Alice’s little blue dress [MF] – Short Sex Story

Last week Alice and I went on a little city trip to Berlin to celebrate her birthday. It was lovely and the vibe of the city is quite amazing with its mix of history and near avant-garde openness. We had an awesome trip but you’re not here to read a guide book about Berlin so lets get back on track.

But first , as is tradition , let’s describe our protagonists a little. Alice is about 6’1 with long brown hair, very perky b cups and the kind of body only a lifetime of volleyball can get you. These absurdly long and thin legs that lead to an ass so perfect it often just makes me lose my train of wondered. Now where was I ? Right, the description you don’t really care about. I’m about 5’11 on a good day with the still decently athletic create of a guy who devoted his life to sports at a decent level and recently retired. Broad shoulders , decent arms and a reportedly great ass. As for the more relevant details, im average in length but extremely girthy.

It was an impossibly sunny day in Berlin so Alice had decided to wear this incredibly cute blue summer dress with little white dots on it . It was quite short with the kind of cut that makes you want to grab her by the waist bend her over and do things to her even a very openminded Berliner would discover inappropriate. So i spent a very distracted 4 hours half listening to our guide while imagining what i would do to her once we got back to our hotel room.

Once we got back to the room I just told her how much that dress made me want to hold her by her incredible waist and she hit me with a patented sassy ” Well why don’t you ?”.

The moment those words left her lips I was on her. We started making out like teenagers. Her lips were so soft, her tongue on mine felt incredible. Soon my hands were wandering below her skirt, exploring her inner thighs, caressing the fabric of her stockings. But i wanted more , wanted her to feel I was in control, that she was mine. So i yanked her stockings down, nearly ripping up her panties in the same motion and led her to the big mirror in our room.

I stood behind her and held her close to me with one arm while I started to play with her. My fingers slowly moving against her lips , tracing the sides of her clit and then suddenly rubbing it quite roughly. She nearly collapsed , her legs giving out a little bit but I was relentless. With each moan I was rougher , my fingers soaked in her desires. I put my free hand on her throat and forced her to look at herself, still in her dress, see how absolutely under my control she was , how I didnt even have to undress her to make a whimpering mess out of her. Looking at her in that mirror I realised I just had to taste her, so I lifted her on to the counter behind us and started eating her out like it was my last meal, like it was the final time I would ever do it. Alice absolutely loves oral and this time it was even more intense. Her thighs locked around my head, her fingers in my hair as I lost myself in her pleasure , it just felt so animalistic, so primal.

She then did something that just blew my mind. As I was basically devouring her, she reached for one of her disposable cameras she brought with her and just snaped a pic of us. Just the idea of her wanting to immortalise this moment, immortalise her pleasure on film was so incredibly hot. It just drove me wild. I had to fuck her, be in her, make her mine.

It seems she had the same idea as she hopped off the counter but as I tried to lift her dress off she just pushed my hands away, making it clear she wanted to keep it on. For some reason that made it even hotter. She then climbed onto the window sill, facing me, legs wide open waiting for me. I dont even remember taking my pants off but what I do remember is how incredible it felt to finally take her. How tight she was, her legs on my shoulders , her nails digging into my back as I fucked her harder and harder. So hard actually her back started to bang against the window making us worry it might break. As much as that would be a nice way to go, we decided to move to someplace sturdier. The wall would do I guess.

I lifted her up, her legs still on my shoulders, my cock still inside her and basically slammed her against the wall so i could keep fucking her , keep this incredible pleasure going. We were fucking like we wanted to break each other , like there was no limit to how hard we could go.

But sadly i there are limits to how long you can keep that up and anyways, there was still one more place i wanted to fuck her in that room. I put her down on the couch and she got on all fours, facing the other mirror in the room so i could take her from behind. The combination of watching her skirt bouncing up and down with each thrust and how intensely she looked at us in the mirror is still seared into my brain.

We finally moved on the the bed and to missionary where she basically begged me to be rough, to fuck her even harder than before. So i did , going deep with every thrust, my balls slapping against her skin till i couldn’t hold it anymore and came deep inside her. I kept going , feeling myself twitch and throb as i filled her with my cum. The sensation was completely insane. I basically collapsed, exhausted.

But she wasnt done with me. She told me to get on top of her as she started to touch herself. She ordered me to talk dirty to her. So i told her to look at herself, at how much of a slut she was, rubbing herself while full of my cum. She was moaning so loud, rubbing herself crazy. So i kept going, telling her how good she looked getting herself off for me, still in that dress i had fantasised about all day. How she was my little slut, dressing all cute for others when were outside but begging me to make a mess out of her when we’re alone. I could hear her getting closer and closer, her hand going faster, every breath shallower than the previous one. Her moans getting louder and louder, her legs starting to shake until finally she just exploded. shaking like she was having a seizure, her legs cramping , her hands gripping the sheets to her side, eyes closed so tight it looked nearly painful.

Finally, her orgasm subsided and i just took her into my arms for so well deserved loving aftercare as we both started giggling about how much the neighbours must hate us and how we absolutely didn’t care about that.

So that was my story for today, its a bit of a long one so if you’ve made it this far congratulations. If anyone is still interested about our little adventures please let us know. Alice and I will be more than happy to write them down.

Ps: Alice helps me write these and absolutely loves your feedback…

NSFW: yes

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