Babe, I’m in a hurry… (M/FF) – Short Sex Story

I came home from work covered in dirt and running late. Between work, the gym, working on the house and keeping up with the guys, I was swamped. One little thing could ruin the schedule for the whole day. Today wasn’t bad, but the last customer we had ended up taking us longer than we wondered and now I was running late for my gaming session. I threw my stuff down by the door and hurried upstairs to take a shower.

I stripped my shirt and undershirt off on my way up the stairs and half walked and half hopped my way into the bedroom as I was untying my boots. I threw everything in the hamper and sprayed my boots with odor killer and put those in the closet.

“Hey there, sexy,” Nadine said from our bed. She was reading a book.

“Hey, sweets,” I said, giving her a quick kiss. “Sorry, I’m running late.”

“Aw. And here you are all naked. And smelling horrible. Go shower, stinky,” she said, swatting my ass with her book. I shook it a couple of times and ran off.

I hurried through my shower, skipping the shave that I desperately needed. It could wait until tomorrow. I dried myself off with a towel and wrapped the towel around my waist, heading back into the bedroom. Nadine was still reading her book as I rummaged through my drawer and pulled out socks and a pair of boxer briefs. I sat down on the bed to put on my socks and Nadine wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Are you sure you can’t stay home tonight?”

“Yes, I’m sure. We’ve already rescheduled this session three times because of work and school and everything else.” I turned my head and gave her a kiss. “This weekend, I promise the two of us will spend some time together as a family. No getting together with the guys, no gym, no work.”

“You’re damn right, we are,” Nadine said, squeezing me tight. “It’s been a while since we’ve done anything together.”

“I know. This weekend, we’ll have some fun.”

“Oo. What’s this I’m hearing about fun,” Amora said as she walked into the room. She sat down next to me on the bed. “Are we having fun tonight? What are we doing?”

“Wait? When the hell did you get here? But anyway, not tonight,” I said. “I’m gaming tonight, but this weekend, we’ll do something fun. How about you two make a list of things you want to do and we’ll see how many we can check off this weekend.”

Nadine kissed my cheek and slowly moved her lips up to my ear. I was about to say something when Amora kissed my shoulders. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they had this planned. Oh, wait. I did know better.

“Hold on,” I managed to say between kisses. “I have somewhere to go, remember?”

They both stopped and looked at me and then at each other. “So,” Nadine said. “You’re trying to get out of the two of us giving you a blowjob together so that you can go hang out with the guys?”

“Well, when you put it that way,” I said.

Nadine pulled me back on the bed as Amora untucked my towel, letting my erection loose so that it could grow to full size. She wrapped her hand around it as Nadine pushed me all the way down and crawled the length of my body, kissing down my stomach. The two of them kissed each other and Nadine’s hand joined Amora’s on my shaft, their hands slowly moving up and down. I couldn’t help but moan and I felt my abs contract.

Nadine licked by from belly up the top of my shaft while Amora started at my balls and moved up, both tongues swirling around the head of my dick and I wondered I was gonna pass out. They kissed again around my dickhead and my hips came up off the bed.

Nadine took the head in her mouth and sucked, bobbing up and down just a little as Amora licked back down to my balls and sucked on one and then the other. She dragged her nails up and down the insides of my thighs, lifting each ball with her tongue.

Nadine let go of my shaft and pushed her mouth further onto my dick, eventually going as far as she could, leaving about an inch out of her mouth. She took a deep breath through her nose and pushed down further, taking the whole length into her mouth and throat. I heard Nadine gasp over my own gasp and Amora came up off of my dick sucking in air. Saliva trailed from her mouth to my shaft, Amora leaning up to lick the free spit off. They kissed again and Nadine crawled off of me and knelt on the floor next to Amora.

Amora took me in her mouth this time, Nadine kissing along Amora’s shoulder before crawling between my legs and facing Amora, licking and sucking on Amora’s small breasts as Amora took my length in her mouth easily, moving up and down swiftly. Amora moaned around my shaft and I pushed deeper into her mouth, making her moan again.

