Best friend for months turned into deep dicking one night MF [19]

So when I moved to uni I became good friends with this girl who was friends with the people I lived with she was blonde average height attractive decent tits and a nice ass. We became good friends over the year and I felt like we had a little bit of sexual tension. We were both single most the time and we would hangout and watch movies together a lot. We even kissed on a few occasions when partying.

But that didn’t change the fact we were mutually friends I feel like I got hints here and there but never acted on it. After 6 months I had to leave and go back home we still talked a bit online but weren’t as good of friends anymore. One weekend a fe months later me and my mates went back to the city for a weekend and on the second night I caught up with my old friends from uni then I saw her. One thing led to another we were dancing then grinding and then we were hooking up. I asked her if she wanted to leave and she agreed.

We got back to her place no one was home and straight away we started hooking up again I would grab her tits and suck them while grinding on her. I ate her out to get her super wet and then I pulled my pants off and entered her. She was so tight and I would ease my gigantic cock into her as I could feel her struggling to take it with her legs up over my back getting fucked by me her once best friend. I flipped her over and probed her and started dirty talking her saying how she was so tight and how I was throbbing. I was o top of her while I was stroking deep it felt so good she was moaning as I fucked her asking me to go deeper. I then came super deep inside her everything I had. Didn’t realise how good it would feel fucking a best friend but I did it.

NSFW: yes

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