A Swimmer’s Tale [F20] [masturbation]

Every girl’s magazine will tell you that masturbation is ordinary. They are aimed at young girls, but for me it was all a lot of words. I am now 24 and I only masturbated for the first time when I was 20. Not many people believe me, but it is entirely true.

Perhaps it was because I lived in a small city, about an hour by train from Sydney, which was just large enough to have its own full-size swimming pool. Perhaps it was because my folks were very keen for me to do all the right things. I did music and sciences and art and ballet, but the only thing I really, really loved was swimming.

From the age of 11 onwards I started gonna the pool every week and it became my second home. At that age it is almost impossible to swim properly, muscles are not developed well enough. But soon I got older and got bigger muscles and before long I was in college competitions and then state finals.

It was when I turned 18 that I wondered of actually making a career from swimming. This essentially means that you aim for national and (pray to God) international stardom, such as in the Commonwealth games or the Olympics. That goes on throughout your 20s and then when you get too ‘old,’ you go into sport promotions or coaching.

I was 18 that I had to make the big decision, because I had to decide between school or full-time swimming. Full-time swimming means 4, 5, 6 hours a day in the pool plus working out in a gym. There is no time for that as well as School.

I chose swimming, partly because I felt I wasn’t clever enough for School and also because I was socially under-confident. To be honest, I have at all times been shy, and being by myself in the pool was one way to feel good about myself. The other swimmers were great friends, very close friends, and there was none of that bitchiness that you get when girls sometimes get together.

The other thing that put me off gonna School too was the whole mixing-with-boys bit. Now that I am 24, and my hair has grown out, boys discover me attractive. But at the time I had very short hair. It was dark blonde and very short, sometimes so short that it was spiky. It’s the only practical thing to do when you swim every day, as swimming caps never work at all times.

My shoulders were also broader than most guys, and my breasts were (and are) small. From the chest up, the broad shoulders and flat chest makes me look a bit boyish, so most guys felt I was some kind of butch lesbian anyway. I am bisexual, actually, but a feminine bi.

During my 18th and 19th years, I swam almost every day. There were four of us at the pool, sometimes five or six, and we swam every day together. I am now a swimmer for my country in international competitions which I am very proud of but I know you really want to hear about my first masturbation!

During those two years I showered almost every day with four women with gorgeous bodies. We would get to the pool at 5.30am and swim till 7.00am. This was the central core training, the absolute minimum we had to do to look at being competitive swimmers. Sometimes one of the girls would swim and go to work afterwards, but if they did it was to earn the minimum amount necessary to support themselves, then become unemployed and swim full-time.

We showered at the end of each swim, on the tick of 7.00am we would leave the pool and make our way for the showers. It was something to look forward to, and also the pool started filling up with ‘amateurs’ who only swam for 30 minutes or so before work.

As we were the first in the showers, the water was sometimes cold. The four of us would scream at the top of our voices as the cold water in our bodies! I don’t know why, but it actually doesn’t feel as bad if you scream. It never occurred to me at the time but, thinking back, we had really hot bodies. We were slim, of course, although some of us (like me) had very broad shoulders. Our legs were slim as there was little fat, not like most girls’ thighs. But although they were slim, the muscles would move underneath our thighs.

There are three methods to tell a swimmer’s thighs. If it is side-on, the front of her thigh will be pronounced, and there will be that line down the thigh between the front of the thigh and the back. The second way is that she will have big calf muscles, although girls who cycle have that as well. The third way is that if you see a girl’s body full on and she is naked or wearing very short shorts, there is the line of muscle inside her thighs, so there is almost a dip when her thighs meet her pelvis.

Each of the girls in the shower, even when there were 6 of us, shaved our pubes. I have no idea why. Partly, of course, it was easy to avoid bikini line, but as we all wore one-piece suits it wasn’t a major issue. Perhaps there was some kind of superstition about not wanting body hair to act as a ‘drag’ in the water and slow us down! Even some guys shave their legs and chest before a major swim so that their body hair doesn’t slow them down – I feel it is nonsense, of course, but it’s a pool superstition.

Amazing, isn’t it, how a (now) horny bi girl like me could shower with those gorgeous girls for two years and, I swear to God, I never had a horny wondered.

Perhaps it was just physical exhaustion. After swimming 90 minutes in the morning, I would go home and have breakfast. The 90 minutes was a regular swim, just to wake up. The exercise and the adrenaline and the endorphins were addictive. If I didn’t swim for two days in a row I would become extremely edgy. Breakfast would be followed by helping mum around the house or just watching tv, and then I would be back, but this time at the gym.

Swimmers need to work out in the gym because there are muscles which need particular attention. When you can swim for more than an hour, you can go on for ever. But that wont help in competition. Even if it is a long race, such as the 1500 meters, you have to swim fast, and that can only help by building up muscles in addition to the swimming.

The gym at the YWCA meant a fast, hard work-out. Sometimes I would do a cycle of weights or exercises and finish completely in an hour. Two or three of the girls I saw in the morning I would see in the gym just before lunch. By this time we would be starving, but we would work out anyway, looking forward to lunch.

