Anal Sex With My Niece Priya

This story is about how I had a good time with my niece, Priya (name changed), when she visited my house during her vacation. Priya’s exams were over. She called me if she can come over to live with us for a few days until her results were declared.

Hearing this, my heart skipped a beat, thinking of the last encounter we had and what can happen when she comes to stay at my home. I said she is at all times welcome to our home. I instantly knew what she meant when she asked for permission.

My wife was planning to stay at her parent’s home for a few days to take care of some house repair works there. I asked her to go over as it is in the same city. The next day morning, my wife called and said Priya wants to come to stay at our home for a few days.

She asked me to make arrangements in the guest room. My wife asked me to pick Priya from the bus station in the evening. The house repair works have just started, and she can not come (my plan worked). My heart was beating way over ordinary thinking of having sex with Priya, fucking that teen pussy again.

After my office, I went to ISBT to pick my niece Priya at around 6:00 PM. Priya was wearing a tight short salwar, and she was looking so serene. She came over and hugged me, saying, “Good evening.” She then bit her lower lips and winked. Man, she looks so sexy when she bits her lower lips.

My manhood started to twitch with the wondered of fucking her again tonight. I somehow managed to conceal it under my jeans. We both had dinner in a restaurant and reached home by 9:00 PM, We chatted all along about her exams and what she is planning next in Major.

I took Priya to the guest room, kept her luggage there, and asked her to freshen up before gonna bed. I then called my wife that we have reached and have arranged everything for Priya in the guest room. I went to take a shower, and the picture of fucking Priya is starting to make my dick harder.

I could not control myself and masturbate in the shower. After the shower, I put on my usual night pajamas. I dropped on the bed topless, thinking about what my niece is doing now. I heard a knock on the door. I opened, and Priya was standing there with shorts and a sleeveless short top, just covering her boobs.

My dick went rock hard straight. Priya then said, “Is uncle not going to make his sexy guest happy tonight?” She pushed me back into my room into the bed. I was speechless. Priya then started to dance, a strip dance actually, and started to unbutton the shorts slowly.

She was not wearing any bra as her boobs were slightly visible from below the short lose top. She is dancing more seductive than last time. Priya then said, “Uncle, I have learned a few new sexy moves, and I want to show you.” Saying this, she was stripping slowly.

First, her shorts went down her leg, revealing her white lace design panties. Damn, she is fucking hot. Then she slowly teased me, showing her boobs and slowly pulled up the top revealing her perfect lovely boobs. My dick was now so hard and paining almost tearing the pajamas.

Seeing my bulge in my pajamas, she pointed to it and said, “I want to play with your dick tonight.” Priya then climbed over me and pulled down my pajamas. My hard dick sprung out of it. She almost got hit on her chin by my dick. Priya then kissed my dick from top to bottom, including my balls.

I was dying to have my dick into her small mouth. Slowly she pulled down my dick’s foreskin and started sucking my dick slowly. The feeling was awesome. Priya sucked my dick slowly for some time and then started to go gagging, taking my whole 6-inch dick somehow into her mouth.

My niece was enjoying my dick. I then picked her up and kissed passionately on her teen lips, almost sucked the air out of her mouth. She leaned her body into me and said, “Fuck me good tonight, Uncle. I am dying to get this dick inside my pussy.”

Hearing this, I got so horny that I dropped her into the bed and went straight to her pussy. Her pussy was already wet. I dug my tongue into her pussy. She started to moan loudly. I then licked and sucked her pussy all over and gave her the pleasure she wanted.

After 10 minutes, she started to shake her body, she was nearing climax. I did not let her go. I held her legs tight and licked and sucked hard on her clitoris. She climaxed on my mouth, dripping all her sweet teen juices. I then licked her pussy nicely of all her pussy juices.

Priya then said, “Please fuck me now with your lovely dick.” I asked her to be on top, and she obliged. Priya then slowly sat on my dick as her pussy is tight. I then put some saliva on my dick and asked her to push hard. Slowly after few tries, she managed to push her pussy into my hard dick halfway in.

Priya slowly moved her ass up-down to fuck my dick. She was enjoying the fuck as I can see her closing her eyes and moaning. I then started to hold up her ass with my hand and helped her drill my dick. She started to moan, and after 15 minutes of vigorous exercise of her hips and ass, she climaxed on my dick.

She then dropped all her body into my enormous chest. She looked into my eyes and said, “Love your dick, Uncle, want another fucking session, I want more.” I took the missionary position and then slide my dick into her pussy again. I started slowly fucking her pussy and picked my pace up.

Priya was enjoying as she started to moan louder again. I started to fuck her hard and drilled my dick into her tight pussy, slamming my balls into her ass. I was hitting the end wall of her pussy, and Priya was holding me tight and moaning.

As I jerked an hour ago before, I was nowhere near the climax and was enjoying the young pussy. I can feel she was gonna cum again as she held her head back and was jumping her body. I hold her tight and increased my pace, fucking the pussy more vigorously.

After a few minutes, she climaxed with a enormous body jerk. Priya then said, “You fucked me so hard, I was not able to breathe, but I enjoyed this awesome hardcore.” Hearing this, I wanted to now fuck her ass. I asked if she is ready for her ass being fucked.

Priya shook her head ‘NO,’ and I insisted many times on making an assurance that it will not hurt much. At last, she agreed, I then applied some vaseline on my dick and into her asshole entering my fingers. She was in the doggy position. I then slowly entered the tip of my dick.

She shouted to stop as it was hurting. I reassured that nothing to worry as this is the first time your ass being fucked by dick. I then slowly entered my dick head into the ass, moving in and out several times. After a few minutes, when she became comfortable, I started to push my dick deeper into her ass.

She was complaining of pain. So, I did not pick any pace and started to fuck her ass very slow. She was not complaining now and was moaning. I knew she was enjoying now as she began to moan loud. I increased my fucking pace, and my dick completely went inside her ass.

Priya now becomes comfortable. She was pounding me back on my dick. I then picked her up and fucked her ass again in standing position. She caught hold of my neck by her hands tight. I dropped down her ass into my hard dick, holding by her ass, resting her legs on my biceps.

I started to fuck her ass hard, and she was moaning loud. I was now nearing climax, hold her tight by her ass, and pushed my dick into her ass deep filled it up with my enormous load.

Priya is now no more virgin by her ass. My niece then whispered into my ear, “I didn’t know ass fucking is so good. I would love to be fucked again into my ass anytime soon.” I smiled and kissed her passionately again. I said we will enjoy more in the next coming days.

We slept naked that night together, Priya having put her head onto my chest. What a night!

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