An Extra marital affair [F 40]

After a long time, my husband and I planned a vacation. It was a much-needed break that we were planning for years. After going through a rough patch financially and emotionally this was our way toreconcile and ignite the spark. We planned a trip to Greece and landed there as per schedule. We checked in our hotel room and I hoped for some romantic moment after that. But Andrew, my husbandjust sat down with his laptop on skype. Turns out, he had a meeting with a few investors and it could notwait till the end of the vacation. This was exactly the attitude that had estranged us in the first place.
I was feeling frustrated so I decided to leave him and go to the beach alone. I wanted to make the most of this
vacation and I got extramarital extravaganza.
I got dressed for the beach in the new bikini and sarong I got specially for this vacation. I am Casandra. I am
almost 40 years old but you can hardly tell that from my body.
I had been maintaining my fitness for years now and work as a yoga instructor. So that was an added bonus to maintain the most desirablebody. When I got into the bikini, I had to give myself a moment for admiration and then walked out.
Andrew did not do so much as glance at me. I was irked and went out to the beach in annoyance.
I sat down at one of the beach patios of the hotel and decided to enjoy the sun tan. As I sat there, I noticed occasionally admiring glances from guys around me. I was in half a mind to have a fling with them but I knew I just can not. Instead, I settled for opening an profile on Tinder.
As soon as I did, I got a number of matches. I started chatting with a guy called Jeff. He turned out to be within a mile radius from my hotel. He was interesting. After I chatted with him for a couple of hours, I felt like I had known him for years. However, deep inside I knew that I was looking for something sponteneous.
In the evening we had already made a plan to see each other in the hotel’s restaurant. I had my lunch
with Andrew who mentioned another meeting in the evening. Honestly at this point I was relieved he will
be engaged. That means I can have some uninterrupted time to know Jeff. I chose one of my more
revealing dresses for the evening and went down to the restaurant.
It was quite crowded and I could hardly spot anyone. I decided to sit at the bar and wait. In a couple of
minutes, I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see a tall and blonde blue-eyed guy smiling
widely at me.

“Hi, I am Jeff. You must be Cassandra.”

He looked prettier in person and he was definitely much younger than I am. We both sat at the bar and
started with tequila shots. He would occasionally brush his hands against my bare back. The hint was
getting obvious so I decided to take it. Why not? I had grown distant with Andrew for a long time now
and even on our reconciliation trip, he was glued to his office. I brushed apart the thoughts about him
and leaned towards Jeff to nip his ears. He looked at me wide-eyed and I nodded slightly towards the
I had spotted a broom cupboard there earlier. It was gonna be cozy enough. Once we were out of the
bar we slipped into that cupboard. As soon as we entered, Jeff was all over me. He started kissing and
caressing my neck, holding he against the wall of the broom cupboard. I dug my nails into his back and
started kissing him back. He had already lifted my dress up to the thighs and was inserting his fingers in
my panties. As he started to push his fingers through, I gasped and moaned in his arms.

I fumbled at his jeans trying to unzip it. In a few minutes, that was done and his boner sprang out. He
pulled apart my panties and made me wrap my legs around his hips and started shoving his dick inside
I was already dripping wet as he pushed deeper. He was cradling me against his chest and shoving his dick in and out. He kept this up for another twenty minutes and I was getting closer to an orgasm.

Then he put me down and I bent over taking support against the wall. He pushed his dick in from behind this time and went really hard and fast inside me. I had not felt so good in a long time and I forgot all about my marriage. I orgasmed in a few minutes and squirted all over his dick. My juices ran down my legs and I was shaky. Then he pulled out and I went down on my knees.
His dick was really thick. I started putting it in my mouth and sucking it. It was thick and meaty and I
loved every minute of giving him a blowjob. That was extramarital extravaganza I got with him and I
needed it badly.

I deep throated his dick and sucked hard continuously. He was moaning and shoving his dick deeper
down my throat. Soon I felt him go rigid and he ejaculated in my mouth. I drank all his juices and
smacked my lips. I looked up at him and smiled as I am rubbed off my lips. He pulled me up and hugged
me. I was crushing and melting in his chest. We stood like that for a while. Then we kissed tenderly. I
wondered it would end as a fling that night.

But the next fifteen days of my vacation we went on meeting and my husband never realized. Now it has been a couple of months and we still date and I have no
regrets. Who knew a cam sex can become an extramarital extravaganza for lifetime that you just can not forget?

NSFW: yes

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