A perfect morning in (MF) – Short Sex Story

She smiles, curling her feet under her on the couch. She grabs a fuzzy black blanket to cover her bare legs. She had thrown on his loose t-shirt over her cheeky black panties, trimmed in white lace. She pouts at her coffee cup; it’s almost empty.
As if reading her mind, he walks towards her with the freshly brewed pot in his hands. He smiles at her disheveled curls as he fills her mug, watching her take a deep breathe to soak in the smell of her refill.

“You might have an addiction” he sets the pot on the coffee table and lifts the blanket up from one side to slide in next to her.

“It’s only my second” He gives her a look. “Fine, third but still.” She glares teasingly. “My only real addiction is to your lips” She purrs playfully, moving to give him what was supposed to be a quick kiss.
He traps her, darting his tongue over her lips and sliding his free hand into her hair to cradle her head gently.

“Mmmm” she lets out as he releases her just enough to look her in the eyes.

“Just my lips?” He teases, kissing just below her ear. She just licks her unconsciously, tasting the French vanilla he adds to his coffee. She swallows audibly and feels herself get wet. His hand is dangerously high on her inner thigh.

Fine she thinks. I can play too.

“You should know,” she whispers back, the side of her face pressed to his, “I came very hard last night” she pulls back and smiles as she takes another sip but makes sure to brush along his hardening cock as she does.

He groans, simultaneously at the contact, and the memories of their conversation the night before.

It had been over a week since they’d even had a chance to talk and she had gotten stuck at work the first night she was finally supposed to be able to see him again. A downed tree had blocked the parking lot exit and she had, of course, been elected to wait for the team to remove it. A few others had stayed to finish up some things while most people scampered off, getting picked up by friends or calling cabs. B But she was the only one left with keys to the office, so she was stuck. When she texted him that she wasn’t gonna make it over tonight, the conversation had quickly turned dirty. She had gotten so wet he was easily able to convince her to let her hands wander under her desk. There were just enough people left that she had to be very quiet and nearly tore her sweater as she bit down on it to muffle her scream as came all over her fingers, quivering in her chair…

Snapping back to the now, his hands move further up her thigh and start to trace circles over her panties. Her breath hitches as he gently slides his middle finger slowly up and down over her clit. She’s already wet and it just makes him want to taste her. He stops his tease to take her cup and set it next to his on the table. He kisses her as he finds the hem of her shirt and frees her from it before guiding her down onto her back. He kisses down her body, pausing to lick and suck her nipples, and slides her panties off. She’s his canvas and he uses his tongue and fingers like paint, covering her body in licks, nips, and kisses. It had been too long.
She bites her lip as her eyes close letting her body react freely to his touch. Her skin is on fire despite the colder weather. She reaches down to feel his cock, slipping into his shorts easily. He pulses in her hand as he teases her clit. She feels him hover over top of her, feels his breath on her lips, mere millimeters from hers as he studies her face.

“Tell me about last night.” His thumb traces her cheek. She opens her eyes, searching his. He moves to her ear “Were you using your fingers?” His voice is so low and sexy. He feels her sharp exhale at his words and smirks.

Glad he isn’t looking at her anymore, as she answers “Yes” she pauses to gasp as he gently enters her with just his middle finger “I had two fingers on my clit while 2 slid inside” she somehow manages to say but feels her cheeks flush.

He slides in a second “Like this?”

“Mmhmm” she moans, eyelids fluttering

He groans, his lips pressed against her throat. “You are so sexy”

She steadies her breathing and starting to feel a little more confident, she continues. “I knew I had to be quiet, but I was so worked up. I couldn’t help myself. I have been missing you, missing this.” She kisses down his jawline to his lips. She feels the precum on her hand as she strokes his cock.

“I’ve missed you too. Missed hearing you.” He takes her nipple in between his teeth. “Tasting you”

She moans and uses the head of his throbbing cock to tease her clit. “I want to feel you buried inside. I want you to feel me tighten around you. Feel you get lost in me – with me.” She drags him down the length of her wetness and, as if to punctuate her sentence, he takes the opportunity to push inside her, having a quick taste before sliding back up to her clit. He traces circles and gently spanks her clit with his cock before using the own wetness to continue rubbing her clit.

He loves watching her squirm, but he’s been longing to taste her. He gives in to the urge and slips down quickly between her legs. He pauses to insert two fingers. She instantly arches upward, her hands squeezing her breasts, gasping as his tongue dives into her folds. He relishes her taste, lapping up her salted caramel juices.
She’s going crazy, feeling the warmth of his tongue, his steamy breath on her most intimate parts. She’s so close but she doesn’t want to come yet. She wants too much more of him. She sits up and pushes on his shoulders. He looks up at her quizzically, pulling his fingers out. She uses his moment of confusion to push him to lean against the couch and as she moves to kneel in front of him.
Holding his gaze as she licks the head of his cock, tasting herself on him, before sliding him all the way into her mouth. He stares back with eyes full of desire and need. He hooks his finger under her chin, guiding her up to her feet.

“I need to enter you now” His voice is deep and commanding. She shudders at his ferocity; it feels like he’s looking deeply into her soul. Keeping her eyes on his, she puts one knee on either side of him. She uses one hand on his shoulder to steady herself while her other grabs his cock to guide it into her glistening pussy. His fingers are a vice grip on her hips as he enters her fully.

“Good girl” he says softly as he starts guiding her hips with his strong hands, breaking one away to gently spank her. She can’t help the shudder that courses through her at hearing him call her that nor the whimper that escapes her lips. Their breathing quickens as they rock and thrust against one another, getting lost in each other’s panting and moaning.

Her aching nipples discover friction against his chest and she locks her legs around his waist. Their hips discover their own momentum as they thrust into each other. He feels her gasps on his neck. He drags his teeth down her earlobe.

“You are my good girl” he repeats the sentiment. He tangles one hand in her hair while the other finds her clit. He knows he has her by the way her pussy reflexively clenches around his cock. Her nails dig into his back as she feels herself grow close again.

Fuck” more of a moan than a word “You make me crazy” Her hips buck into his hand desperately.

“Cum for me” he commands “Explode. My good girl, you deserve this pleasure”

“Oh god” She grips him tightly and bites his shoulder as she unravels. Pulsing in pleasure around him. He tugs on her hair, allowing himself to explode as well. He kisses her again as they slow down, savoring the moment.

As they catch their breath, he guides her back down to lay on the couch, following suit. She nestles her head into his shoulder, kissing his collarbone as he wraps his arms around her, holding her to his chest.

NSFW: yes

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