BF came home a stranger [25F] – Short Sex Story

My boyfriend left for a couple nights to go see a concert in another city and when he came home he was acting like a different person. Like obsessed with fucking me. Hands all over my body. Normally, I’d love this, but it was such a sudden and dramatic change that this ‘stranger’ had me deeply perplexed and I was not turned on. I crawled into bed and let him fawn over me, touching me, but it felt super weird and rapey. I wasn’t getting any pleasure from it and he seemed like he was the most turned on- infatuated with my body. I asked him what he was on, if he took something. I couldn’t get out of my head. It felt like he was a weirdo creep that finally had access to me. Like some Redditor I had teased for months getting the chance to play out his fantasies.

I let him use me, fuck me. After a while, the wondered of allowing myself to be a toy, whether I was enjoying it or not, started to turn me on. I began getting wet from the fact I wasn’t deriving any pleasure from it. He could tell my response was changing and started fucking me harder. My pussy responded accordingly, tightening up around him. He grunted louder, pounded faster. He told me he was gonna be buying me a bigger anal plug tomorrow, that he needed to get my ass ready, he wanted it. I didn’t respond. He told me he was gonna fuck up my evening routine, that he wanted to see me choke on his cock before he covered my face in his load. I started cumming on him from that being said. He couldn’t control himself at that point and started filling me right then.

It was so strange. Idk how to feel about it.

NSFW: yes

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