A couple of weeks ago I (39f) met a new fwb (27m) and during the night another fwb (30f) of his came to join us

I’m a hotwife and been with my husband /u/frankiberriismywife since I was 18, he’s fully onboard with everything I do and he loves it. This is a bit of a follow up to a post I made a couple of weeks ago on a hotwife sub about a guy rejecting me and then changing his mind.

I’d been talking to this guy Matthew for a few weeks on tinder. We’d exchanged numbers and sent a few pictures backward and forward and a bit of flirting but he seemed a bit hot and cold.

A couple of weeks ago I messaged him and said my husbands away for the weekend (which was true) can I come round for the night? He said he’s asked another woman round who he’d rather have sex with (cheeky bastard) but if she was busy then yes I could go round.

Around 8 that night he messaged saying he hadn’t heard from her so I could go round if I wanted. I’d been drinking by that point as I didn’t think I was going out so I asked if he could pick me up. He said only if I paid him petrol money and gave him some road head on the way. I agreed and jumped in the shower quickly and got ready.

At 9 he picked me up from the bottom of my road. I’d brought a couple of bottles of wine with me so I could carry on drinking even though I was already pretty drunk. As soon I got in the car he was sitting there with his dick out, I put my bag and my bottles of wine on the floor, got my tits out, got on my knees in my seat and leant over putting his dick in my mouth.

He lived about 20 minutes away so I was trying to be slow and keep him hard but not make him cum so he was ready when we got back to his so I wasn’t putting much effort in but was doing a lot of kissing and licking. My plan didn’t work though as after about five minutes while I was licking the tip and tickling his balls with my fingernails he pushed my head down and came straight down my throat. When he was done I sat back and put my tits away and he said “can I just take you home now?” I said “no you bloody can’t! I didn’t get dressed for nothing!”

We got back to his and thankfully he seemed pretty horny again. As soon as we were there we started kissing and fell back on his sofa with him on top of me. He reached up my dress and pulled my panties down, pushed my legs aside and started licking my pussy. He was really good at it but he didn’t do it for long as he got up and put his dick inside me and started fucking me. He was good at this too and had a perfect rhythm, join that with the fact I was really horny and it wasn’t long until I orgasmed as I locked my legs around his back and pulled him down to kiss me.

He didn’t last much longer and when he told me he was about to cum I told him to do it on my dress (something to show my husband) so he pulled out and came all over my dress and even managed to get some on my cleavage and on my face lol. I scooped that up with my fingers and licked it up and then he got dressed.

We drank one of my bottles of wine after that and then went upstairs. I was feeling quite drunk now and laid down on his bed to rest my head. I felt him get on the bed too and then I felt his dick resting on my lips lol. I opened my mouth and let him in and started giving him head. He played with my clit while I did it and I could feel myself getting close again when his phone rang. He answered it but I wasn’t really listening but heard him say my name and then he said “do you mind if my friend comes round?” I said no and just carried on while he finished his call but then he jumped up and said “I need to have a shower” and ran out the room!

Ten or so minutes later there’s a knock at the door and he tells me it’s the other woman he messaged and can I answer it! I went down and answered the door and there stood an absolutely gorgeous young woman and there I’m stood drunk, hair all over and in a black dress with white stains all over it lol.

She came in and it was apparent she was also pretty drunk so we made the great choice of opening the other bottle of wine and started drinking lol. Matthew came down about five minutes later in just a robe and sat down on the sofa next to me and put his arm around me. He beckoned Jodie over and she came and sat the other side of him. He started kissing her and then kissing me and then pulled me over and the three of us were all kissing at the same time. He then pushed my head down so I opened his robe and put his dick in my mouth while he kissed her. He told me to undress while I did it so I did.

I see Jodie starting to undress too and I don’t know if she was in on this from the begin or not but I don’t really care either. She got on her knees between his legs and joined me giving him head. We took turns on his cock and balls and made sure we kissed a bit with his dick in between our mouths.

He then took us both our hands to his dining table and told us to 69 on it so we did as we were told with me on the bottom and her above me. He’d take turns fucking us and while he fucked her I’d stick my tongue out and lick his dick as it went in about. He was a really pounding me at one point and she sat up and started grinding on my face rubbing her pussy and ass all over it while I licked whatever was near my mouth and she squeezed my tits really hard to steady herself.

Just as I was about to cum he pulled out of me and came all over my stomach and pussy which she licked up while I carried on licking her pussy and ass.

After this he lead us upstairs, all three of us fully naked and me with my bottle of wine and her with a bottle of vodka and proceeded to spend the rest of the night in bed drinking and playing with each other. We were still going when the sun came up.

I eventually ordered a taxi and it said it would be ten minutes so I got dressed and waited downstairs and I could still hear them fucking upstairs, then I heard them both running down the stairs and he said he wanted to wank on us both before I left so we got on our knees and kissed while he held his dick about an inch away from us and just as the taxi turned up and started beeping he came not just on our faces but all in my hair and all down my dress. Thank you for that lol.

I got in the taxi and looked back and they were both standing in the doorway with just a blanket around them waving so it was pretty obvious what had been happening lol.

NSFW: yes

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