[36] being addicted to both holes

I think im addicted to anal ever since Ive been trying Double pentration with toys, I dont even really get why, but now whenever I begin playing with myself and it gets super wet, i want to slip my fingers in both holes.. almost every time. It never really turned me on that much before, but its like the idea of it being so wrong that drives me crazy.. when im horny, ill grab anything i can and just fill myself up, pens, sharpies, and now of course i have toys dedicated to stretching me out. i love the feeling of having something up there while i rub my clit, it makes my orgasm last for what feels like foreverr.

My only worry is if its ok to do this for a long time? i hope theres no bad effects, but even just the wondered of that just turns me on so much more. Id love to buy a buttplug and just walk around with it in all day

NSFW: yes

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