a guy won me a prize at an arcade and I’d grind on it every night

Back when I was a little more hormonal and a little less sexually active I had a friend who would flirt with me every time we hung out. I was relatively shy at the time so this was a very big deal to me. One day we went to an arcade and I was getting frustrated at the fact I couldn’t win anything from the claw machine. He did the cheesy thing and put his hands over mine to “guide” them to winning which for some reason gave my pussy butterflies more than my stomach. he ended up winning me this furry throw pillow thing that was honestly very ugly, but he carried it around for me the rest of the night and when I got home it smelled like him. I took off my panties and lifted my dress and naturally started grinding the shit out of that pillow. I was so into it I even tried licking my nipples (these things were relatively new to me at the time, like I said I was shy) The pillow felt amazing on my clit, especially after being so sensitive from being turned on and not touched all night. I kept up this routine almost every night until the friend and I eventually had a falling out. To be honest, I still went back to that pillow occasionally, but more for the nostalgia nut. Wish I had something like that now.

NSFW: yes

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