A Tease Too Far [M25+ f18+, Rape, Mdom, Brat, Teasing, flirting, punishment, NC]

It was late in the evening and Daddy and I arrived at his friends house, it was a marvelous sight. It was big, gorgeous and modern, the sort of house that would make you want to run through the halls with a long flowy dress.

Daddy locked the car and escorted me like a gentleman by my arm into the house. It was Daddy’s poker night with his friends, it was the main game but not the only one and there was lots of drinking and some smoking involved.. I knew this because I’ve smelt it on him when he’d come home at like 1am in the morning even though he himself doesn’t smoke.

I was particularly bored that day so Daddy invited me along with him on the condition that I’d be on my best behavior.. hehe.

A few hours in, we were sat around the table and the guys were playing cards. Jason, Tom and Alex also showed up who are Daddy’s other friends and they all seem to be cracking jokes and having a good time with him. I was sat beside Daddy, observing quietly and laughing along even though I didn’t know what I was laughing at half the time. I would have played but I didn’t know how to, however it was fun on its own watching Daddy play anyways.

As the game went on, I suddenly got flirtatious and as Alex, Jason and Tom were trying to narrate a funny story to Daddy, I reached up and kissed his cheek making Alex go a little silent, while the other keep laughing to themselves.

“What was that for?” Daddy asked.

“Nothing. I just wanted to kiss you” I said smugly, then I looked back at his cards.

I caught Daddy smirk at the corner of my eye as he looked back at his hand and I smiled to myself knowing that he was most likely thinking his luck was in tonight for some eager steamy company not knowing that I wanted to play with him a little first…

Alex kept talking but was telling a different funny story this time. My eyes were kept locked on him as he talked and I found myself smiling and laughing a bit too loud at his words and jokes.

I looked towards Daddy and saw him staring at me. “Yeah it wasn’t that funny.”

“It was funny to me” I said and I turned my head back to Alex and continued to listen. I wondered for a second and decided to stir the pot a little. I turned my head back to Daddy and said with a smirk, “what are you.. jealous??”

“What.. of him? No”

“That’s not what it looks likeee” I teased, “ill tell you what,” I said as I got up and pushed him back, “how about I sit in between your legs so you feel more secure hm?”

All the guys begin chanting in favour of Daddy as I maneuvered and sat in my new spot between his legs, but from how aggressive Daddy clutched at my waist, I could tell the anger was building inside of him. I turned around to face him and my theory was confirmed with him seeming more red than usual but with his same straight face and cold eyes.

“Whats wrong… don’t you want me here?” I asked quietly while the others continued playing.

“You’re trying to show me up”

“WHAT! Nooo. Gosh, I just wanted to make you feel better that’s all”. I said as I scooted my ass up against him more and played it off as me just trying to get comfortable.

I could feel his dick growing hard.

“Then what was all that shit about me being jealous of Alex?”

“Because you are”

“I’m not. Have no reason to be”

I giggled instantly. “If you say so Sir”

“You just remember who the fuck you belong to”

“uuughh yess I knowww jeez”

Daddy’s turn to play landed so I leaned back into his chest and held my arms close to give him better space to deal. As I was squishing my boobs I caught Alex looking and I smiled but quickly turned away so Daddy didn’t see me. I looked again and I caught his eye, we both smiled and looked away again.

When I looked again Alex’s face suddenly turned straight and uneasy. I was puzzled and so I looked up slightly at Daddy from under his chin with the way I was leaning back on him and I saw him playing his cards whilst staring directly at Alex the whole time. I couldn’t help but admire how sexy and cute he looked this way as he asserted his dominance and I started giggling again.

“Something funny?”

“Yeah Sir but this time it’s you” I said as I stroked his face.

I sat around for a while more until I started to become restless.

“Daddyyyy” I whined quietly, “I wanna go to the bathroom, can I go?”


“Thank you Daddyyyyy” I replied all smug and cheerful. I got up and kissed him on the cheek.

The house was massive, I admired it from the begin and it also happened to belong to Alex.

