Being a good neighbour part 4

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NSFW: yes

It had been a few days since I had met her. I was out of town for some family function, and had just returned a day ago. She saw me entering my house and we spoke a little bit. She said she missed my dick and I responded by grabbing her ass and pulling her towards me, saying she’ll soon feel all of it. We couldn’t continue, however, because her daughter was at home, sleepy. She made me promise I would fuck her brains out and that’s one promise I couldn’t withstand making.

Well anyway, yesterday I was at a grocery store. It wasn’t a store per se, more like a mall just for groceries and guess who I bump into. We made some conversation. The vanilla how are you holding up and all that. She was wearing a t shirt and jeans, and her ass and breasts looked pretty inviting. While moving around the shop, I spotted the bathrooms.

A few more minutes and my control was gone. I picked her up without warning and she gave a shocked yelp. I carried her in my arms into the bathroom, her breasts against my face, her crotch against my super hard dick. I put her against the wall and she turned around, her back to me and pulled her top off. I unclasped her bra with my mouth, a talent I never knew I had and she removed the rest by moving her straps, making it fall to the floor. My hand reached around her thighs, slowly making my way up by touching her inner thighs, my dick still in the pant dry humping against her clothed butt. My hands undid the button on her jeans as my lips found her shoulders, ear and neck. Her jeans unbuckled and she wiggled out of her pants, revealing a thong. My left hand grabbed her breasts, but I was taking them in, tickling her a bit. My right unbuckled my own pant, whipping my dick out and pushed her g-string to the side. I slid my whole shaft in, without looking as my face was buried in her gorgeous neck. She quivered a bit and said, “That’s the wrong hole baby.” Whoops. I immediately took my dick out and slid it back in, this time in the correct place. As at all times, I felt the heat she was in, while my tongue made its way around the area below her ear. As my shaft slid in, she moaned, and put her hands against the wall. She started to moan louder, so I clasped my hand on her mouth, as I didn’t want anyone hearing us. She started licking it so I wondered she wanted me to move but she held it in place. Her neck slobbering from my kisses, my hand slobbering from her licks, and my dick wet from her juices. Moving up and down, my hand grabbed her breasts, prompting a harder lick from her, almost a bite. She took my fingers in her mouth and sucked at them, as I kissed, sucked at her neck. I was definitely gonna leave a hickey here. She started grunting, indicating she was gonna come. I maintained the pace, the kisses and the breast massage and I felt her body quiver, as her eyes rolled up in her head and she arched her back into me. She came like a waterfall. I felt her on my dick and it became too much for me to contain. I also came, shooting my hot cum inside her, making her yell in pleasure. We stood there, my dick inside her, her sweaty body to me, panting and red for some time. I moved behind and pulled my shaft out of her and she turned around, pulled me in and kissed me. It wasn’t a short kiss. It was a sloppy, long kiss. I felt her tongue roaming inside my mouth and I stuck mine in her’s. We pulled back a little bit, licking each other’s lips and pulled ourselves back together, holding, grabbing each other like something was threatening to pull us away. Her nails dug into my back, and she scratched, definitely drawing a little blood. I mildly returned the favor by slamming her into the wall and grabbing at her ass. I pulled away and made my way towards her earlobe, since I knew she liked that, but she pulled my face and said, “I want your mouth.”, and held me there for a good few minutes. After sometime kissing and groping, she slightly pulled away, panting into my mouth. Then, our arms still around each other, she buried her face in my neck. She kissed around for a while as I ran my hands up and down her back. It might have looked like I was reassuring her, but what I really wanted to do was feel every milimeter of her gorgeous skin. We held together for a while and she finally went back, looked at me and said, “I love fucking you, S.” I gazed into her eyes, feeling myself going red in the face. She looked at me with hope in her eyes, hope that I would feel the same way. I kissed her, holding her naked body, pulled away, and said, “Let’s go out, before we’re escorted out.”, handing her her t shirt.

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