44 [M4F] Nashville, TN ~ My Curious Stepdaughter Part 4 ~ PJs And A Movie Date

Her Mother and I were officially divorced now. It had been a very long and stressful ordeal to say the least. But the reason why a divorce is so expensive is because it’s worth it. I was finally free and my Curious Stepdaughter was now just my much younger girlfriend. And with everything that had been going on and all the turmoil, we hadn’t even had sex in months. I was afraid this was going down that same familiar path.

So tonight, I wanted us to have fun and relax. And we were going to do one of my most favorite things to do, get in pjs and watch a movie. I groomed, trimmed, and shaved before soaking in a relaxing bath. She wanted to join me, but even the closest couples need that alone time. So I finished up, got out of the tub, dried off, and put on my favorite pj pants and shirt (Batman). I then went out and joined her on the sofa.

She was sitting there looking all sweet and innocent in a pair of boy shorts that hugged her ass just right, and a spaghetti strap tank top. I turned on the tv, she cuddled up next to me, and I let her pick a movie to watch. Lovingly, she picked one of my favorites, The Dark Knight Rises. As we watched Bane appear across the screen, my cell started to blow up. I looked down and of course it was my ex-wife.

Begrudgingly, I picked up. It was more of the same from the past few months. Bitching and calling me names, debating which things were here and when she could pick them up. And of course there was her telling me that she was at her new man’s house and blah, blah, blah. As I attempted to ignore her, Stepdaughter’s hand was sliding up my inner thigh. I looked at her and then down to her hand. She smiled as she slid her hand up and teased my cock through the pj pants.

Despite the phone to my ear with bitching on the other end, my cock grew hard as my Stepdaughter teased me. She slid her hand in the opening and fished my cock out of the slit. She ran her thumb over the head and smeared my precum over it, before taking me in her mouth. She started to bob her head like a cum hungry slut as she slurped every which way on my shaft. I gripped the phone in one ear and her hair in the other. I leaned my head back in ecstasy. I looked to my right and there was a full length mirror in the wall. In it, I could see my hand in her hair as she bobbed. She mouth fucked my cock like a good little girl as I started to cum. She sunk her mouth down and took every last drop, before looking up at me, showing my cum in her mouth, and then swallowing.

I couldn’t take anymore and handed her the phone. She quickly tried to dart to the other end of the sofa, but I grabbed her and pulled her over my knee. I listened to her talk to her Mom as I rubbed my hand over her ass. As the conversation went on, every time she stopped talking, I spanked her ass through those shorts. Harder with each pause in the conversation.

As it went on I noticed the wet spot forming between her thighs as she moaned with each spank. She continued her phone conversation, and I yanked her shorts down over her ass. I continued to spank her bare bottom with each break in her conversation.

Running my hand over her ass, I found her wet little needy cunt. My finger slid in with ease. I pushed in deep as she gasped and tried to keep a hold of the phone. I started fingering her tight little pussy as she tried to keep her composure. Inserting a second finger, I started to go harder. She arched her back and buck against me. She finally moaned, “Goodbye”, and dropped the phone as she bucked back hard against my fingers. I felt her tighten as she came and soaked my finger with her cum. I pulled out and she grabbed my hand and forced my finger into her mouth.

My cock was already getting hard again, when she gave me that mischievous grin. She somehow straddle one leg over my head and rested one knee on my shoulder. Then she did the other, showing me her glistening cunt. She dug her nail in my thighs and positioned herself to my cock, and what I can only call an inverted 69. She lapped at the precum on the head of my cock as I ran my hands over her ass and pulled her to me. Diving my tongue deep in her little fuck hole. She moaned while swallowing my cock in her pretty little mouth. Her body sliding up and down mine like a jackhammer as we devoured one another.

She couldn’t keep the position anymore so I helped her lower down off me. As she backed away, she grabbed my legs and pulled me down on my back. She pulled my pj bottoms the rest of the way off as I removed my shirt. While straddling my legs, she removed her top, displaying her firm tits and hard nipples. Then gripping my cock in her hand, she raised up and straddled me. Guiding my cock along her slit till the head pushed against her tight little fuck hole.

She was still so tight and let out a moan as she sank down on my cock as it stretched her open for me. She started to slowly rock as my hands ran over her body and I watched her fuck me. She looked up and noticed the mirror I mentioned earlier. She must have liked watching herself bounce on my cock, because she then grabbed the arm of the sofa and started to bounce harder and faster. Her tits bouncing to her thrust, she fed them to me. I sucked as much of her tit in my mouth as I could as I raised my hips up every time she came down on my cock, thrusting myself deeper inside her drenched pussy. She then raised up, running her nails down my chest, as she bucked hard and watched herself in the mirror as she came all over my cock. Her moans and dirty talk turned me on more than anything, so when she said, “I’m cumming Daddy!”, that was all it took. She felt me swell inside her as burst of cum filled her up.

With me still inside her, she collapsed down and laid on my chest, her head on my shoulder. We stole kisses as the movie came to an end. And as the credits began to scroll, before we both fell asleep, she whispered in my ear, “I can be your Catwoman Daddy.”

NSFW: yes

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