[55] [MF] A walk in the woods – Short Sex Story

It was a really hot day, Emma had taken the day off and we decided to go for a walk in the woods not far from us. With it being midweek, we were hoping that it was gonna be a little bit quieter when compared to the weekend.
Both rucksacks packed we headed off from Emma’s front door. We’d got all the food we needed and more. Emma packed her usual stuff or so I wondered.

As we made our way across to the woods we paused to have a drink on one of the benches. I removed my top as by now it was getting quiet warm. Emma was wearing a lovely summer dress that had buttons all down the front so she just opened a few top buttons, which revealed her sexy cleavage. We were just about to set off and then Emma handed something to me, asking me to take control of it. To my surprise it was a remote control for a sex toy. The light on it was already flashing so that told me it was on. But what was it controlling? I pressed the buttons a couple of times before Emma said stop, that’s the one just there. She got up from the bench and said let’s go a little further. I had no idea what was happening at the other end of this device I’d got in my hand but I was hoping it was something good.
We walked a little further along the path before finding another bench. This was better placed. It had a great view down the valley and you could see for miles. The woods were at the back of us and the path stretched out either side of us.
Emma then decided she was getting quiet hot and unbuttoned her dress all the way down letting it fall either side of her. I couldn’t believe it she was completely naked underneath and now she was enjoying the full rays of sunshine on her naked body.
Taking in the view I looked her up and down before noticing something pink between her legs. Ok I wondered this is what I’d been controlling. I’d seen something like it before when I’d been looking for ideas for her birthday present. It was pink and shaped so that it could be inserted into the vagina. It was kinda hook shaped so that it would curl forward inside to touch the inside front of the woman’s vagina. The outside similarly came round the front to fit snuggly against the woman’s clitoris. Having read about it the pink toy had the ability to vibrate at both ends stimulating the g spot as well as the clitoris. Hence the remote control I’d been given.
Emma looked at me and said well then, what do you think. Do you want to see me orgasm here on this bench or what. I dumbly nodded my head my blood had rushed elsewhere by this time. I was sporting a raging hard on that could be seen through the fabric of my shorts.
She sat back on the bench and opened her legs so that I and for that matter anyone else could see.
She instructed me to press the plus button on the remote which made a difference to what I was seeing. I could see the toy vibrating between her legs. I could also see she was becoming increasingly wet. Her juices glistening in the sunlight.
She then said she needed a bit of help and wanted some visual stimulation. She instructed me to go to the other side of the path and strip naked. I did as I was told and removed my shorts to reveal my rock hard penis to the fresh air. To be honest I couldn’t wait and love it at every opportunity to get my manhood out. It turns me on to think someone may see me.
Emma was looking straight at me. Her nakedness laid bare in front of me with the toy doing it’s thing. I could tell she was well on her way before she’d even told me to stroke my cock. She was playing with her breast with one hand and manipulating the toy with her other. I continued to pull my cock withdrawing the foreskin fully to expose my swollen pink knob. This was another big turn on for me when I’ve done it before. It’s like being naked but ten times more dirty for me. As I pulled my foreskin back I wondered I’d heard something in the trees to the left of us. Emma was to far gone by this point, moaning and writhing in her own pleasure’s. If there was anything or someone there it was to late now and I wasn’t gonna say anything to Emma or stop myself.
We continued to watch each other, pulling and caressing each other separately. Emma was getting very close now as she spread her legs wider so that I could see everything. I yanked on my cock eagerly as I watched what was happening in front on me. The head of my cock glistened in the sunlight as I pulled my foreskin back and forth. This was so fucking hot seeing Emma like she was. Juices just seemed to be flowing out of her. I couldn’t take it any longer and thrust my penis forward sending a stream of spunk across the path. Emma saw this as she reached her own orgasm, moaning with each wave and pushing her hips forward to expose her sex to me.
As we both came to our senses, out of breath and very sweaty, we composed ourselves and sat enjoying the full rays of the sunshine on our naked bodies. Eventually we dressed ourselves and sat eating our packed lunches before walking a little further.
It must have been about 50 yards down the path before we bumped into a couple. Wow I wondered that was close but then they both smiled at us and said enjoy the rest of the day and hope it’s as good as the one they just had. Was that the noise I’d heard in the woods. We’re they onlookers enjoying the views. We would never know but when I spoke to Emma later that day about it. She just said well hopefully we did them a favour and they went somewhere to enjoy the rest of their days. Emma had watched a sex act when we were on our holiday and I think it helped us later that day.

NSFW: yes

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