Auction Night Part 1 [F28, F30, F36, M28, M32, M35, M44] – Short Sex Story

My wife Lucy and I both grew up in the Midwest. We met at a small liberal arts school in Ohio (it would probably take you less than three guesses to find out which one).

I was a computer science major and Lucy studied history, but she soon learned that her passion was teaching. After we graduated she got a job as a middle college history teacher at a private college. She was a natural — the combination of her youth, sense of humor, excitement for the subject, and most importantly her sincere desire to connect with EVERY student quickly made her the most trendy teacher at college. Lucy was everybody’s favorite, from the straight-A do-gooders to the fuck-up stoners and the goth girls with Doc Martens. They all loved her.

Which made it so difficult when the small business I worked for got bought by a big software giant and we had to relocate to Silicon Valley. The kids were devastated, and Lucy was really sad, too. It was a rough few weeks as she said goodbye to her students and parents and we began to prepare for our new life in California.

Luckily, the head of the college where Lucy worked happened to know the head of one of the fanciest private schools in our new town. She gave him a call, Lucy got an interview, and soon she was offered a position as a temporary high college American Studies teacher, with the possibility of a full time gig the next year.

The college where Lucy was working was the bastion of the elite from the tech and finance industries. It couldn’t have been more different from the homey, Midwestern college she’d come from. In the lead-up to the begin of classes she became more and more nervous.

I realized that I haven’t told you anything about what Lucy looks like… Well, she is about 5’8”, with curly auburn hair and pale skin (and a smattering of freckles on her face). She has hazel eyes that light up when she laughs, which is always.

Her breasts are B-cup perky, and she has a glorious round ass. Her ass is one of my favorite features of hers. When we fool around sometimes I will try to put a finger there, but she at all times stops me.

Anyway, not surprisingly the first weeks of college went great — when we met at home after work she would tell me stories about her students and fellow faculty members. One of her students (Shelly) had a mom who was the head of the Parents’ Association. Grace was a normal Tiger Mom — a hard-driving Japanese American who was a corporate lawyer for one of the major tech firms but still found time to organize all the college events. And she loved Lucy. I honestly found Grace a bit terrifying, but I appreciated how much she did to help make Lucy’s introduction to the college easy.

A few weeks into the first semester, Lucy came home to tell me about the college’s fall silent auction, that was happening that night. It was an annual fundraiser that Grace was leading.

“She’s invited both of us,” Lucy said. “Do you think you could join me?”

I am normally not a gigantic fan of this sort of event, but I knew it would make Lucy happy, so I agreed. She gave me a kiss and I pulled her close and nuzzled her neck.

“Hey, there,” she cooed. “I need to get ready, and so do you!”

The auction was at the college, and I was blown away by the items up for bid — and the prices! This wasn’t the normal college auction with $20 bottles of wine and dinner at the local pizza joint. No, the items here were more like “Play HORSE with Steph Curry,” or “Fly to a private villa on our Gulfstream jet.” Obviously I wasn’t gonna bid on anything.

But one item did catch my eye. It just said, “This year’s secret party. You know the drill.” That was it. Just for fun I put down a bid of $100 and wrote my name.

I spent most of the evening tagging along with Lucy while she chatted with parents of her students. In the short weeks since she had started she already was becoming a trendy teacher, and the parents were telling her how much the students loved her. Lucy is not a vain person, but I could tell that all the attention was making her feel nice. That, plus the expensive champagne.

I also noticed that a lot of the attention was coming from the dads in the group. These guys would shake my hand perfunctorily, then gently hold Lucy’s elbow while telling her how much their daughter loved her. I could see Lucy get a little flushed, and at one point it looked like her nipples were starting to show through the silk of her cobalt blue dress. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

Later on Grace asked to borrow Lucy to discuss some school-related company. I wandered back to the auction table and saw that my $100 bid had been outmatched a dozen times, with exponentially higher amounts. Oh, well.

On the drive home Lucy seemed distracted, and her nipples were totally stiff. Eventually she reached over and started rubbing my crotch. She spread her legs and put the passenger seat back.

