A Loving Cuck [M57F35 M35][Cuckold] – Short Sex Story

You arrive home from work to discover me sitting on your couch wearing your bathrobe. Your wife comes into the room with a tray of 3 drinks. She is wearing her sexiest bra and panties set, thigh-high stockings, and 6 inch heels.

She approaches you and hands you a drink.

“I invited Jeff over to play, I knew you wouldn’t mind. Have a seat, my husband” she says, pointing to the armchair facing the couch I’m sitting on.

She hands me a drink, takes the third and sets down the tray. She sits on my lap and puts her arm around my shoulders. She turns to face you.

“My dear hubby, you have awoken the slut inside me when you had me suck Jeff’s beautiful cock last week. I haven’t been thinking of anything else and I knew I had to see him again. We did get changed, but I promise, we didn’t do anything, yet. We were waiting for you.”

She turns back to me and we start to kiss.

You sit quietly, transfixed at the sight of your beautiful wife kissing and caressing another man. You sip your drink. You weren’t expecting this. In fact, you wondered last week was a one-time arrangement. But you can not deny the rising in your pants, so you allow it to continue.

We have finished our drinks as your wife and I canoodle on the sofa. Kissing and flirting, your wife can not keep her hands off me. We mostly ignore you, but as she opens the robe revealing my chest, she stares directly into your eyes before dropping her mouth to my nipple and sucking it.

Seeing that you are totally engrossed in the show, she decides to go on with her plans. She stands up, reaches to take my hand, and I stand as well. Standing face-to-face, we resume making out. Your wife loosens my robe and it drops to the floor to reveal my naked body and my fully engorged, 9 inch long, very thick cock. I take off your wife’s bra and her gorgeous tits fall out. I cup one in my hand and suckle her nipple, then switch to the other. Her nipples respond quickly, becoming stiff and very sensitive. She looks at you as I suck her tits. She says to you

“You liked when I sucked his cock before. Watch, my dear, watch this.”

While peeling her panties off at the same time, she kisses her way down my body. She ends on her knees before me, holding my rigid cock in her hand. She looks directly into your eyes and takes me into her mouth. I groan with pleasure. I can not help but moan

“Oh my God, your wife’s mouth feels so good!”

She sucks and strokes me with her hand and I start to be a little more dominant, moving my hips back and forth. We continue like this for a few more minutes, until your wife looks up at me and says

“Let’s try it. Face fuck me like you said you would! Please, Jeff?”

She opens her mouth wide and drops her hands to hold the heels of her shoes. I take her head in my hands, one hand on each side of her head, and resume pumping my cock into her mouth. I move my hand from the side of her head and place it on the top of her head, so you have a very clear view of my massive cock pushing into your wife’s throat. She keeps her eyes wide open and locked with yours as I pump faster and deeper. As she gags and chokes, I look over to see that you have opened your pants and are stroking your hard cock.

I take my cock out of her mouth and she looks up at me and says

“I need you inside me, please sit on the couch.”

As I sit down, your wife stands up turns her sexy bottom towards me, and as she lowers herself towards my cock, she looks at you and says

“You don’t mind if I fuck Jeff’s cock, do you?”

“Please, baby,” you respond “ride him, make yourself cum for me.”

I can see your clothes are completely off, and you are vigorously stroking your hard-on. As she groans with pleasure as her pussy starts sliding onto my cock, you can not take it anymore and cum all over the floor.

As you hold your cock in your hand, you’re very surprised, but he’s staying hard.

“Come closer, baby, kneel on the floor between our legs so you can get a really good look as I ride this giant cock.” your wife asks you. You move closer and kneel down.

As your beautiful wife rides up and down, you’re surprised to see she can take my entire length inside her pussy. I reach around from behind taking a tit and tweaking her nipple. I use my other hand to rub her clitty.

“Oh my God, it’s happening! Jeff! Hubby! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

Your wife’s body convulses as she has one of those squirting orgasms you’ve only ever seen in porno. You’re close enough that her cum sprays all over your face and chest.

“Aaahhhh aahhhaahh” she cries out as she squirts all over you.

As her body recovers, she slows her pumping. She slides up off my cock and moves to the couch.

She positions herself on her hands and knees so she is sideways to your view as you kneel on the floor. I get behind her and guide my cock back into her stretched, but still very tight, pussy. I give her smooth, soft, bottom gentle smacks as I start fucking her hard again.

Her already over-stimulated pussy doesn’t take long to reach another orgasm on my cock.

“Oh my, he’s so big, Jeff, I’m cumming again, I’m cumming!”

Watching your wife’s orgasm has the same effect on you and you explode again, spilling more cum on the floor.

I take control now to finish the session. I put your wife on her back on the sofa and get between her legs. Taking one leg in each hand and pushing them back and open, I try to direct my cock into her pussy, but I keep missing.

“Hubby, can you please help Jeff?” your wife asks.

On your knees behind me, you reach between my legs and shyly take my cock in your hand. It’s the first time you’ve ever touched another man’s penis and you are uneasy. But as you hold me, still sticky with your wife’s cum, you give me a few strokes. You knew I would be hard, and you saw how thick I was, but you are very surprised by how hot he is. He feels like he’s on fire in your hand. You delicately put the tip of my cock into your wife’s swollen pussy. I take over and drive my rigid 9 incher balls deep. Your wife cries out again as I pound away. No delicate love making now,, just pure, animalistic fucking! Your wife cries out as orgasm after orgasm rock her body.

I can feel that you are close behind me watching my cock stretch your wife’s already abused pussy. I can feel your hot breathe on my balls. And was that a lick I just felt? I can not take any more!

“Aaahhhh fuuuuck!”

I cry out as I pump a massive load of cum into your wife’s pussy. Rope after rope fill her completely. I finish my last few pumps and slowly pull out. You can see a small drip of white cum leaking from between your wife’s lips. I step over you and away, leaving you staring at her cum filled pussy. As I leave the room, I can hear her say

“Please clean me, baby, I want your mouth to suck all of Jeff’s cum.out of me. Please?”

I am out of the room now, getting dressed for another date I have later. A bull’s work is never done.

So tell me – Did you? Did you taste me?

NSFW: yes

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