“Alex” I called out softly, “can you please show me where your bathroom is? Your house is really big” I asked and complimented.

He instantly agreed and shot up from his chair. I stood as the door smiling excitedly waiting as he quickly organized his cards on the table. I glanced at Daddy and saw him staring intently at me, trying to see what I was up too. I just dismissed it and blew him a kiss and looked back at Alex who was now walking towards me with a smile.

“This way” he said as he took the lead.

I followed him down the long halls and up the stairs. Even though I was pretty sure a house that big would have a bathroom downstairs, I didn’t say anything. I noticed as he lead me up the stairs he would look back down at me and glance for a bit… it wasn’t until I got to the top that I realised that he was most likely looking at my boobs that must have looked pretty good at that angle. He then led me to a bedroom and told me to use the one in there.

As we entered the room I was taken aback by how nice it was. But what really got my eye was the royal blue pool table in the middle of the room! It looked so cool and I had never gotten the chance the play the game before. It had a sick design on it and looked incredible!

I must have noticeably gotten excited because Alex called me cute when he realised what I was gushing over. He then asked me if I wanted to see it and I practically ran over to it. I picked up the stick thing and placed a ball on the table pretending to play.. and even with that I did it badly…

Alex laughed. “How about I teach you how to at least hit a ball”

“sure!” I said both excitedly and in embarrassment.

He aligned the balls in that triangle position as they do and then I looked at the other poker stick expecting him to pick it up and show me but instead he came up to me, grabbed my waist and spun me around so he was behind me. He spoke softly as he told me to bend over and aim at the white ball.

I got chills down my body and I hesitantly started to do as I was told. I started to get uncomfortable, it didn’t feel right and I knew it had gone too far. There’s no way this is a good thing and I started to get scared thinking about what would happen if Daddy saw us together like this and I realized I had actually been gone a long time.

I started to shake my head and come back up in hesitation but he pushed me back down with his weight and put his arms around mine to help me aim properly. I wasn’t even thinking about the game anymore… just how incredibly close he was to me.
I started to feel his hips move against me slightly, but firm enough that I was made aware of the intention and my face went red hot.

Just then I heard a creak outside the door.

“Okay okay” I blurted nervously, trying to let him know that I could handle it from there, but he didn’t seem to take the message because next thing I felt was his hand run down my side slowly and land on my hips to which he moved slightly so his bulge was right in-between my ass cheeks.
I started to breathe heavily at this point and then squealed in both surprise and shameful pleasure when I felt a sudden thrust against me.

“What the-“

“Sorry sorry” he said, “I just wanted to get you in the right position.”

“I think I got it now… thanks” I said quietly.

I tried getting back up, while thinking about how far away the white ball actually was in real life plus people are never bent over this low on the table in the movies…

“No no.. you’re still not doing it right” he said as he pushed me back down more aggressively with his hand this time.

My mind was racing and I was terrified and I wondered back to the sound I heard minutes before.. Could Daddy be watching?

“Alex..” I said quietly, “I want to use the bathroom please”

“I can also help with that” he said.

I frowned in confusion before feeling his hand go up my tennis skirt and grip my ass. I dropped my stick and turned to face him immediately.

“What are you doing!”

“Getting you ready to use MY bathroom” he said cheekily as he started to pull my panties down. I instantly grabbed them and tried to pull them back up but he slammed me back down and ripped my underwear.

“Isn’t this what you wanted? huh? You think I didn’t see all those seductive looks?” he taunted as he humped me teasingly. I couldn’t help the small moans that escaped my lips from being manhandled like that but I hated it at the same time.

“I knew you liked it” he said as he started to unzip his pants.

I panicked and started to struggle against him and tried to scream out for Sir but he clasped his hand over my mouth to shut me up as he continued to undo himself. I managed to kick him just as he got his dick out and I tried to run to the door but I was swung by my arm straight onto the edge of his bed where he then stood over me. I tried to call out to Sir again but this time he choked me silent.

