(26f) As loyal to my Dom as I am, I still have a hard time resisting BWC


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I had a bad history of cheating with some of my past boyfriends. That’s a whole other story, but I haven’t really ever wondered about cheating on my Dom. He is amazing and gives me everything I need, and I love being his.

That being said, I have made little mistakes here and there. None of it was on purpose, things just happen. And it’s usually because a really nice BWC was infront of me. My Dom does have a really great cock, and in a lot of methods it’s prefect. It’s the prefect length, the prefect thickness, the prefect shape. It’s just on the edge of being too big.

The thing is, I’m very tiny, and I love BWC. I love seeing them, and holding them, and the idea of this big, heavy, thick, cock trying to fit inside me and stretch me is such a turn on. So when I am presented with one, my first instinct is to want it.

I love Sir, but he at all times puts me in these compromising situations with his friends from that lifestyle. Some of them have very impressive big white cocks. And sometimes Sir isn’t very clear with what’s allowed, and maybe I’ve let myself get a little carried away.

For example, I was once put on display for his friends to enjoy looking at, and touching. He’s done this several times and it’s at all times left me so horny. My instructions were at all times to sit there and be quiet. That was it.

Well one time I was left alone while everyone else went outside to smoke and barbecue. Except one of the guys came back, and he pulled out this gigantic BWC and stood in front of me. I was already so horny from being degraded and touched and exposed. Seeing his beautiful cock was too much.

I looked up at this man, and I opened my mouth. He took the invitation and slid his gigantic cock in my mouth. I sucked him without making a sound, or tried to. He was so big, but I did my best to take as much as I could. I licked him all over and sucked his balls, I even let him fuck my face, which was a struggle.

In the end he came in my mouth and I swallowed all his delicious thick cum. I was so turned on and horny, I was desperate for his touch. But instead he slapped my cheek with his BWC a few times and left me there.

At the end of the party I confessed it all to Sir who spanked me so hard I couldn’t sit. Then he edged me for a few days. But he wasn’t that mad because technically I did exactly what I was supposed to. It was his friend that broke the rules.

The secret is that I had a feeling the guy was being bad and breaking the rules, but I just couldn’t withstand his cock. I gave into the loophole and sucked that amazing BWC.

NSFW: yes

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