A choker: the lust beyond

It was a usual midsummer day. Eva returned home from a girls’s gathering – she and a couple of her friends went to a newly opened painting exhibition; having a few drinks afterwards in a nearby wine bar. Jo couldn’t come, as he said he was quite busy with work and needed sometime on weekends.

Eva entered the apartment, and she noticed a black wrapped box on the table in the living room.

⁃ Oh, a surprise! – she quickly unwrapped the paper, as Jo is well-known for his gifts, and what an actual surprise it was when she found a black choker and a note.

A note was plain simple: “if you ever feel the need for rough sex; if you ever feel sluty; if you ever want to be used; wear it.”

She did not know how to respond, as it was so provocative, yet interesting at the same time. She was a bit angry that Jo even mentioned that, but she felt that it has created her a bit wet.

Jo returned later that evening, bringing red roses and a bottle of champagne. He was very happy indeed, as the work on weekend had paid off – the project was successfully started, and the first customers responded happily.

He did not even mention that box or a choker, acting like he did not know about that incident earlier – and Eva soon forgot about it, hiding the choker in the closet.

They had very intimate, cute sex later – they were kissing and hugging, and he was on top of her, gently touching her body… they were making pure love.

When they finished, he went to a bathroom, and she, relaxing on a bed, remembered about the choker. “We live once, right” – went through her mind, while she was putting it on.

When Jo returned, Eva was sitting on a chair near a bed, waiting for what happens next. He did not say a word – no words is needed when dick becomes hard in a second.

In another second, her tummy was on a bed, her ass up, and her knees were on a floor. His left hand was on her mouth, so she could not even make a simple noise, and his right hand was playing with her pussy. She could not move, and her pussy was drowning in tasty juice. Eva lost count of time… she was purely pulsating from joy and lust.

She could not remember how it happened, but then she was taken from behind, and his dick felt so big, that she wondered it would explode any second. “You are serving my cock well!” – he roared. “I am…” she replied, and felt his finger on her butthole, massaging it, but not entering.

She was on her back, and her arms were pushed to her legs, while Jo on top was fucking her hard, with his hands on a choker, fully controlling her movements…

“Open it.” – she did not hesitate; letting him to feel her mouth with warm, tasty cum… he did not pull his dick away, letting her to clean it up.

She also did not remember gonna sleep that night, and she woke tired and happy at 1pm next day, – seeing breakfast in a bed and her lovely man. They did not discuss last night then, or ever…

From time to time, when he would come back home, Eva would be wearing a choker, with no words needed… why do you need words, when you see a result straight away?

Based on a true story. The highest voted opinion gets to decide on what Eva should try next, and we will write the story about it.

NSFW: yes

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