“Woah,” I said. “What’s gotten into you?”

“I’m horny,” she said. “Can you please fuck me when we get home?”

I probably broke a few speeding laws getting back to our apartment.

The next day was a Saturday, and sometime around noon the phone rang. It was Grace.

“Hello, Grace,” I said. “Congratulations on a successful auction! Lucy and I had a terrific time.”

“I am so glad,” Grace said. “That’s actually why I’m calling. I saw that you bid on the secret party.”

“That’s right. I don’t think that I really expected my bid would win, but it didn’t hurt to try.”

“Well, it just so happens that Jack and I host that party every year. We would be delighted if you and Lucy would come.”

“Oh, wow. That is so generous of you! Let me talk to Lucy. When is the party?”

“We usually hold it in December. While I’m on the phone with you, would you mind getting Lucy? I have a few questions about Shelly’s history class.”

I called Lucy over and handed her the phone. She chatted for a minute, then held up a finger to me and whispered “can I take this in private? Grace is worried about Shelly.”

I nodded and left the room.

Over the course of the next few weeks Lucy spent a lot of time at Grace’s house. I assume that they were dealing with Shelly. Shelly seemed like a normal-enough kid, but you never can tell.

The strange thing was that often when Lucy came home from those meetings she was willing for sex. One night she came in the door and dropped to her knees in the front hallway, unbuttoning my pants and pulling out my flaccid cock before I knew what was happening. She started sucking on it until I quickly got hard, and didn’t stop until I had come down her throat. Another night I had been making dinner and she came into the kitchen, handed me the bottle of olive oil, pulled down her jeans and panties in one urgent move, then leaned over the counter.

“Fuck me hard,” she commanded. I gladly obeyed, oiling my member and then grabbing her hips to guide myself into her warm pussy.

Eventually December came around and the night of the party arrived. Grace had told us that the theme was “Mystery Carnival” and we should wear masks. I also rented a tuxedo for the night.

Lucy bought a green dress to wear, an elegant cocktail number that came down to her mid thigh and flounced when she spun around. She was wearing thigh-high stockings, too—sexy black that looked amazing against her white skin.

I lifted her dress and admired her stockings and the black underwear against her smooth, creamy white ass. Lucy slapped my hand away.

“Nope. Not now. Let’s go to the party.”

We drove to Grace’s house. As we entered her neighborhood and I saw the size of the mansions on their block I started to realize the sort of people they were. Then Lucy pointed towards a gigantic iron gate.

“That’s it. Pull in there.” Her arm was shaking.

“Are you OK?” I asked. Lucy put her arm down.

“Just excited. This should be fun.”

We pulled through the gates and up a long drive to what must have been the biggest mansion on the block. Holy shit! No wonder Lucy liked spending time here!

I pulled in behind a line of Bentleys, Range Rovers, and Maseratis, feeling a little outclassed in our 2009 Subaru. Lucy must have sensed my feelings because she reached over and gave my arm a squeeze.

“I love you,” she whispered.

We pulled up to the front and the valet was professional enough not to make the slightest indication that our car was less than elegant. He was probably more distracted by Lucy, whose dress rode up as she was getting out of the passenger seat, showing him a nice view of her thigh-highs.

We walked together to the front door. “Our masks!” Lucy said, and we both pulled them out and put them on right as we stepped into the foyer.

Almost immediately Grace and her husband Jack came over. Even though everyone had a mask on it was obvious who we all were.

The guys were all in tuxedos while the women were each wearing a style of their own. There were a lot of satin dresses that looked as though they didn’t have any bras underneath. A good number of flapper dresses, too. Grace was wearing some kind of kimono dress — not a Geisha outfit, but something that looked elegant and accentuated her slim curves. It probably cost more than my yearly salary. And she looked really good.

Jack held out a tray of cocktails and offered me a Manhattan.

“Hey, Brian!” He smiled. “Great to see you. You’re at Insidium Partners, right?”

