Ace in the Hole – Short Sex Story

Extra work and good money, how was I too refuse when my boss asked for a favor, to help out with his game night. Archie was a good boss but this might be too much. He needed a girl but only had me. A petite new hire that happened to look like a girl in the right lighting. On top of that the outfit I had to use was just way too skimpy, it made me blush just looking at it. On the other hand I needed the money. 

I showed up early because the job required lots of prep work. I needed to: shave (all the crucial parts), do hair, makeup, and make sure I smelled nice. After all the fuss I checked myself out in the mirror. Holy hell. I looked good. The tights made my thighs look thicker and the skirt kept my ass covered but looking tight. My vest was crisp. My hair was gorgeous. Somehow it looked light and full with curls. I looked damn good and my red hot lipstick was the icing on the cake. 

The night went rather well. I even flirted a bit with Nick and Berry when tending to their drinks. That earned me a few bills as a nice tip. I ever had time to have a few drinks myself. The boys were about to finish for the night when Archie, my boss, had a brilliant idea. All or nothing. Nick didn’t seem too happy knowing he had most of the cash, but Archie sweetened the pot. “Winner can exchange it all for a night with our wonderful server” I began to protest. Then I noticed the enormous wads of cash scattered around the table. “I’m all In” I confirmed Archie’s bet, hoping he would win and split the pot with me for my troubles. 

The cards were dealt and only chuck folded. Archie frowned and revealed his three of a kind, “Anyone got a straight?” He asked. Both Nick and Berry grinned, placing their hands down simultaneously. They blinked and laughed, ” it’s a tie” Archie blurted out “A perfect tie, you both have an almost identical hand. You get to split the pot. How do you wan to proceed?”.  Nick and Berry exchanged knowing looks, and then locked eyes with me. I gulped as they said in unison “The pot goes to our  assistant, in exchange for a night with us” Archie banged the winnings for me. Nick picked me up, as I yelped, and Berry followed after. 

They dragged me to the guest room and Nick tossed me on the bed. My face was hot and I felt flushed all over. My dick began to stiffen from surprise and a bit of excitement. Berry grabbed my neck and kissed me on the lips. I let out a muffled moan and stiffened. Nick’s hands brushed my lower back as he began to undo my vest. His hands wandered to my thighs as Berry pulled me close. His firm lips pressed against mine. I melted in his grasp, his stubble scratching my face providing a pleasant tingle. Nick slid between my legs, momentarily stopping at my bulge. He chuckled and proceeded to slide his thick finger against my groin. Berry released me from his passionate embrace. His hands dropped to his pants and whipped his enormous cock out. I bit my lip and a shiver of anticipation overtook my body. I bent down and began to service his gigantic member. 

I heard Nick’s pants unzip as he grasped me and readjust my position. My ass was now sticking up with my head firmly nestled in Berry’s crotch. My skirt was pulled upwards and I felt a thickness press against my cheeks. Berry’s dick throbbed in my mouth as a deep sigh escapes my lips. His steady thrusts pushed his cock deeper into my throat. Nick pushed my panties apart and pressed his girthy rod against my anus. I felt it start to slide in as Berry grabbed my hair and force me down his length, all the way to his balls. Drool pooled at my lips as Berry held me down. His soft moans got my little penis pressing hard against my panties. Nick’s dick filled my ass with one deep thrust. I tried to cry out but choked on Berry’s cock. Both guys mercilessly slammed me from either side. My body turned to mush. It took all of my strength to keep up. My ass clenched with every thrust. My mouth eagerly took each and every inch of cock. I felt warm all over. Berry’s hands felt rough as it yanked my hair. Nick’s hands were almost soft. He gripped my hips with tenderness as his balls slapped against my ass. His right hand periodically raises to slappank my cheeks. The sting burned as my butt grew red from the beating. Both men began to groan in unison. Their thrusts pierced me with deep rhythmic thrusts. I felt them clench and deepen their penetration. They began to squirt inside of me. The salty taste of cum filled my mouth as hot seman burt into my ass. My own fountain of fluids splattered against the bed as their final humps of passion buried their cocks deep inside me. 

I thanked each of them with a warm kiss and cleaned myself up in the bathroom. Overall, the night was a blast. I was gonna be Archie’s new girl for game nights and I wasn’t gonna need such a big payout next time to be the real winner. 

NSFW: yes

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