A stressed out school student.

This summer semester has been a real killer. I’ve never been so stressed out during college. If someone ever suggests you take a math class during the summer school semester punch them in the fucking face…. Anyway

Since I’ve been preparing for my finals I have not really taken much time for myself in any capacity but if im being completely honest I have t been feeling exactly sexy lately…. A recent breakup has left me in a bad way and it’s been over a month since I was horny last… until today.

I’ve been making an effort to get off of tiktok because it’s a enormous distraction to me while I study, and I uninstalled it completely from my phone. I’ve been reading a lot more since getting rid of tiktok and was going through my kindle library when I came across some of the smut books I bought a while ago and decided to give one another read that I remember really enjoying. It was an Alice in Wonderland themed smut.

In one scene Alice is completely naked and bent over this fully dressed man’s lap, he has on rubber gloves and he spanks her bare ass and fingers her with his latex gloved hand.

I want that, I want to be dominated by a fully dressed man. I want to be bent over his lap getting spanked, fingered and teased but never taken to climax. I want my arms tied behind my back as I sit on my knees on the floor getting deeply thoat fucked. I want to serve, submit and forget who I am or what im supposed to be doing for a while.

NSFW: yes

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