“Yes, si—“ I stopped myself from saying “sir.” “That’s right.”

“Peter’s an old friend. We still play golf when we can find the time.”

Peter runs my business and he wouldn’t know me from any of the other five thousand people who work for him.

“And Lucy,” Jack said. “Lovely as always.” Jack was tall (about 6’4) with graying temples and the sort of easy insouciance that comes with having more money than God.

“Well, have a great time. Enjoy yourselves. There’s a pre-show before the main event.” He gestured toward a room on the other end of the banquet hall. “Take it in.”

As we turned to leave, I wondered I noticed Grace give Lucy a wink.

We made our way toward the show room, which was smaller than the other party spaces (but still bigger than our entire apartment). There were cocktail tables placed around, and at the far end was a raised stage with a pole in the center. A woman was doing a pole dance. She was obviously a pro, and the guests applauded her moves. She was just wearing panties, and her breasts were larger than Lucy’s, but in good shape.

“Do you think they’re real?” Lucy asked.

We watched her for a little while and then went back to the banquet room to grab some food.

As we grazed at the table, Grace came over and took Lucy’s hand. “I am so sorry,” she told me. “I have to borrow Lucy for a little while. School stuff.”

Now I was a little bit annoyed. I mean, I knew that our invitation to this party had been charitable, but it felt inappropriate to ask Lucy to work on her night off. But I kept my feelings to myself. At least, I wondered I had. Grace must have read my expression because she leaned in and whispered, “I’ll have her back to you soon, I promise.”

Lucy gave me a shy smile and followed Grace up a staircase to some upper realm of the house. I strolled back to the party room. To be honest, the tits on the girl at the pole looked pretty good to me, real or not.

I might have been a bit transfixed by her, because I lost track of time until she stopped her act and someone rang a bell.

“Madames et Monsieurs… It is time for the main event of the evening. Please gather near the stage.”

The guests who weren’t already there came in and stood in a semi-circle by the stage. As I examined more closely I could see a table with numerous sex objects on it — glass dildos, butt plugs, bottles of lube, etc. What the hell sort of show was this?

And where was Lucy? It had been a long time since Grace took her away. Right at that moment my phone buzzed. Taking it out, I saw a text from Lucy.

“No matter what happens, I love you. I have been wanting to do this for so long. Please let me try this out! Love you love you love you!”

What in the hell? I didn’t have time to make sense of her text before Grace appeared on stage.

“Hello everyone and welcome to another party! As you know, we usually hire professionals to provide the evening’s entertainment, but this year we have a very special surprise.”

“For the past six weeks our beloved new faculty member Lucy has been studying the art of shibari with me. The Japanese art of rope bondage.”

At that, the pole dancing girl came back onstage, this time holding a leather riding crop in one hand and a length of rope in the other. At the end of the rope, completely naked except for her thigh-highs, heels, and an elaborate series of knots and lengths of rope tied around her perfect body, was Lucy.

My jaw dropped. Lucy was blindfolded. The rope crisscrossed her breasts, forcing them out and up. Beads of sweat trickled down her chest. Even from where I was standing I could see her erect nipples poking up from her upturned breasts.

Lucy’s hands were tied behind her back. The rope had been intricately looped around her thighs and up either side of her soft labia, so that when she flexed her arms at all they pulled her soft lips slightly aside, showing the warm pink insides of her pussy.

The couples moved closer to get a better look. I was still in a daze. Lucy had her head raised high and was looking in the direction of murmuring voices from the crowd.

The pole girl tugged lightly on the rope, and Lucy lowered herself to a squatting position.

The girl grazed the tip of the riding crop across Lucy’s nipples, then slapped one of them. Lucy flinched.

A woman in a champagne colored satin dress standing near me reached over to caress her husband’s bulging clock through his tuxedo pants.

The pole girl traced the riding crop around Lucy’s pussy. Lucy’s hips moved back and forth as the leather touched her clit, which was fully exposed as the ropes spread her pussy lips wider.

Champagne Lady had unzipped hubby’s pants and now held his cock in her hand while they both watched the show.

