A day on the lake…

Her first time

It started as any other day at the lake, a family get together with the addition of my best friend, Brandon. We enjoyed boats, food, tubing, booze, and nothing but great times with the family. However this time, Brandon had brought his 16 foot jet propelled skidoo boat. The family left from the family slip, meanwhile, the nearest boat ramp for Brandon to launch his boat was about 30 minutes away in town. As the group of friends, Brandon myself and Rae, went together to put the boat in the water, the family ventured off to meet up with us in an hour or so.

At a top speed of 62mph it didn’t take us long to reconnect with the family. We spent the day tubing, sunning, drinking, eating, and hanging out with the family before finally heading back for the boat ramp. Although, a bit slower this time as we had all been drinking beer and enjoying our time in the sun. On the trip back we all three declared that we had not yet had enough to drink and decided we should pull over to enjoy a few more cold ones. So we pulled into what just so happened to be a very secluded cove.

Once anchored in the cove we all wanted to go for a swim. I opened the cooler, grabbed us all more drinks, and passed them out as we climbed into the water. At this point, the beers, the sun, the heat and the subtle flirting were taking their toll. In a brief moment of confidence Rae asked Brandon if he would mind if she removed her top. In which he responded, “of course not”. She reached back, untied her bikini top, removed it, and threw it in the boat, before she rolled back in the water, exposing her firm breasts to myself, Brandon and the hot sun, dancing it’s warm rays across her bare skin.

With her tits now exposed Rae and the two of us swam, touched “accidently”, and drank for another hour or so before Rae finally worked up the courage to swim up to Brandon, grab the back of his neck and kiss him deeply and passionately. To me, this seemed to go on for an eternity, so hot, so wrong, so right, so erotic and most of all incredibly exciting. Finally I swam up behind her, caressed her ass through her bikini, worked my hands around to the front of her bikini bottoms… To discover…. Brandons hand already there. He was slowly and methodically playing with Rae’s clit and really, really working her over. She glanced back into my eyes with a knowing gaze, and in that moment I knew how badly she wanted him.

Before I knew it I saw a pair of bikini bottoms and a pair of bright green board shorts thrown out of the water and into the skidoo. Rae turned around to face me with Brandon behind her. In the course of 5 seconds I saw her face turn from deep desire to sheer bliss. I knew he was deep inside her, I knew my heart skipped a beat. But most importantly, I knew, Rae was having the most exciting thrill she could ever experience sexually, another man pushing himself inside her, while her husband watched. Knowing my pleasure came directly from her pleasure, in that moment she decided that she would allow herself to enjoy this, and every similar experience in the future, in it’s fullest. Fore, she was now a hotwife.

I’d known Brandon since elementary college, I knew my best friend was packing, and from the look on her face, I knew my wife was enjoying every single inch of the eight thick inches Brandon had to offer. He thrust awkwardly, with nothing to push off of in the water. She squirmed. Rae reached for me to stabilize her in the clear waters of the lake, I held her and gave my friend a knod of approval as he buried his hard cock as deep as it would go in my wife. They tried and tried to make it work in the water before it was determined that it just wouldn’t work. At this juncture it was either give up, or move into the boat where we could possibly be seen. The cove was pretty secluded, so we opted for the latter. The two naked individuals and myself climbed into the boat. Brandon immediately laid down on the floor anticipating what came next. Rae sauntered over, straddled him, and slowly sank his large cock into her extremely wet pussy. The sight of her engulfing him drove me over the edge. I had to cum. I stroked my dick until I couldn’t hold it anymore and shot a healthy load on Rae’s back. This made her cum like a rocket. The convulsions of her tight pussy clamping down in brandons thick dick made him lose it inside Rae. Shot after shot of hot sticky cum, soaked her cervix and vaginal walls. All three of us were in a blissful daise. They continued to fuck for what seemed like hours, but in reality, was only minutes. I watched my wife, fully let go of her inhibitions and focus purely on her own joy. It was in this moment that I knew we were gonna have a very, very interesting marriage.

Meanwhile Brandon’s erection was waning, Rae’s shaking subsiding, a phone rang. Reality came calling and brought us back to earth. Turns out we had forgotten we had volunteered to cook dinner that night and happened to be missing in action. Our pullover for a beer turned into multiple hours of teasing, sex, and bright promises of the adventures we would distribute in the future.

Worth it.

NSFW: yes

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