I tried to kick and swing at him again only for him to tighten his grip even more as he grabbed and squeezed at my boobs. I started to fight even more but not to get away, just to breathe. I guess he wondered I was fighting for freedom because he only squeezed tighter. I was scared to be seen like this by Sir but I wanted him more than ever now. My head started to feel hot and my vision started to get dark as he spit on his hand and kicked my legs aside.

“Hey, did you get lost up here!” we suddenly heard Sir shout.

The pressure on my throat lifted and I started to cough and gasp for air. Alex quickly zipped back up and threw my clothes at me then left out the door on the other side of the room.

“I’m coming.. Daddy” I croaked.

“Better hurry the fuck up, you’ve been gone ages” he replied.

I got dressed and dried my tears as much as I could. I opened the door and walked out to discover Daddy standing there with a straight face but a slight concerned look. I sprinted over to him and burst into tears while burying my face in his chest.

“What’s wrong babygirl” he asked softly.

I didn’t say anything, I just sniffled and squeezed his shirt even tighter and buried my face even more while silently crying.

“What happened to Alex?”

“He left” I sniffled

All of a sudden Daddy grabbed me by my throat and threw me up against the wall hard and put his hand up my skirt making me squeal.

“Why are you wet baby?” he asked with a dark calm in his voice.

“What?! I.. I’m not! Please let me go!” I said frantically as I tried to release his grip, as it was still hurting from Alex. I was wincing at every movement of his fingers and he noticed. He slowly loosened his grip but kept me in place. He then raised his wet fingers.

“Are you lying to me?”

I glanced at them and back at you, unable to ignore the evidence before me.

“Please daddy.. please don’t” I trembled

“Please don’t what?”

“I don’t know why…” I said as I looked away with tears falling down my face

I got a sudden slap to my face followed by a “don’t fucking lie to me!”

I started bawling and blubbering in a high pitched tone, “I just wanted to play.. to play the pool table game” I sniffled, “ Alex said he would show me but he started acting out. I didn’t want it daddy! I tried to call you but he wouldn’t let me… he covered my mouth and put me on the bed and ripped my panties…” I bawled some more

He squeezed my throat harder making me wince, I saw the anger in his eyes for the both of us and it was all being directed at me in this moment.

“if you didn’t want it… then why the FUCK are you wet” he bellowed.

“ I… don’t…know..” I let out. I started to scrambled and clawing at your face in pure survival mode.

He loosened his grip but slapped me again. “Fucking answer me!”

“It felt good!… but I swear I didn’t want it Daddy.. I didn’t want it I promise!” I blurted out.

“Oh you wanted it babygirl, you’ve been flirting with him all fucking night”

“No.. I.. I was just being friendly…”

He slammed me back up against the wall, this time lifting me off my feet as he came a bit closer to me and said in a very chilling and low voice, “by fucking bending over for him?”

I shook like I was startled. How did he know that.. omg… the.. the noise.. it was him..

“He.. said.. he.. was.. teaching.. me..” I barely whispered as my air was almost completely cut off, “I.. didn’t.. know.. that.. he.. would.. do.. something..”

He let me back down and took a step back, staring at me. I coughed and spluttered as he reached out his hand and pushed my head into the wall and forcefully tilted it by my chin to expose the bruises on my neck.

I saw his face turn red with anger.. he knew that those bruises weren’t from him. He let go.

“Get back in there and bend over that pool table, you ungrateful little slut

“NO!” I squealed, scared of what was about to happen. I threw myself into him and hugged him tight with my head bowed. “Please Daddy.. please don’t” I wailed, “I didn’t want it I promise. Im not ungrateful! It wont happen again!”

He threw me to the floor without hesitation and I went down with a huff, the anger still in his eyes.

“Are you disobeying me?”

I looked up sadly. “No!” I lied. I got on my knees and begged some more. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”

He suddenly took out his dick and he looked down at me.

“Show me you’re sorry”

I looked at his dick and gently grabbed it in my hand. I slowly covered the tip with my mouth

“Get sucking” he ordered.