Grace walked over to Lucy. “Lucy, we’ve told you the rules of the evening. Do you accept them willingly?”

Lucy replied with a whisper. “Yes.”

Grace turned toward the crowd. “Based on the auction, three bidders have won the right to join Lucy on stage for some exciting activities. The first lucky winners are Raj and Lakshmi!”

A couple from the back gave a little cheer and came to the stage. I recognized them from the college auction. They were an Indian couple, a little older than us. Raj was on the shorter side, and Lakshmi was full-figured, in a dress with a flouncy skirt.

Grace led them over to Lucy. “Lucy, this is Raj and Lakshmi.”

“Hi, guys!” Lucy laughed. “I guess this is how you all do parent/teacher conferences?”

That broke the ice and the crowd laughed. I was still in disbelief. This had to be a dream. I should be making a scene! But I knew that the people in this room were powerful enough to end my career with a mere word. And besides, Lucy had told me that she wanted this. And the straining of my own cock was certainly an indication, too…

Back on stage Grace was telling Raj and Lakshmi the rules of engagement.

“Your bid allows you oral pleasure. You can give and receive. How do you want to begin?”

Raj started to unbutton his pants. “I’d like to feel Miss Lucy’s mouth around my member,” he said.

“Lucy?” asked Grace. “Are you ready?”

Lucy nodded. Raj stepped out of his pants and walked up to Lucy, his thick cock standing straight out through his boxers. The pole girl guided Lucy’s head toward it, and Lucy opened her mouth wide. The first attempt missed, but then she caught his tip in her lips and opened up to swallow him. He gripped the back of her head as she relaxed her throat to take more of him. His hips rocked back and forth as Lucy sucked him off.

Champagne Lady and her husband weren’t the only couples getting aroused by the happenings on stage. More couples were touching each other—either under clothes or out in the open.

Lakshmi leaned toward Grace. “Could I ask a favor? Could we release Lucy’s arms so that she can lie down? I want to taste her while she sucks my husband off.”

Grace nodded, approached Lucy and after a moment of arrangements Lucy’s arms were free. Raj stepped away while Lucy was gently repositioned so her ass was on the wooden floor and her legs were spread in front of us. Raj moved back in position, squatting a little so his cock was in line with Lucy’s mouth. Lucy now had to tilt her face upward to take him in, and he used that leverage to push himself further into her accepting mouth and down her throat.

Lakshmi got on all fours in front of Lucy and slowly ran her fingernails along the inside of Lucy’s thighs. I could see Lucy shiver.

“I am going to lick your sweet cunt now, Lucy,” Lakshmi said, and buried her face into her crotch. We couldn’t see exactly what was happening but Lucy started grabbing at the floor with her free hands and moaning while Raj continued to push his cock in and out of her mouth.

Lakshmi’s hips started to gyrate in time with Lucy’s. Someone in the crowd called out, “No fair, Lakshmi—show us your ass!” Without lifting her head, Lakshmi reached behind her and pushed her dress up over her back, showing her pink panties. She pulled the panties down off her ass and started to finger herself from behind. The crowd cheered.

Raj started to grunt. “Oh I am close now. Suck me harder, Lucy. That’s a good girl.”

Lucy moved her head up and down, circling her tongue around Raj’s tip and then opening her mouth to accept his full length until he gave an extra-loud “Unh!” and came.

Lucy swallowed his cum while Lakshmi continued to eat her out. “Oh, god,” Lucy moaned. “Make me come. Keep licking my clit like that. I am so hot right now.”

Lakshmi fingered herself with even greater intensity, and the crowd was moving in closer to get a better look at how her tongue was lapping up Lucy’s juices.

Then, with an almost anticlimactic jerk, Lucy came. A few seconds later Lakshmi did, too.

The two of them kissed Lucy on the cheek and walked of the stage as the audience applauded.

“Thank you, Raj and Lakshmi!” cheered Grace. “And now it’s time for our next winning bidder!”

NSFW: yes

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