31f. lesbian. anal plug!

31f lesbian.
i have trauma from anal from a precious partner. i’ve at all times liked fingers in my ass but it hasn’t been something i’ve wanted more than oral.
i’m friends with a married couple that do anal very frequently and it sparked my curiosity again. i’ve been healing from my past and i feel like maybe i could enjoy it.
i purchased anal plugs and this device you put inside your vagina and it turns on!
a remote controls the patterns of vibration and you can also download this app to control it. which i think will be extremely sexy out in public for my wife and i. we’ve never done anything like that. her birthday is coming up and it’s been a while since we’ve gotten new sex toys so i went a little crazy.
yesterday i tried putting the butt plug in. i used water based lube and got into a comfortable position and inserted the plug. at first it was uncomfortable but then i relaxed a little more and i was fine. i started walking around with it in and it felt so good i wondered i was gonna cum from walking from the bathroom to my bedroom!
i watch some porn. i was also experimenting with this to see which subject i liked best. i found that orgy’s give me the most arousal.
so i put that on for a long time.
finally i decided to insert the toy that goes inside my pussy and turns on with a remote.
you guys need this toy!
i had such a fun time squeezing my asshole and pussy tighter around the toys and pushing my hips down so the vibrating toy would reach the butt plug. my anus was vibrating and i was so close to cumming from just the toys being inside me.
i can’t wait to play with these for my wife’s birthday weekend!

NSFW: yes

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