[20sM430sF] my little milk cow [Non consent, hucow, pregnancy, milking]

You had a good life: great husband, nice house out on a plot of land you could farm and raise animals on, you even had your first kid on the way!

Still, with all that there was gonna be much more to do. You did your best to handle it on your own, but you were eventually gonna need help.

Thankfully that became true right as school adjourned for the summer. You were able to pay one of the neighbor boys to help with things. Nothing enormous, helping with hay every once in awhile, feeding, etc.

But oddly enough, he offered to help with more. You never really got that, why he would give up his free time to help you. At least not until you asked him to help with milking the cows.

You had machines for this job, a second set of hands wasn’t really necessary. Still, he did as much as he could. As confused as you were with the random help, it did get done a bit faster, and he even volunteered to take the milk to storage.

But not until he got every drop of it.

He came behind you while you weren’t looking and quickly manhandled you against the barn wall. You didn’t even struggle much, you couldn’t really. Not even as he kneaded your swollen overfilled tits. Eventually, through your pleading, he got a separate device onto your nipples, tightening it down,simulating what you had done to the cows only moments before.

He even treated you like the other cows he had milked, besides keeping you pinned to the wall. He rubbed your head, told you how good you were being. And despite yourself, you started to leak.

Just not from your swollen udders.

It was noticeable, the wet spot on your jeans. You were fucking aching for it, weren’t you pet? What,had you not been touched like that since your perfect belly swelled with a child?

You stopped fighting, you couldn’t any more. You let him grope your body, you let him moan into your ear. And eventually you gave him your milk.

It was only a matter of time. Until you couldn’t control it anymore, until your whole body quaked. You gave him a decent amount of it too, and had an aftershock as he tasted some of it.

You even kissed him when he fed some to you, didn’t you pet? You needed it like water, laughing in shock as he played your body like a well strung instrument.

And then he left. True to his word, he took the milk in. He even ignored the money you had left for him. He figured he’d need to lay low, discover an excuse.

What he didn’t expect was a call asking for help with the milking the next day. Or for you to be completely naked in the barn when he got there. You had bought some more of those toys he brought too, didn’t you? Enough for both of your nipples at the same time, even some for him so he could experience it.

The final piece was a 5th toy for your clit, and a ring perfectly sized for his cock. You even had a milking table, lying down on it, sticking your aching fucking udders through the hole as he bottomed out in you.

And as you screamed his name and laughed into his ear with each orgasm, he just kept a steady pace, rubbing your head, telling you you were his good little milk cow.

Hopefully it continues just like that, even after the summer is over, even after you begin to breast feed…

NSFW: yes

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