(25F) Started talking to a guy on Reddit a week ago, now I cum multiple times a day with him.

I never use Reddit. Barely even use any other social media. When you look at me, you’d think I’m a very proper and very innocent good girl. No one would suspect how I’m secretly the baddest slut imaginable and how I love depraved sex and crave it at all times.

On an especially horny evening last week, I visited Reddit and wanted to get off with someone. I (25F) came across someone’s post and wondered it was hot. He (28M) seemed just like my type. Turns out he really was.

Ever since then, despite our opposite time zones, we’ve managed to make each other cum multiple times a day. I text him while I’m at work and he gets hard so quickly which turns me on even more. I’ve been dripping wet at work on multiple days. I love texting him while he’s in a meeting and telling him how I’m cumming for him and how badly I wish he was absolutely ruining me and then holding me tight after.

I’ve been making him cum really hard before work, just to make sure he has the best day ever, and he’s been making me cum and squirt so much every single night. I love sending him sexy gifs of what I’d want him to do to me when he’s busy. I love making him feel good after work when he’s stressed and getting him off as hard as feasible.

Last night I came three times for him and felt like I would die if it happened again. It was the most intense orgasm I have had in my entire life, despite having had many intense orgasms in my life. I was moaning, screaming, panting, begging him please and for more. I came so hard my whole body was shaking. My legs and arms felt limp and my head felt like it would implode. Almost felt nauseous in the best feasible way. But then he woke me up again in the middle of the night. I was making him cum hard again at 4am. I was wet when I woke up and came so hard for him again in the morning.

It’s an addiction. I’m literally horny 24/7, constantly distracted, constantly wet, and I at all times want more of him. Don’t even know what to do with myself but I’m loving it.

I hope he gets hard in public just thinking about me and reading this. Hi 🙂

NSFW: yes

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