Bears Story

You knock on my door. When i answer i notice how cute you look standing there. I dont say anything, i just grab your hand and pull you inside. I pin you up against the wall right there in the entrance way. I put my big strong hand up on your cheek and look into your gorgeous eyes. I slightly lift you head and lean into you kissing your soft pouty lips passionately. My other hand wandering up and down the curves of your body, feeling how sexy you are. ” I need you now” i say. I lead you into the bedroom where i have candles lit and music playing. I sit down on the edge of the bed and tell you, ” stand here right in front of me.” Now remove your top nice and slow for me, i want to look at you.”You remove your top looking at me all innocent with those big beautiful eyes. I then have you remove your pants and bra. I want you to just stand right in front of me with nothing on but your panties. I pull you close and start moving my hands up and down your body. Caressing your beautiful curves and feelikg your soft skin. Im a very visual guy. I want to admire your beauty. I then tell you, ” turn around and show me that ass. ” Now bend over and touch your toes for me baby girl.” I grab your ass firmly with my hands and squeeze. Then give your left cheek a nice hard slap. I reach up and slowly pull your panties down. Revealing you tight little asshole and beautiful puffy pussy. ” Such a beautiful sight”, i say. I need a taste. I pull you backwards close to me so that my face is buried in that ass and pussy. Tasting you, licking your lips and tasting your ass. I slap your ass again. I stand up and remove my pants and shirt as we kiss, you tasting yourself on my lips. I grab you and throw you onto the bed. I tell you to lie flat on your back. With your head hanging off the edge slightly. I have restraints that go under the bed. I place you wrist and ankles in the restraints and remove almost all the slack so that you can not move. I stand in front of your head and slide my boxers down to the floor. My cock is slightly erect and flops out as they drop. I tell you, ” be a good girl and i will reward you”.I begin rubbing it and sliding it all around your face. My balls and shaft sliding all over your cheeks,nose and lips. “Open that pretty mouth baby” i say. I slide very slowly just the tip of my cock between your lips and pull it back out. I slap it against your cheeks. My balls resting on your forhead. I lean up farther and dip my testicle into your mouth. And pop it back out. I slide my cock slow and deep into your throat. You can feel it grow and getting so fucking hard. I gently begin moving my hips and begin sliding in and out of your throat. I reach down and grab hold of your breast as i slide in. “Mmm fuck your lips feel incredible baby” i say. I grab nipple clamps and place them on you nipples one at a time while im deep in your mouth. I pull out my cock and slap you with it some more. Its hard as fuck and slipperry and wet from your saliva. I then reach down and undo your restraints. “Good girl” i say. ” Now you will be rewarded.” 😉 message me for the rest

NSFW: yes

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