A night with the gym couple

3 months ago. Couples night. I’m getting ready and my husbands at work. We are supposed to be heading over to my friends house in two hours. I’m completely dolled up, I’ve got my hot ass Revolve dress on and heading out the door. I’m meeting my hubby over at their place for lots of drinks to kick off the weekend.

This couple we are hanging with are a couple of gym rats. Both are hot af. Honestly not even sure how we hang with them so often. I’m over at their place and no answer. Text them and yeah, their on their way back from the gym. My husband text me five minutes later and he’s stuck at work and won’t make it. Great begin to the weekend!

They finally arrive and we immediately hit the bottle and we throw back 5-6 shots right off the back lol. Last but not least, a 1/4 of a shot of Hapsburg Gold Absinthe. That shit is strong! In twenty minutes we’re already feeling. It’s gonna be a short night I wondered.

I head to the bathroom with my girl giggling my ass off with her. And we’re bust out the iPhone camera to take a few shots. Throw on the video. We’re both feeling drunk and sexy and we’re both touchy feely. She leans over and says “I should take a shower from the gym” and I’m like sure go ahead, I’ll be right outside. I begin to leave and she grabs my arm. And she says, “oh no, you’re staying here”. She sticks her head out the door and says to her husband “it’s shower time”

She gets undressed and her husband enters the bathroom butt ass naked. My jaw drops. She leans over and closes it with her hand and starts kissing me. So I’m making out with my girlfriend and he turns on the shower. She undresses me and pulls me into the shower with her and her husband.

I’m in complete shock at this point but I don’t care. Both of their hands are all over me. The showers hot and wet and I’m wetter.

Her husband is behind me and pushes me against the wall. He slides in me. She’s beside me asking me how it feels and saying what a dirty wife I am. She leans in and starts making out again with me and I feel him drive it deeper in me. He’s lifting me off the floor with just his cock it feels like. I’m moaning louder and my hands are spread across the shower wall. I see her slide down to bottom of the floor between my legs and she starts licking my clit. I’ve never felt so good with two people in this situation. I can feel him starting to throb as he lifts me off the floor with every thrust. He finally cums and he pulls out. I glance down and see her licking me and his cum off of me.

We clean up, dry off and hit the bed and wake up the next morning.

NSFW: yes

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