Working out in the gym with these sexy girls wasn’t sexual for me either. Perhaps this was due in part to the way we dressed. To work-our properly, you have to wear long jogging bottoms, and preferably a long-sleeved sports’ top. A proper work-out means lots of sweat, and its impolite to sweat on machines that another person will use in a few minutes after you have finished.

In the gym there are a few muscle groups that you have to pay attention to.

The main ones I guess are the inner thighs. The legs are what does most of the work, and the muscles at the back and front of the thighs get worked out enough in the pool. The best machine for the inner things, therefore, is that machine where you sit with your legs wide aside, with a press on the inside of each thigh, and then you press your legs together.

You would have wondered that if anything would draw my attention to that part of my body, it would be this exercise. I was a serious athlete, so I would sit there for 10 or 15 minutes, pressing my legs together so that the metal presses clinked each other, and then let the weights force my legs aside, but in a slow, controlled manner. I loved the feeling of the stretching of the muscles of my inner thighs.Sooner, my things would start to ache, but I would push on. I would start to perspire, first between my legs, and then this would roll down so that I would feel it as a little pool underneath my bum.

As body heat built up, my feet would sweat, and that was followed by my underarms. Aside from religiously shaving our pubes, we also kept our underarms completely free of hair. Exposing your pits is pretty important for a swimmer, so we become use to keeping that area hair free.

Having hair-free pits means, however, that when even the smallest bit of sweat builds up there is no hair to absorb it, so it ran down the insiders of our bodies, sometimes tickling slightly as it reached the side of my breasts.

At last the thigh presses would be over, and then the next major groups of muscles is the pecs. Most girls have pecs (chest muscles) so well developed that they wear a bra size larger (sometimes two) than they would have to if they had ordinary muscles. As I had small breasts, you can imagine that without my swimmer’s muscles I would have been completely flat!

You probably know the machine used for this. Its where you sit with the back very straight, and you put your arms out at the side, with the arms at right angles. You then bring them together so that your forearms meet together.

I don’t want you to get the idea that all of this exercise was hard boring work. We spent a lot of time just getting out of heads on exercise and laughing. So it was with the pec deck that we would sit around using the machines at the same time, challenging each other to see how many times we could bring our forearms together.‘One! Two! Three! Four!’ We would say aloud, each trying to shout louder than the other. We would do the first 10 or so really quickly, to see who could reach 10 first. Totally, totally, a bad idea, as that is how injuries happen, but hey, it was fun!

Coming up to 20 we would slow down. 21….22….23…..muscles were straining and sweat would poor down my underarms. I would see my own breasts, as well as the breasts of the girls opposite, push out and withdraw with each repetition on the machine. My nipples, too, would become erect. The moistness between my legs caused by the sweat, as well as my swollen nipples would be the closest that my body would come to being sexually excited. Swollen nipples are just a reaction to hard exertion, and although all of our nipples were erect, it didn’t mean we were excited. It happens after every swim as well, and guys get erections immediately after a hard swim.

After our work-out, it was into the showers again. This time it was more along the lines of a quick wash with water. This is because having used a lot of soap in the morning to get rid of the chemicals from the pool, we didn’t want to completely ruin our skin by using even more soap. As we went into the showers covered in sweat, and we didn’t use soap, I hate to think how we sometimes smelt afterwards. Wearing lots of deodorant is at all times a good idea.

Rushing for lunch was a must! By this time our bodies were SO hungry. We would eat massive amounts of food at lunchtime. When we were working out and swimming really hard, it wouldn’t be unusual for me to have a plate of baked potatoes (a whole plate) before a regular lunch.

It’s funny how we feel that we are sophisticated human beings with sophisticated minds, but our bodies have real, powerful drives that demand to be satisfied. At lunch time my eyes would glance across the cafeteria at the YWCA, selecting what my body needed. It was totally intuitive. Mostly it would be pure carbs, potatoes and more potatoes, but sometimes it would be carrots, or greens or lots of yoghurt.

We would sit and ache, the four of us usually, shoveling down the food. No wonder none of us had boyfriends! We would chat for ages, stand up slowly from the table (bodies aching) and then go our separate methods.

For me, at least, this meant getting home at 3.00pm-ish, and then my body would collapse on my bed – if I got that far – or on the sofa in front of the tv. Body would demand sleep, and sleep is what it got. A slow wake-up and another swim at the pool, a meal at home, 60 minutes of tv and that was the end of my day.

Perhaps that is why I never wondered of masturbating, or even had sexual feelings. Did I mention – perhaps it is really not necessary – but I was still a virgin at 20. Yep, it was late for me.The routine of swimming, gym, sleep, swimming, meant that my body was almost constantly sore. I perhaps over did it, as it is a little bit more enlightened to let the body rest at least a day in between workouts. I guess it was the social thing of the four of us doing it together that kept up the pace. And we would only not work-out when the four of us traveled to go to a swimming competition.

It was at such a competition (just the Sydney Olympics, actually!) when I was 20, that my first masturbation happened.

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