Nadine came up from under Amora’s breasts and they put their mouths on the sides of my shaft, moving their lips up and down as my hips bucked. I grabbed their heads, twisting my fingers in their hair, holding them against my rigid shaft, their hands gonna my balls, fondling and tugging on them.

“I love these balls,” Amora said, pulling away from my shaft and taking one of my balls in her mouth, her tongue rough against the sensitive skin.

“Me too,” Nadine said. “He always keeps them nice and shaved for me.” She took the other one in her mouth, sucking on it and tugging it away from my body. Their hands found each other on my dick and stroked it quickly up and down. All I could do was groan and hope this never ended.

Amora released my ball from her mouth and looked at Nadine. “I bet I know what he’d like,” she said. “He wants to fuck my tits.”

Nadine nodded and moved over to our nightstand and pulled out a bottle of flavored lube, strawberry I think. She came back with it and squirted some onto her hands and liberally lubed up my dick before Amora wrapped her amazingly soft breasts around it and moved up and down. I sat up, leaning on my arms, just to watch. They took turns licking my cockhead as it cleared the top of Amora’s cleavage.

Now, I have no idea why, but my favorite type of sex has all the time been titfucking. Not that I hate every other kind, but that was the top of my list. I pulled myself away from Amora, partly to rearrange us and partly to keep from exploding all over her before I wanted to. I grabbed Amora under the arms and laid her down on the bed, climbing up and straddling her chest. Nadine straddled Amora’s stomach and leaned around me, wrapping amora’s tits around my dick, allowing me to thrust as hard as I want. Nadine bit into my shoulder, causing me to reach up and grab her head, holding her teeth against my skin.

This went on for what felt like hours, even though it was only a few minutes. Amora’s hands replaced Nadine’s as Nadine moved down to kiss Amora and slurp at my dickhead. I felt my balls tighten and pull against my body, telling me that the time was near. I closed my eyes and focused on the pleasure. Nadine could tell I was getting close. Closing my eyes was a good sign.

“Tell me when you’re going to cum,” she said. All I could do was nod and keep thrusting. It didn’t take long, knowing Nadine was waiting for it.

A couple of minutes later, I managed to grunt out the word “Now.” Nadine pulled my dick free and pushed her mouth onto me, moving up and down quickly. The sudden change of sensation did it and I burst into her mouth, my breath catching in my throat, almost causing me to teeter over backwards. Nadine took my entire load in her mouth, one hand on my shaft, the other on my balls.

Once I had emptied into her mouth, I climbed off of Amora and sat on the bed next to her, my cock still twitching slightly in the aftermath. Nadine smiled at me and leaned over Amora’s face, Amora opening her mouth. From where I was sitting, I had a great view of Nadine opening her mouth and letting my cum drip from her tongue onto Amora’s, the two of them finally coming together and moving my cum back and forth as they kissed, each eventually swallowing half of my load. We all sat and smiled at each other, the silence broken as my cell phone rang from the dressed. I dropped my head to my chest and the two of them told me to answer it.

I got up and saw Josh’s name on my Caller ID. “Hello?”

“Hey, dude. You aren’t canceling on us again are you?”

“No,” I said. “I just got home a little late and then something came up.” Nadine and Amora stifled their giggles. “I’m getting dressed and I’ll be out the door in five minutes.”

“Well, hurry up,” Josh said. “Or Luke’s going to eat all the wings. We got wings and pizza.”

“Sweet. Be there in a few.” I hung up and went back over to the bed to kiss both of my ladies lovingly. “Now, if you don’t mind…”

“Go on,” Nadine said. “We have a list to work on.” Amora laughed and they snuggled up together.

I shook my head and went to the bathroom to wipe off the lube. I got dressed quickly, grabbed my gaming bag and headed for the door, stopping long enough to kiss Nadine and Amora again.

“See you tonight,” I said as I reached for the door.

“We’ll wait up,” Amora said with a smirk.

I closed the door and headed for car. Tonight would be an interesting night…

NSFW: yes

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