34F – How I got owned by a Redditor

I was at the end of an east coast road with my friend and on the last night we got seperate hotel rooms, I could not fucking wait to use my toys. I had one of my regulars play with me while I was in the shower but it wasn’t enough. I out out a casting call to reddit and picked the first guy who said he was dom, into cnc, and younger.

I have my lovense toy just vibrating on my clit, and ask him to dirty talk me. He calls me, which noone usually does, and his voice is perfection. He degrades the fuck out of me, tells me I’m his little fuck toy to use as he pleases, I beg him not to and he keeps going. He describes how he is gonna wrap his hands around my throat, and pin my arms down and jam his cock into me as much as I want, doesn’t care if I cannot take it. I exploded with the most intense fucking orgasm, my moans were audible in the hallway and felt like I had the best sex.
Let’s just say, the bar has been set and boundaries happily pushed.

NSFW: yes

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