairs window. I had met his wife enough times to know he was in an unhappy marriage and that she drove him crazy.

My marriage was stable but boring. My husband was on company trips always and we didn’t have kids. I honestly didn’t care if he fucked someone when he was traveling. In fact, it kind of turned me on and given he was never around long enough for us to have a decent sex life. It was one of the fantasies I got off to.

The more I saw him watching me, the more curious I got. What would happen if he got the sense that I would be open to playing around? Would he take the bait?

What would he be like? Soft and seductive or rough and dominant? Days turned into weeks and I slowly started giving him signs. I would go out into my garage with just a bra and panties on if I knew he was in his. I made noise to draw his attention over but made sure I was turned in a way that he would think I didn’t notice. I started trying to make friends with his wife. She was a bitch and was constantly complaining about something but it got me “in the door” and it also was an easy way for word to get to him that my husband was away always. His wife was nosy and we would discuss more than was appropriate when we started drinking wine. I knew she would say something to her husband which is exactly what I wanted.

About a week after his wife and I had a wine night, he came over to my house and asked to borrow the lawn mower. He said his was broken and he was waiting for the one he wanted to be delivered but it was on back order.

Before I opened the door, I removed my bra so he could clearly see my hard nipples. He had seen me walk around practically naked so it may not have seemed odd to him.

I walked him to the garage and showed him where the lawn mower was. I told him to return it whenever he wanted and gave him my garage door code. When I went back into the house, I made sure not to lock the door. I never did and I hoped he would notice.

The next day the mower was returned with a note that read “thanks for the loaner and look”. Boom, I got him!

We flirted back and forth across the street for another week. One morning I heard him working in the driveway and decided to push the envelope a bit. It was early and I knew none of the other neighbors would be out walking or working in their yard.

Standing in only a pair of small panties, I dropped a heavy shovel to get his attention. He immediately turned around and by that time, I had climbed onto my husband’s work bench and put one foot up. I started playing with my clit, my big tits in plain view. I put on a show for him and watched as he pulled his cock out and started stroking. Before he could cum, I quickly jumped down and run into the house, shutting the door behind me.

Later that night, I could see him walking around his bedroom. His wife’s car was gone so I knew he was alone. I had a flashlight in my vanity in case the lights ever went out. I pointed it towards his house and started flashing. From the angle he was standing, once he noticed the light, he could see directly into my bedroom. I turned around, got on my hands and knees on the bed, and pushed a dildo into my ass. I turned around at one point to make sure he was watching and, again, his cock was in his hand.

I was determined to push him to the point where he was gonna have to come and get me so before he could cum, I quickly pulled the shades closed.

Teasing him like that was getting fun. I wanted to see how far I could take it before he begged me to fuck. What I didn’t realize was that he had a terrible temper and was used to getting his own way.

Fast forward a few nights. It’s Saturday, my husband is out of town, again, so I decided to head out with some friends. Most had kids so we didn’t stay out long. A few glasses of wine and a nice dinner. I wasn’t a regular drinker so I knew enough to take an Uber because a few glasses would give me a serious buzz.

I didn’t notice that he saw the Uber pick me up. As I stumbled through the garage and into the house, I was relieved to finally be home. I left a trail of shoes and clothes behind me and got into the shower. I closed my eyes and let the hot water flow down my body and played with my pussy as I usually did. Thoughts of him watching me brought me closer to orgasm but before that could happen, the shower door opened, a hand wrapped around my neck, and another hand pulled mine away from my pussy. It was him!

He pulled me out of the shower without a word and dragged me to the bedroom. I was buzzed enough to think I was imaging it, horny enough to be turned on, and honestly scared.

He was already naked and had obviously been there for some time. When I walked across the bedroom to the shower, I never noticed the box on the bed, or the restraints hanging from the headboard.

He never said a word but for the 2 solid hours I was punished for teasing him. The restraints on the headboard were put on my wrists and ankles in a way that brought my pussy and ass into the air. There was no soft kissing. No making out. It was pure, relentless fucking.

The box was full of dildos and clips. His cock was thick but not terribly long so it appeared he made up for the lack of length in his selection of dildos. When his thick cock was in my ass, a gigantic, long dildo was in my pussy, then the reverse.

I was face fucked, spanked, and forced to swallow his cum.

When he was finished, he threw a box at me and left. In the box was a dildo made from one of those kits what you can use to make one shaped out of someone’s cock. About an hour after he left, I saw a light flash from his house and as he stood in the window, I fucked myself with my new dildo. But instead of doing what I think he expected, which was to let him watch until he came, I did as I had done in the past and closed the shades before he could cum.

I paid dearly for that, over and over and I fucking loved every minute.

NSFW: yes

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