20[F] Hooking up with a total stranger at a rave


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A couple of nights ago my friends and I went to a rave – and I ended up hooking up with this guy I had just met a few minutes prior.

It started out pretty standard with us drinking and vibing to the music, having a great time. I managed to lose my friends at a point (wow what a shocker) so I went to our designated meet up spot and waited for them.

While I was standing there a guy came up to me and it turned out that he had also lost his group. I laughed at how much of a coincidence it was and said we could be lost besties together.

We started talking and he was unbelievably fit. We really (drunkenly) hit it off together and started exploring the different stages with one another. We were holding hands through the crowd and he’d put me up on his shoulders. It felt like a date lol.

Eventually we got into the middle of a large group in the crowd and we started dancing to the music. I was standing in front of him, grinding against him in my skirt. He loved it, so I took his hand and guided it up underneath it. I looked back at him and we kissed and he started to finger me right there in the crowd.

I pulled him in and shouted “I want you to fuck me” in his ear.

I dragged him away and we found this quiet spot in between a lot of trees, away from the crowd. I immediately got down and started blowing him. I made sure he got gluck gluck he’d never forget. After sucking his dick, I turned around against the tree and we had sex. He finished inside me.

I spent the rest of the night with him and it felt so intimate. I eventually found my friends again at 6am and they wondered I died but nope, just fucking a guy lol.

NSFW: yes

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