[25F] I moan and dirty talk for my squad members while playing Fortnite


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I had absolutely nothing to do yesterday so I decided to put on some pajama pants and a hoodie and decided to play some Fortnite for the night.

I decided to have a few drinks and smoke some weed. Seriously smoking and drinking the right amount does wonders for my aim, lol. On the flip side it also makes me incredibly horny.

After a solid 2 hours of kicking ass, my guy friends could tell something was initially going on because I was playing like absolute shit. I’d box up for a bit and masturbate. I mean it was so easy to slide my hand down my pajama pants and get away with it.

After a while one of my friends called me out for playing like shit and I just confessed as to what I was doing. They didn’t seem upset at all and encouraged me to keep going. I got so turned on that I decided to just go all out. I took my pajama pants off, leaned my chair back, put my legs on my desk, and just started playing with myself.

I started moaning for them and talking dirty. I’m pretty sure all three of them started jerking off. They’d guide me through it too! Basically telling me to switch into different positions and moan and say numerous things. I got into a really submissive mood so I’d pretty much just do everything and anything they’d ask. I finally did end up having a really intense and I’m super confident they all finished within 5 minutes of me cumming. We went right back to playing the game and kicking ass!

I honestly loved getting them off and kinda making it a group thing. It was such a turn on for me that I’d love to do it again. I will say that my friends are pretty vanilla so their orders and commands were vanilla and basic to say the least, lol. Regardless I did love helping them out and I think I’m gonna do it again just with a group of more kinky people!

NSFW: yes

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