[35M35F] This Bed We Distribute – Short Sex Story

(Disclaimer: slight emotionally charged non-consent fantasy between married couple)

Yet another night in bed with you… This bed that I remember carefully selecting because the height would be so perfect to fuck you at the edge. This headboard, with its cushion that i wondered I could have you kneel and lean against as I please your pussy. Ahh.. who am I kidding? When have these pre planned efforts ever panned out? Or maybe instead of waiting for when you’re ready, I’ll take what I want and show you just what I had in mind instead…

You’re just starting to doze again, a peaceful look on your face, lips slightly parted, chest rising and falling softly. What a difference in headspaces we’re in at this moment, you so calm and me so frenzied. You really have no idea what is about to happen to you tonight. The wondered of it feels wrong, but so thrilling at the same time. The wondered of taking you when you no longer see me that way, letting all the years of neglect and resentment out on your unwilling holes.

Why did I let this go on for so long? This slow drip of rough, cnc, degrading thoughts. It’s because I do respect you. I do love you, your ambition, your drive. And I was at all times optimistic that you’d see and appreciate my efforts.. that you’d hear my needs.. that you would see who I am. But over time, it became clear that that optimism would never pan out. Am I to surrender to a life of never feeling affection or desire again? Where is any semblance of wanting to take care of your husband, this man that has done so much for you? As the thoughts swirl and storm in my head, I finally discover resolution.

I move over you suddenly, grabbing your hands and forcefully move them over your head, pinning you down by your wrists. You jolt awake to see my eyes, full of anger and lust, inches from yours. What would do in this moment? Would you have fear in your eyes? Anger? Being able to finally make you feel something arouses me. I lean in as if I am about to kiss you, something a loving husband would do, but in this moment, I am not loving. I am resentful. And as I barely graze your lips, I pull back and slap you hard across your mouth, and you turn back with shock in your eyes. Maybe now you realize what you’ve driven me to.

Your blood vessels begin pushing to the surface, barely visible where I struck you, rosy just underneath your pale skin. I feel a deep stirring as I stare into your eyes, seeing them start to wet. I feel guilt and excitement for creating this moment, and I strike you again but this time, hold my hand hard against your cheek, turning you eyes away from me and pressing your head into the pillow. You’re starting to vocalize in protest now, but something about all of this has lit a long dormant aggression within me and nothing is gonna stop me from taking you tonight.

You begin squirming beneath me, but I have you straddled at your waist, my stronger frame able to contain you. With my hand still heavy on your face and my body trapping you beneath me, I begin ripping at your nightie, exposing your soft unmarked breasts. I’ve at all times wanted to mark you. Give you a lasting reminder that you are mine. I take your nipple into my mouth and bite down, growling “don’t fucking move or I’ll tear it off” through my gnashed teeth. You stop struggling, protests turning to whimpers now. I keep my teeth firmly around your nipple as I begin exploring you with my other hand.

I move softly at first, tracing the soft skin over your stomach, noticing you trembling beneath my touch. But then I think, Why should this be exploration? This should be familiar ground.. you are my wife after all. I feel a flash of anger at this wondered and drag my hand heavily from your cheek down to your throat, pressing you against your pillow by your neck. I still have your nipple in between my teeth, threatening to grind down harder. I move my other hand down aggressively over your pussy mound. My fingers discover your entrance and to my surprise.. you. Are. Wet.

“You fucking slut, you love this don’t you?” I squeeze my hand harder over your throat, brushing your trachea with my thumb. “Say it, slut.” You manage to gasp “I love this” through your constricted airway. I drag my tongue heavily from your breast across the thin skin over your sternum, across your clavicle, up your neck. I stop to smell you.. I’ve at all times loved the way you smell. I take a deep breath against your neck just below your ear. It smells different tonight.. what is that.. fear? I’m hard as fuck.

I place my mouth to your ear and say in a low voice “don’t make a sound.” Then I move my own ear and turn it towards your mouth, listening to your soft whimpers and little pants as I raise my hand, ready to slap you right over your sopping wet cunt. I slam down hard, open flat palm, clapping your pussy with a loud wet smack. You let out the tiniest cry and it’s music to my ears. I hold my palm tightly against your mound, as if to protect you from the pain I just dealt.

I can’t take it anymore and I move between your legs. I spread your legs wide open by pinning each knee pit to the bed heavily with my hands, forcing your slit open in the most vulnerable way. I hold my hard cock against your poor swollen pussy, still stinging from the abuse, and I tease your wet begging entrance. I finally feel .. close to you. I lean in, finally able to kiss you, and I do. I kiss you hard, heavily, and you kiss me back like a husband and wife should. I begin pushing into you.. and you let out the most gorgeous moan as you slowly envelop my entire length, burying myself deep into you.


Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed my little fantasy. I write this from a place of real emotion and frustration, as I am in a bit of a DB marriage. I suppose I try to write these fantasies to distribute as an outlet of some kind.

Thanks for reading and if any of this resonated with you, I’d love to hear from you!

NSFW: yes

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