Anal Training Log- Day 1


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I [34f] have been wanting to train my ass for years.
I’ve finally committed to the process and am documenting my journey. Should I keep sharing?

Day 1- Today I learned about hybrid lube. I have a set of anal trainers that are phallic shaped but not dildos. The base doesn’t decrease too much so they do a good job of training the first sphincter to stay open, that’s where the pain lies. I typically have to warm up with a plug before using the smallest of the set if it’s been awhile. I guess I was so turned on that it only took a bit of coaxing and patience before my ass greedily accepted the toy. It’s a good starting size, 3.5” in length and 1.25” diameter. I immediately get wet and horny anytime something is in my ass. The sensation of bending down made my knees week. It’s so fun walking around with my ass full. To keep my body aroused and give my ass the opportunity to get used to contracting around an object, I slid in my lush and synced it to music. There’s barely enough room in my tiny pussy for the vibe and the anal toy is pushing the lush into my g spot.
After another orgasm I removed the vibe.

My thong has been working overtime trying to keep the trainer inside me. My ass was demanding movement. I slipped my hand into my leggings and started gently pushing the device in and out of my greedy ass. The feeling was overwhelming- I was having trouble breathing. I didn’t have the lush in at this point, it felt like I had a clit in my ass . I quickened my pace, giving my ass short, fast thrusts. My orgasm snuck up on me and ripped through my body.
I still wasn’t satisfied.
While I was thrilled to be able to take the small phallus after a long break, it’s something I barely feel after a while. I was craving the next size up. I read a tip to suction the training toys to a surface, straddle and lower yourself onto them to practice fucking.

The small toy slipped in easily but was too short to fuck without removing entirely. I did this for 10-15 thrusts letting it exit my body entirely before slamming my asshole back down.
I knew it was time to size up. I lubed up the medium size, got into position and slowly slid onto the 4.5” long, 1.5” wide training cock. I met some resistance trying to slide the head in, I paused, waiting for my ass to tell me it was ready- and did it ever.

My inner sphincter pulled the toy inside to the hilt. I bounced on length, moaning at the fullness I felt from the extra girth, another orgasm came. I stuck my phallic assistant to the shower wall, bent over and fucked my own ass until I wondered I was gonna pass out from pleasure. At this point my pussy is dripping, I needed to thank my body for being so accommodating.

Carefully, I slid the lush in place and synced it to music. I could barely stand while cleaning the small toy.

Feeling full with both my pussy and my ass filled, I wanted to make myself air tight.
I grabbed my unicorn horn dildo along with the deep throat sprays I bought earlier- one for numbing, one for saliva production. I placed the dildo on my counter and shoved it as far down my throat as I could. This toy is large- 7” in length with an almost 3” diameter.

I easily took 5 inches, not gagging once, I came again as I face fucked my self.

I’ve cum two more times as I’ve been writing, my lush turned to the highest intensity in my insatiable pussy.

I wonder how long until I can take a cock in my ass?

NSFW: yes

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