50+ F treat for her partner – Short Sex Story

It was a usual weekend. I would get up have a shower and make my way up to Emma’s before our usual day’s activities.
This time though when I went to see her, rather than enter through the front door, I decided to go down the side of the house and enter via the patio door. Well I was gonna enter via the patio door until I saw Emma laid naked sunbathing on the lawn. I also noticed she’d got her phone setup on a tripod which was near her feet and pointing towards her.
I snook a little closer and from where I stood I could see she’d only gone and bought a new vibrator. One of those that had bunny type ears which would allow the operator to tease their clitoris as well as feeling something vibrating inside. From what I could see she’d also invested in some lubricant.
I wondered this is interesting and was getting a stirring in my loins. Emma then proceeded to remove the cap from the lubricant before putting a good dollop in her hand. She placed her hand between her legs and slowly worked the lube, first around her lips before inserting two fingers inside and working it well in. She then turned on the vibrator before covering that in lube too.
I watched as she widened her legs before slowly parting her now very moist, glistening lips with the end of the vibrator. She paused for a second before looking straight down the lens of the camera and then pushed the vibrating toy all the way in. At this point she let out a little gasp as the ears of the rabbit touched her clitoris and no doubt the throbbing sensations she was having inside contributed too.
She was clearly unaware that I was watching as she slowly withdrew the toy before sliding it back inside once more. The view from the camera must have been a vision to uphold. I’ve no idea what was in her head and hoped it involved me somewhere in there. She was bucking and writhing with each stroke. I could clearly see her juices as she pulled and pushed the pulsating toy in and out. It wasn’t long before the constant penetration and clitoris stimulation got the better of her as her body shook to an almighty orgasm. After she came down from her orgasmic high she pulled the toy out and placed it at her side. Moments later she finally moved to turn the camera off before relaxing in the sunshine.
So she wasn’t aware I made my way out of the side gate quietly and making my usual entrance through the front door.
She definitely heard me coming this time because she’d already moved the camera and toys before greeting me in the conservatory with a towel around her.
I said doing a bit of sunbathing then at which she replied oh yes I wondered I’d be brave and try it with no clothes on the neighbours are out so no one could see. I wondered we’ll if they hadn’t, they would definitely have had a treat. Any sane person would have certainly have been touching themselves whilst watching.
We spent the rest of the day sunbathing, eating and drinking.
Later I made my way home but couldn’t stop thinking about that video she’d created. When would I get to see it and what was she thinking about while she was enjoying the moment? I would eventually figure out.

NSFW: yes

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