bi mm story

Straight guy…in love with bi mmf porn ..

A dark room in a hotel where a couple enters whom I have met online. They are 40 (f) 45 M , I have told them I am straight but wanna do bi mmf and don’t want to reveal my identity. They are a muatre bi couple, the husband is bi sexual. They have been been in bi mmf before.

We had discussed this over calls and agreed that we need to do it.

So I book a hotel room and distribute the room number them …
They come at the given time …we can not see each other ..I hold their hands and take them to bedroom.

We hug each other and talk while hugging… i squeeze her ass and kiss her on cheek… I put my hands on his dick and grab it .it was already hard… She also saeezes my ass ..she is 40 and chubby he is also well built… We slowly undress each other, and head towards bed ..

I am in the middle and they are on each side…we cuddle…She kisses me on lips and holds my dick..the guys starts to kiss my chest…and move towards my dick…licks my navel and thighs .. and makes his way towards my cock … She sits on my chest and moves her pussy towards my face and eventually sits on my face shoving her pussy in my mouth. She turns around and we are in 69 ..takes the dick out his mouth , and kisses him swapping my cum…and guide him towards my asshole…he starts to rim me and she’s blowing me like a cock hungry pervert.

It’ was bliss, the moans were muffled but loud…I ask her to move …and pull her for a kiss…the smell of my cum and that sloppy kiss felt like heaven … The hubby stands up and brings his dick near my mouth…she spits on it and guides it in my mouth…she is sucking his balls …and I am sucking his dick…i take a moment and spit in her mouth and engage her in another wet sloppy kiss.. then we again get back to loving his dick.

We fuck like perverts all night … during breaks we drink loads of vodka..all this without revealing identity. The leave in the morning all satisfied. We do this often.

Anybody wanna turn this into a reality…DM me

NSFW: yes

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