I started to suck and bop my head up and down his dick as he grabbed onto my hair and took some control.

“That’s a good girl, take it all in”

I tried my best to take all of him down my throat so he would be happy with me but it hurt so much with my throat already bruised. It was a good thing he was still or else I would have messed up. He pulled my head back and let me up for air.

“Now you are going to get in there and bend over that table, or you will fucking regret it”

“WHAT?! But you SAID! You told me I could show you that I’m sorry!”

He slapped me again. “You aren’t even close to making this up to me yet. Now I wont fucking say it again”

I clutched my face as I slowly got up and walked back into the room with you following behind me. As soon as I entered and looked up, I was faced with Alex, Tom and Jason waiting. Alex looked completely fucked up and was sitting on the chair while Tom and Jason were standing around the table.

I stopped in my tracks as soon as I saw the guys and I turned out to face Daddy shocked and confused.

I guess they were all up here when I was with Alex and they had heard what was going on. As Alex tried to flee they probably caught him on the other side wile Daddy stayed put to catch me coming out this door. Judging by how bruised and fucked up Alex looked, I was extremely surprised I didn’t hear it when it was taking place. But then again this place is massive.

“Get over the fucking table” Daddy ordered


He then nodded at Tom and Jason and I turned around to see them coming towards me. I stumbled backwards into Daddy’s chest but they still grabbed my arms and dragged me over to the table while I screamed and shouted for them to let me go. They bent me over the table and kept me flat against it so I couldn’t move. I looked at both guys pleadingly to let me go but none of them paid me any pity or attention.

I heard Daddy walk towards me from behind and my whole body tensed up with the knowledge that I was within his reach… he is capable of anything at this point.

“So babygirl… who do you want first?” he said as he stood behind me

I was shocked at his words. He never ever liked to distribute.

“No one! Please Daddy I’m begging you let me go!” I cried out

“No? I thought maybe you’d want another appetizer before we get to the main part since you seem to have forgotten who you belong to”

“I haven’t! I haven’t!”

He leaned over me and grabbed my hair pulling my head up so that I was directly faced with Alex who was sitting in-front looking intimidated, defeated and scared.

“Babygirl, who do you belong to?”

“I belong to you” I answered, both shamefully and shamelessly started to get wet.

“Who do you belong to?” he said as he traced the bruises on my throat with his hand.

“I belong to you Daddy” I replied feeling shockingly more at ease.

“Say it again”

“I belong to-“

My sentence was cut off by my own scream as Daddy grabbed my hips and rammed himself deep inside of me with a loud groan.

“There you go babygirl, that’s what you wanted, isn’t it?” He taunted.

He grabbed hips even tighter and started to fuck me hard and slow. The change of tempo made me uncontrollably moan as I felt every hard thrust. I felt so humiliated but in a strange way I loved how owned I was feeling. I felt so confused because I was in two completely different head-spaces and I didn’t know which one to pay attention to. I started moaning more and more to each hit of his slow, hard thrusts.

He slowly put his hand back around my throat and squeezed it a little. “Having fun there, babygirl?”

“Ughhh!” I moaned. I still struggled to get my hands free from Tom and Jason who only held on tighter. I desperately tried to escape and move away only to end up wiggling my ass up against Daddy, to which he slapped it hard.

“Mhmm babygirl, you’re enjoying this a lot more than I thought.. aren’t you?”

“Let me go!” I screamed at all of them

“Not yet little one” he said as he sped up and fucked me even harder making me hurt even more.

His big cock slamming into me made me feel the worst pain and the best pleasure at the same time and I could only moan and plead at the same time.

“whyy.. why are you doing this to me”

“because this is what happens to little fucking teases like you”

“ugh! I hate you!!” I cried while still embarrassingly moaning.

He grabbed my skirt and slammed himself into me, cumming hard as he growled.
He grabbed my hair and pushed my face into the table and growled in my ear, “Now… We are going to go home but I’m not nearly finished with you yet. I’ll make sure you never make the mistake you made today, ever again”

NSFW: yes

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